Ecotourism: Ecuadorian Pacific Coast by Narwell Ecotours

Generally, people know Ecuador for its volcanoes in the Andes, for the Amazon Rainforest and for the Galápagos Islands but they often skip the Pacific Coast because they compare it to the Galápagos Islands and say “the beaches of the Galápagos are much more beautiful than the beaches of the Ecuadorian Coast” but actually, they are totally different the Pacific Coast has another culture besides the beaches, there is all the countryside, with the agritourism, the ecotourism, the montubio culture with the rodeos, etc so it is totally different from the Galápagos and this is what I try to promote there are also all the regional handcrafts with the Panama hat the local fauna and flora with the humpback whales the howler monkeys and there is really a great biodiversity in the region of Manabí, this is for this reason that I have specialized my agency on this region my objective is to develop the ecotourism by organizing small groups that are going to unpromoted places which is environmentally friendly and respectful of the local communities they are visiting and actually, sometimes, the touristic operators are not aware that it is also an opportunity for them to diversify their offer instead of always selling the same touristic places in a country where the majority of the tourists will be concentrated and at the end it has negative consequences on the development of the tourism itself it incentives the construction of big hotels, and there are even activities only created for tourists and am adopting the opposite approach, to favor a repartition of the tourism on less known areas but with a lot of natural and cultural wealth to discover I arrived in Ecuador 5 years ago to do an internship in Quito and I met an Ecuadorian man who made me stay here for more time and I really fell in love with the country and this region for its potential in tourism so I have created an ecotourism travel agency because it doesn’t exist on the Coast and nobody is offering this for the moment to offer tours that are completely originals such as the Coffee Road and the Cocoa Road so I took contact with the producers everywhere in the region and I did the same for the production of handcrafts products, with the hats weavers by going where they weave and not only in Montecristi where the hats are sold but in the small villages and I am looking for people who are interested in this kind of tourism, off the beaten tracks people who are open minded and who want to discover the reality of the local culture and not overrated events that are organized just for tourists when they come but to meet the local population, discover their culture, the environment, its diversity and I think this is the most beautiful, this is the objective when someone travels by discovering the typical gastronomy too, here there are a lot of things coming from the sea or from the cultivated lands with fruits and vegetables, etc so my aim is to find people who share the same vision of tourism and the same values, the authenticity, the encounters and the nature

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