Ecotourism Bringing Jobs to the Sundarbans

In the Land of Innovators – Beside the People by Breaking Norms. Sundarban The pride of Bangladesh. An attraction for tourist from home and abroad. But hardly 10 percent among the people who travel to Sundarban from Mongla, are aware of Sathkhira Shyam Nagar. That’s why there is no advanced tourist facilities on this area. When I was posted here… since this is Sundarban… a number of tourists and high officials often pay a visit here. So… when I first brought them here, I faced an awkward situation which was the lack of toilet for our female guests. Secondly the issue of car parking also remained as a question. When I attended my innovation training, I brought forward this issue. The purpose of this innovation was not only to draw tourist but also to make the inhabitants solvent by providing them with employment opportunities and alternative income sources to reduce pressure on Sundarban. I’m very benefited by this program. Now I can employ another ten people if I wish. All we were concerned about that how we can give tourism an artistic flavor with involving the whole community. If the ethnic community came to the verge of extinction, it will be hard to find them. He encouraged us in many ways, such as he regularly brings us here to perform our tribal song and dance. Apart from this, many businesses related activities are emerging centering this spectacular tourist spot. With all these advantages, Akash Leena Eco-resort attracts restaurant owners, local people and travelers. When we go to Sylhet or anywhere outside, that involves a lot of money. We can come here from Shyamnagar or Satkhira at a very low cost. Moreover this place is splendid. This place is serene and beautiful with chirping of birds… Who wouldn’t love that! And this is how an innovation changed the scenario of this place. Now as this program has started rolling, it will never come to an end even if we wanted. It has opened a new door for people.

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