Ecotourism at Doi Sa Ngo + interview

At first My family is the founder of this village in 1926 After that the King Rama 9 had visited here for 4 times. in 1969, 1974, 1975 and in 1979 After his visiting Our area has been managed — about residential and working areas. For our habitat The king gave us 22,000 rai Then, the ownership changed to be provider’s in 1991 Around year 2001-2002 I started finding out Because we are the tribe who migrated and live in Thailand ,so we want to express gratitude The result is the land is belong to entrepreneur then, we negotiate to finance for the land There was funding for people who have the same ideal that want this 18 rai back and give it to the public The first funding, I got 29 people. They’re from the Off-Road group and group of the retired officer They paid for the land and build a small view point For visitors The things we need are safety photo corner place for sit and relax restroom and etc. which are needed to build basic structure pumping system, electric system ,and we built some lodges Hiking activity is provided to live with Akha like that Separate into 2 groups The group for tourism directly around 174 family In this group is also divided performance group there are 3 groups from women, children and men Second is car securable group Third is transportation service tourist Fourth is cuisine Here we don’tv have gas, cooking without gas and consume only local rice (Khao Doi) All of the vegetable planted by villager About the revenue it’s from the tourist that stay at the home-stay only For the leisure traveler we didn’t get any revenue I’m promoted about Akha life style at the Doi Sa Ngo There many department that I want to develop here There are 2 thing that I want to do together That is the story about King Rama 9 came here With the Akha life style Akha also have intellect about living on the mountain Intellect about hunting, planting, and building sturdy house to resist wind etc. When a tourist comes, the thing I regret It isn’t he/she don’t buy goods or anything What I regret is he/she spent time to be here ,but I cannot even tell them about The King Rama 9 Obligation for us, people at Doi Sa Ngo Make them appreciate about obligation In the fact I’m emphasize with the villager About we are immigrant We are resided in this country in the King Rama 9 obligation and Thai people What we can requite for Thai people Now our home are not too big and the car is not luxurious But we don’t need to immigrant we have authority We can do everythinhg How we requite for them to say thank you with the King, Thailand, and Thai people For myself here is a tiny point But for the villager here is a center of the mind

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