Ecotourism and Social Entrepreneurship

This is a conference on how ecotourism and social entrepreneurship is affecting Indonesia’s tourism The mission is to carry out community interest using entrepreneurial approaches. The study showed what is the meaning of social entrepreneurship to ecotourism and welfare of social structure Mission related impact comes essential criterias not wealth creation Ecotourism has been growing 20 to 30% per year in Indonesia. But the fast growth also affects the environment and the product’s quality in negative ways Now the tourists are more aware of their options and nature They are not satisfied with current products of tourism and demand better for the enviroment which is how ecotourism is all about “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment…. …. and improves the well-being
of local people” Ecotourists spend more time in travel and more money per day compared to other tourists Ecotourism development will create jobs not just in tourism services such as retaurants, souvenir shops and food But will also impact on economic sectors. On the other hand the study showed that the most appropriate approach of ecotourism development for the community is social entrepreneurship It can lead to better education and welfare of community is inspiring the people in the country and also the tourists are more aware that sustainability is a good thing and social entrepreneurship can take it to the next level it does not have to be only for money and power to make better lives for the community The community started to act toward ecotourism more by starting tree-planting programs and community development in culture learning programs here is what come with social entrepreneurship okay so.. Community educating people non-profit and charity like WWF with animal care This is the future of ecotourism

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