Ecotourism – A comedy skit by DAV

Ecotoursim [Music] This is the most beautiful place in the city Is it ? Yeah Wow! beautiful place Let us have a selfie [No phone used] Beautiful place Give that water bottle [Drinking water] [Throws the water bottle cap and later on the water bottle] [Sousheel entry] Who threw this? Why did you throw on me? Yeah! We threw it Why did you throw on me? Sorry boss (Throws away the bottle again) Why are you throwing that? This is India, we can throw it anywhere Who said for you like that? This is India man, we can throw it anywhere Anyone will not ask? This is an eco-tourist place Why are you throwing it here? (x2) Intense fight scene Hey, where are you going? Why did you fight with him? Which country do you belong to? I am from Jamaica (Typical West Indies song) If I come to Jamaica and throw dust, will you accept? This is an eco-tourist place, you are not supposed to do like that Sorry boss, I will pick it up and throw in dustbin I will throw them as soon as …………. (Sousheel telling intense Balakrishna type dialogue) (Nithin shocked) (Sousheel showing his muscles and scaring innocent life) (Mahesh Babu running style) (Finally throws bottle into dustbin after running 45 kilometers) (Phone ringing) Hello Yes bro I am in Jamaica That shaking star sent me directly without even flight ticket Yes bro, bye (Credits) Thank you

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