Eco-Travel to Alaska

Hi everyone! This is Willie Karidis. I am
going to be leading the upcoming trip: The great Alaska adventure. Everyone
flies into Anchorage the first thing the next morning we take off on the Alaska
Railroad and we take the Alaska Railroad through the mountains, the Kenai
mountains, to the town of Seward. On the second day, we’re gonna be going out into
Kenai Fjords for a five-hour trip to see glaciers and whales and sea birds. We’ll
also be going to the exit glacier we’ll walk right up onto the glacier itself.
We’re going to Denali National Park to the Denali Education Center. Each day
while we’re there and we’ll have programs that will teach you about the
subarctic environment and it’ll be highlighted by going out into the
national park. It’s a fantastic opportunity to see grizzly bears, wolves,
caribou, moose, dall sheep… Another chance that we’ll have by going
in August is seeing the Northern Lights There’s an opportunity because it’s
getting dark enough at night now where the lights come out so we’ll be watching
for them every night while we’re in Denali. Being so close to wilderness and
being so close to the outdoors has enlightened me to a point where now I
carry Alaska everywhere I go. It’s going to be a fantastic experience. Can’t wait
to see you! you you

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