Eco-Tourism in Costa Rica (Extra Scene from ‘Shell Game’)

after a very scenic riverboat rod we’ve just arrived at the wide cast camp which is where we’ll be watching the efforts and preserving turtle eggs and going out on patrol with them at night as they try to keep poachers away my name is Miguel I started as a volunteer as well as a research assistant and luckily I got in contact with DDA who proposed me to be the biologist of the park water station so let’s take a look this is base camp here yeah yeah exactly so we have civil convenors where the volunteers can can sleep and the staff are living here as well whole time how many volunteers they usually have here at once it really depends on the season right now we have only three volunteers two of them are staying like for two month period so it’s big commitment tools and in March for instance which is spring break back in the u.s. between the top two affiliates and white cast we had 200 colleges passing through and sometimes we have no one so we have to do all the work and without any help for the for lunches there’s a lot of work yes and what are we looking at right right over here okay so those are eyes boxes it’s from the nest we had in the hatchery and that in pushing me was destroyed because of the high tides and waves so those turtle there’s turtle shells in these all these yeah we have nest in every single box you have one nest yeah when you’re on the beach there are these six or seven manuals there’s no smoking no drinking no mosquito repellent we don’t use any white light because turtles are very sensitive to white light as well so all the light will be done with red light no cell phones on the beach because it is a form of white light and it can be a distraction and no one walks alone on the beach at night so we also have a very strict non-confrontation policy with poachers so more than likely you will see poachers on the beach night but completely ignore them pretend like they’re almost not even there because we don’t have any form of confrontation with them so this is about like a scale leatherback turtles she’s a little bit larger so like one really important rule about the turtle is that we never cross in front of her face so you never want to break kind of her line of sight because you don’t want to disturb her the main job of the volunteers to help with securing the eggs and taking measurements so the turtle is she’s gonna emerge out of the water and she’s gonna crawl up on the beach and she’s going to dig an egg chambers so like a big tube in the sand with her back flippers and your job is pretty much to hold this bag and kind of make sure all the eggs go inside the bag right now we’re taking some of the eggs that were just dug up that were under threat of erosion and we’re taking them for the new hatchery so they can stay there safely until they’re ready to hatch the hatchery when we started to build it and there was at least going but because of the erosion has been easy eggs in any whale that was we probably gotta detach the embryo and this cannot go to people afterwards so it’s like one more additional problem to the poacher ISM yeah yeah a lot of work between having to do this you know the erosion of the beach and the poachers it’s kind of a miracle that any of these turtles even make it back to the ocean at this point

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  1. The Latin American Sea Turtles conservation camp in Pacuare is one of the few remaining beaches in Costa Rica where both conservationists and sea turtles can safely use the beach.

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  2. Instead of spending all that white people money doing this why not stay at home and toss a few dollars at the poachers to collect the eggs for you.

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  4. What happens when the turtles hatch does the group of people help "guide" the turtles to the shore or does the group just watch the eggs?

  5. Costa Rica is a prime destination for non hater people many bless for my country costarica es mi patria querida vergel bello de aromas y flores. 🙂

  6. Pompous college students who volunteer, go over to these conservation stations for a major ego boost. In the end of the day, they finish, and go back to their lives feeling accomplished; thinking there is no need to care about anything, cause they "did something".

  7. Fantastic video! The camera work and video clips are the best! Thank you for promoting ecotourism. Here is an article tells more about ecotourism:

  8. Thank you for talking about this important issue in your video. Check out this short film we made in partnership with the Bribri indigenous communities in Costa Rica to see how embedded resourceful living is

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