Eco-Tourism – Forest Retreat Laos (Luang Namtha)

I grew up in a small countries sigh and I was born there I was monk about almost three ethnicity when I started here I saw many a car or Tanic too many people you know like different tribe in stills or tonic so this way makes me ok I want to start to do this project so that means there are in hoping people that the money goes to the communities or whatever ecotourism days my dream when I was young is my dream because I am the one in the countryside people you know [Music] because the me [Music] no button when you’re happy today some lap I get a laugh ooh and a lock on to a corn meal I have some will Papa not tell of a comment on what they give them you can appeal facial care an operational care company according home subpoena they call it step by step and the local guy came on into did another separate money [Music] what you call hate you given by but but you might say i’ma tell you how to him say you are the new badly Gaza by the most place before they are Pharma so every addict cutting down a tree if they don’t cutting they have no place to plant watch myself why we pay their needs because we want to support them we want them to fork it cutting down the tree [Music] if detected by Bala [Music] I think this eco threesome can you step by step to them like me I my dream always thinks okay when I grew up around fourteen fifteen hundred Cameron then there’s my parents they also didn’t do the same to but after I get Lee I get education the chance of his opposite I’ve read hunt I went to Canada true but now I forget about I change to love animals nature you know it’s my job I love my job I love my fault she loves ya this is our lives what we do every day I hope it can inspire tourists all our people support our local committee in Laos thank you you [Music] you

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