EATING ICE CREAM IN WINTER | Asia’s Most Unfortunate Traveler | E! Asia

Good morning! Good morning. So today I was thinking we could both decide
where to explore by using NAVITIME. Sounds good! I really love exploring new places. Me too. So Sharlene, why are you so unfortunate anyway? I don’t know. Mishaps always follow me around. Ice cream is my favourite! Especially in cold weather. Your ice cream! Wow this shop looks amazing. Let’s take a look around. Wow. Have you ever seen somewhere so pink? Oh this is cute. And it even has a dropped ice cream on it. Let me take a shot. Oh no! I think I misplaced my camera. Do you mean this camera? Where did you find it? You left it in the last shop. So I picked it up on the way out. You’re my life saver. Well you know even if you do lose your camera or an electronic device, you can actually claim up to $1000 for lost items under Sompo’s TravelJoy insurance. Nice. Yeah so you’re all covered. Let me take a shot. So Sharlene, what was your most memorable
moment of the day? That you found my camera. That’s right. Thank goodness. I know. What would you do without me? How was yours? My most memorable part of the day is probably
when you dropped your ice cream on the ground. Shizuka!

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