Eat Cake to Your Heart’s Content – Sønderborg, Sønderjylland Travel Video

Hello guys, we are in Sønderborg at the
castle, we are on a date! My parents are looking after Max. And we cannot wait to
explore this city because we’ve actually – you’ve been here before?
The town itself is supposed to be really beautiful and we’re starting off
with the castle and then we are strolling through the city checking out
the harbour and ending it with a really good dinner yeah up north on the island.
Let’s get started! This is so cool it’s actually dated on
this cannon where it fought Are you debating which one will fit you better? Yep! I think that’s your guys.
It looks heavy! And the soundtrack for any Museum: “Can’t Touch This” You gotta make museums fun right?
Castle started out like this in the 13th century.
Then it got upgraded to this in the Middle Ages This is what it looked like in the Renaissance And finally the Baroque one! These swords are from a long
period of time the oldest one this bad boy down here is from 1550 or something
like that and yesterday when we visited “Dybbøl Mølle” they taught us something
about this sword some of them some of the older ones are shaped like a
triangle because when you wounded somebody, a wound that has a
triangular form would not heal and it would cause an infection so the
soldier would die later if he didn’t die from the wound instantly! Very, very vicious! Around 1250 they built a fortified
tower and that’s how this whole castle fortress started and it says that up
in some places the towers had four metre thick walls! That is a lot and very very
rare, that’s around 13 feet that’s almost the same as our entire camper and that’s
just for one wall. Welcome to the dungeon This is creepy.
This is where they kept the prisoners No thank you! One of the things that Sønderborg Castle
is famous for is that one of our king’s Christian II, was actually put in jail here.
Christian II, he kind of annoyed and pissed off the nobles in Denmark so
they gather around and they were really upset with him and apparently he went
into exile or something to the Netherlands and he was promised that he
could come back by his uncle who had taken over the throne but the uncle had
made a pledge with the nobles so he did not stick to his promise to his nephew
and he threw him into jail here where he was in jail for 17 years and he never
had a trial and funny fact is that when he was in the Netherlands he actually
met Luther, and he became a lutheran and apparently that was a whole big deal too
but it’s kind of fun learning about these things on site where you are.
The Danish kings are always named Christian or Frederik, it’s always one of the two
and usually it’s just after a Frederik comes a Christian, the next one up is
Frederik and I don’t know what number he’s gonna be… 10, 11 probably. Denmark is actually the oldest monarchy
in the world and supposedly has the oldest royal family too – that’s pretty cool I think we are almost the only ones in this castle right now I think we’ve met like one guy maybe one maybe two guys! So if you can
hit this castle on a Monday that’ll be a pretty good idea. This is one of the
first machine guns it’s built by Germans around 1900 it could shoot 400 rounds
per minute and it weighs as much as 53 kilos, we’ll try and put the number in
pounds. When this part of Denmark became German the Danes in this part had to
fight for Germany during the first world war there were a lot of men who had to
go into battle fighting for Germany who actually felt like they were Danes
so that must have been very tricky and extremely uncomfortable This is a crazy story, this woman was
married to this young soldier and he died in the war so she decided to wear
black for the rest of her life and she wanted to get buried and in the
coffin she wanted to wear her wedding dress a black dress as well. So he would
recognize her because she thought he would be young because he died young and
she would be old in heaven it’s pretty crazy but they forgot about it and found
out later so she did not get buried in the black dress, so here it is! This is so funny I’ve always wondered in
castles, what they did with these huge rooms and here you can actually see they
have a huge room and then they section it out they’ve built kind of like a wood
skeleton within it and so over there is a bed let’s built in and you walk this
way, there’s another bed, a little desk So this is all built within the big one
that’s funny Welcome to the banquet hall! Apparently
they still have concerts and stuff here Look how big this is!
Can you imagine the parties going on here? We found the chapel. This is the chapel of the church! Do you want to renew our vows?
No, not in here. To those of you who don’t
know we are actually celebrating our 12th year wedding anniversary right
about the time when this video comes out so we could renew our vows in there! What made the biggest impression on me
is that some of these walls are actually three meters thick! It’s nine feet, more
than nine feet actually. That’s crazy! Mm-hmm I think seeing the model of
how the actual building had developed for every two three hundred years, that
was kind of… It was just very tangible I love stuff like that. Now let’s head out and see if we can explore Sønderborg the city some more. Yeah! Okay so in Southern Jutland they had this
tradition that kind of occurred when the Germans took over this area, that they
wanted to gather because they were Danes but the Germans didn’t want this
so they tried to cut out their license for serving alcohol because they thought
that might help but it didn’t, so the sønderjyder they just started baking
cakes instead and they would gather and everyone brought different kinds of
cakes and this is now called the “Sønderjyske Kaffebord”, so it’s a tradition that
goes back to when this was part of Germany I think the rule is that you
have to have seven soft cakes like sponge cakes and layered cakes and then
seven hard cakes, like cookies and like just small little ones but I found
a place where they serve, where you can get like a sample of all the soft cakes
so I ordered a plate of that and we’re gonna share it and just relax for a
bit and I cannot wait if you have a sweet tooth like me try this out. Okay so
this is a sample plate and it’s all kinds of different things that I cannot
pronounce. I don’t think there’s an English word for it but this is a bun
and you put a lot of like a thick layer of butter on it, this is a vanilje krans, nødde tvebakke, kringle, honningkage med aprikos so this is like a honey cake
with apricot filling. This is kind of like a waffle cracker thingy
I think it’s called ‘altid’, and this down here is called ‘Ingenting’ which is
nothing and it tastes like nothing that’s what he said, and this is the dark “rugbrødstorte” I think that’s how they say it, but.. This is ryebread mixed in there that is a very Danish I
can’t wait to taste all this This place shows off a really fun
tradition down here in Sønderjylland, where they have something called ‘ringridning’, I
don’t know what it translates to but you have guys on horses and they each have a
spear and between these two there’s a rope and then in the middle
there is a small little metal ring hanging down so they have to be charging
off on horseback with their spears and then hitting the spear through that
small little metal circle thingy it’s funny I have no idea where the tradition
comes from but it’s in Denmark and it’s only in Sønderjylland, maybe it’s a
German thing I don’t know but this is apparently where they do it and every
year I think it’s every year in July they have a big ‘ringrider’ festival so if
you’re up for some history and some fun and good times come check that out We are driving because we’re on way to
have a really good dinner and there’s this castle in this area, Augustenborg, and
they have a really beautiful sculpture garden it’s supposed to be around right
here so we just stopped in Augustenborg to see if we can find some sculptures That’s a beautiful little palace. Yeah!
This dude really liked this Augstina, I think! Let’s head up back and get some dinner, finally! This is a detour It’s a pretty one!
But we need to get moving We just talked to one of the other sweet
waiters at this place and she told us that this place is only eight years old
so it’s just totally built like it was like a hundred years old with lots of
little details and old stained glasses and old paintings and stuff.
They fooled me! Like you starter? It is really good. It’s
the fish of the day with some tomatoes and different stuff,
tastes really good.

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  1. Thanks for taking us along your date showing us the beautiful Sønderborg Castle. Happy wedding anniversary on your 12 years of marriage:-) Even though I have family in near Aabenraa, I can’t really remember eating at a Sønderjysk kaffebord. The cakes looked really good. You probably have thought about it, but is it possible to show or put up the Danish noun or place on the screen every time you use the Danish word instead of English? Then people can google it if they want to. In this video I’m particularly thinking of the “Sønderjyske Kaffebord” scene and the names of the cakes and the “ringridning” Just like when you convert kroner into US Dollars or Euros. Just in reference to future videos. Great video as always. One day you maybe gonna show us the camper. I would really love to see the camper and see how three people fits in it on your travels. Again happy wedding anniversary on 12 years of marriage:-) one day you

  2. Looks like a nice day out! The English translation of the horseback thing where they try to knock each other off with a long pole is jousting 🙂 It was a popular spectator sport in a few different countries I think.

  3. I really loved your video; it brings back old memories; my first trip outside of my country in 1964 was to Haderslev with lots of sidetrips.

  4. You capped off your trip with a wonderful date day. The castle museum looked like it had something for every interest. I loved Morton's singing. Thank you for sharing more of the history of your country.

  5. I love history and I love these videos, so thankyou! Our house from 1770 has walls about 70cm thick, but not 3-4 m like castles…
    I have come to the conclusion that most of northern European people are originally from Jutland and just spread out from there (Anglo-Saxons, Jutes, Vikings, Northmen/Normandy…)!! I would love it if you visited any Viking sites, I am fascinated by anywhere in Scandinavia, tho 😉
    We hope to sail the coasts over several months in a year or two… 😃
    And happy wedding anniversary 🥂🍰

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