Earth View in Google Maps

Over 600 million people have used Google Earth
to explore the world around them. They’ve traveled to the highest mountains and to the
depths of the ocean. They’ve seen the world’s tallest buildings and the busiest cities.
And they’ve even been transported to ancient times in faraway lands. Now, we’re bringing
all of this stunning 3D imagery and terrain to the web browser, with Earth view in Google
Maps. Simply go to Google Maps, and click the Earth button. If you don’t already have
the Google Earth plugin installed, you’ll be prompted to download it. Let’s start
by exploring Florence, Italy. You can get a closer look by using the slider to zoom
in. And you can pan around either by clicking the arrows here or by dragging the map. You
can also look around by clicking these arrows. Now that we’ve worked up our appetites,
let’s find a place to get some gelato nearby. You can click the markers to learn more about
places. Next, let’s take a trip to Niagara Falls. You can change your view by clicking
on the Map button. To go back to the 3D view, just click the Earth button. Let’s take
a closer look by double-clicking to zoom in. You can also tilt your view by holding down
the Shift key and the left-mouse button, while moving your mouse around. Once you have the
angle you like, you can even share that exact view with your friends by clicking here to
send them the link. To zoom back out, just use the zoom slider. Next, let’s see how
we can learn even more about Niagara Falls by searching for nearby tours. To get driving
directions, simply click the Directions link and enter your starting address. To see another
view of your route, simply click the Map button. Now that you’ve seen how Earth view works,
don’t forget to click the Earth button on Google Maps to explore the world in 3D.

99 thoughts on “Earth View in Google Maps

  1. Current Earth view in 3D on a big screen is like being there in person. Sure great for this disabled person who can no longer travel. Thank you Google.

  2. jestem obcym jak kazdy czlowiek wiecie ze ksiezyc byl planeta o warstwie ziemi a nasza ziemia sama wodą zderzyla sie planeta z nasza ziemia dzisiejsz i cala ziemia spadla prawie tu stad mamy kontynenty a planeta co zostal poniej ksiezyc jest teraz samym jadrem temu niema pola magnetycznego prawie to my powstalismy po uderzeniu my to alien s inzynier

  3. I love you guys at google for making all of my dreams came true thankyou for been there its been rough but could not had no better teacher thankyou for been therefore

  4. 404. That’s an error.
    The requested URL /earthview was not found on this server. That’s all we know.

  5. no entiendo ningún idipmsrazon por la cual no me va a servir de nada este programa…¿estarán de acuerdo conmigo niño lo?.

  6. Nothing new here, same old google earth. Still waiting for an update of something I am familiar with, still a 3D image from many years ago.

  7. I want to know more about Earth, our only home in the Universe, and let people aware it's importance to save the earth from exploitation, and give our generations a green and healthy environs.

  8. dg pelayanan Google aku pake memang untuk membantu kemudahan.dalam kegiatan kg sosial, yg manapun, apalagi disaat putar visio dg banyaknya iklan mengganggu setiap.aku.putar vidia

  9. I have not had any network problems of any kind OR problems in general
    That Google was not able to fix swiftly
    Thanks Google Job Well Down
    Looking Forward To What's Coming Up In New Year

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  11. I am always very excited with any new Google project and invention, etc. that my favourite company has come to fruition. I also rarely write any comment or feedback to anything public without making sure it will not cast my "image" in a bad light, so you the public need to listen and understand that this entity is creating some of the most incredible inventions I am so glad to be a part of. Do know that this profile is being used by me, but all the ways to find out who is writing this is "off course" so as to not get any public attention. Thank you so much Google!

  12. Google map is really invaluable. It helps us to create our walking map that enables people search for spots more easily and precisely.

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