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Hi Friends My name is Maruthi Prasad Today I am Very Excited You are Seeing me Keeping all Travel Related Items in front of me, are you thinking what I am doing Actually We are today Launching Eagle Visa and Travel Vlogs Channel This is a youtube Channel Purely dedicated for Travel Videos Anything related to travel Anything related to Travel is our Concept Travel Around the World Promoting Travel, Taking about beautiful places in different countries and How to make sure u can travel places without any hurdles Step by Step all information will be shared in this channel Basically when you plan to visit any country one important constraint we have is, Visa Different Different Countries have different different visa procedures Documentation requirements will be different Application submission procedures will be different and many countries visas are getting difficult now-a-days Many applicants visas are getting rejected how can we simplify this issue and we can keep information available to all How to motivate people to travel good tourist countries From this thought this concept of Eagle Visa and Travel Vlogs has come and Continuously we will be discussing all countries visa procedures and tough countries like America or Australia or Canada and Schengen and UK kind of countries visa process is generally tough and application get rejected very frequently and in my experience Just because of small mistakes applicants visas are getting rejected applicants are not properly projecting their strengths we will be sharing required precautions, Tips I will be discussing in this channel Country wise and category wise I will provide u required information Aim of Eagle Visa and Travel Vlogs is from next coming 1 or 2 years Our Indians Visa refusal rate should come down drastically we are working towards that aim Our Mission is to provide any visa information required to be available in this channel as one stop solution and do subscribe in this channel u will be provided will all travel related information will be available in this channel and about myself why I got idea of creating a channel and what is my background I have 10+ years of experience in visa process and handled 1000s of applications till date have good track record of converting rejected applications positively So i wanna share this knowledge to applicants to overcome first hurdle of visa approval and hurdle of not able to visit good countries because of visa rejection. I will make people overcome this hurdle by sharing my knowledge of handling different different cases, I will also share information of different case studies i will share information in very easy and simple way first I will start with Visa Procedures that too keeping in mind many complicated visas procedures specifically for Indians more challenging and more visited country from india and more sensitive which has high rejection rate country i will be choosing that country First country that comes to my mind is United states of America Regarding USA and its visa categories I am good handson experience and knowledge I have knowledge of around 30 to 40 different category USA Visas and we can discuss same most of the time people apply for B1/B2 Visiting Visa More people travel in this category First B2/B2 Visa followed by F1 Student Visa Even many students apply and travel and many students visas are getting rejected by not following proper procedure I wanna share tips to them to improve their success rate and F1 Student Dependants F2 people working in H1b and their visa procedures and their Dependants H4 L1 and their dependents L2 visas O1 and O2 Visa categories , A1 A2,R1, R2 nearly 100s of visa categories can be covered in just Non-Immigrant Visa category I will see how many categories of information i can share so that more people will be benefited First focus is American visas and we will also discuss many things on good destination in America and followed by Schengen Countries and Europe visa process UK and related countries We can discuss on those countries visa procedures then Canada , Australia Next African country Visa procedures,Asia China, Japan we can discuss visa procedures of all these countries in this Channel

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