e-VISA inquiry process to travel to Vietnam – Viet Attitude

Connect to “https://www.xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn/” Click on “Electronic VISA” then on “For Foreigners” Read informations, tick the box to confirm you read carefully and click on “Next” Click on the small portrait shadow and upload a picture of yourself (JPG/JPEG File) Click on the big shadow portrait and upload a picture of your main passeport page (JPG/JPEG Format) Fill the next boxes as required. Informations must as shown in your passeport. (Please do not use James Bond name…That is just a lack of respect) =) If you travel with children that are under 14 years old, please expand and fill those informations. Be sure to enter correct entry/exit dates as you might be refused when entering the country. Inquire your entry / exit points. Check all of the above informations, tick the box and fill in the Captcha. Click on “Review Application Form” Check your informations again. Copy the “registration Code” needed to check your VISA status. If needed, check all of the informations one last time. Click on payment. Tick the “I agree” Box and click on “Pay e-VISA” Choose payment method (International / Domestic) and Card type. Enter your payment informations as required.

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