E-Residency, Digital Nomad Travel Insurance, Nomad List 5.0 and More Tech News

Hello everyone and welcome to the first episode of Digital Nomad News Your source for breaking news about remote work, technology, and travel I’m your host, Kristin Wilson, the owner of Traveling with Kristin and Digital Nomad TV, where we’re creating content to help you thrive in a location independent lifestyle – whether you are an entrepreneur, remote worker or freelancer. Let’s start off with today’s top story about Lithuania, that’s right Lithuania. If you’re already a digital nomad insider then you’re probably familiar with Estonia’s e-residency scheme, Which is a program for digital entrepreneurs to be able to set up a remote company within minutes from anywhere in the world. So, they can open a company in Estonia, open an online bank account, and get a tax ID number. But most importantly, they can get access to the European market. Well, it seems that Estonia’s neighbor to the south Lithuania had similar ideas. On July 16th, Lithuania’s Parliament announced that they too passed an amendment for a digital nomad residency scheme The program is set to take effect in 2021 and like estonia’s program You’ll be able to open a company online with an operational bank account and tax ID Stay tuned for more on this story. Both Estonia and Lithuania our Baltic states located in northern Europe and they’re both underrated digital nomad destinations in my opinion. Both of the countries are known to be two of the most digitized nations in the world. They have fast internet and a great quality of life. You can learn more about the digital nomad lifestyle in Estonia in this new video right here and Stay tuned for more as we have some videos coming up about Lithuania itself, including a tour of the futuristic Blockchain Centre in Vilnius, Interviews with the founders and a few of the startup companies in their incubator. We also have a tour coming up of some co-working spaces in Vilnius’ downtown old town. Next up, healthcare – Healthcare is certainly a hot topic today and a particularly contentious one for American self-employed workers but there is some good news on the horizon because SafetyWing, a Norwegian based Y Combinator start-up that was built by nomads for nomads Just announced another 3.5 million dollar round of funding in order to expand their operations SafetyWing is one of the few companies that provides international medical insurance to digital nomads and perpetual travelers Their CEO, Sander Rasch said in a recent article to TechCrunch that they are, quote, “Building the first global social safety net. A welfare state on the internet.” If you’re interested in checking out some of the insurance plans that safety wing offers, SafetyWing’s health care coverage starts at a very affordable $37 a month (per 4 weeks). If you’d like more information Or to sign up for their health care coverage check out the links in the description below. Next up the popular digital nomad portal and forum, Nomads List, built by fellow digital Nomad Pieter Levels just announced a new makeover. Nomads List 5.0 launched on July 29th and instantly shot to the number two position on Product Hunt. The site now boasts over 1 million data points about cities and towns around the world with information such as cost of living climate and internet speeds Some of the new features that Pieter announced include (and there are a lot of them) redesigned travel profiles with a “Where I’ve Been” Map tracking your travels, a data studio, that will be particularly helpful for students researchers, city planners and government officials, a 3d world map, a matchmaking and dating app to help stave off digital nomads loneliness, He’s also included a lot of new cities, especially in rural areas throughout middle America There are new search filters, City recommendations and reviews and new photos to go with each destination that are going to be crowd-sourced and uploaded and they’re all coming from the photo website, Unsplash Nomads List is also pulling in data now from over 300,000 different co-working spaces and places to work remotely worldwide You can even add a city to your own wish list, kind of like the feature on Airbnb Amongst other features ,the chat feature is now integrated with your travel plans. So, you can find other digital nomads and meet up with them on your travels. The site looks pretty cool So make sure to check it out. And if you’re a Twitter person give their founder a follow. His handle is “levelsio” Speaking of travel the popular trip planning and organization app. Google trips is officially dead 🙁 Google announced the news on August 1st but don’t fear because they say that you’ll still be able to plan and Organize your trip within the Google app. If that doesn’t work for you, You can also check out some of their similar competitors including apps like TripIt. But rest in peace Google trips, you will be missed.. Moving on! And, finally, a topic that’s been trending in the mainstream news lately is artificial intelligence. So the question is, When are the robots coming? Are they coming? And is your job at risk? Those are the topics that I talked about in this week’s episode of my weekly podcast, Badass Digital Nomads Which is available on Apple, Google Play, and Spotify. We talked about AI, automation, and the future of work and a few strategies that Nine-to-fivers and remote workers alike can use to enhance their value in the workplace Increase their competitive edge and just overall make themselves more valuable and immune to changes in technology That’s all we have for this week’s show What do you think of these trending news topics? Opine in the comments and make sure to share this episode with all your tech and Travel savvy friends. Do you have a breaking news tip? If so, Send it to me at [email protected] and we look forward to seeing you here next week on YouTube.com/DigitalNomad Ciao for now!

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