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“DUNYA” A breath away from heaven A moment in our lifetime But We? We to busy spending following other peoples timeline So trough all the noise and traffic I needed to drop this Stop sign! Giving you a signal of the end of days and how the devil plays his games up in flames, tames your brains Poisons your veins Whispers in your heart by Taking control Slowly seducing your mind, body and soul. and they said “the greatest trick the lucifer has pulled was by convincing “Dunya” that the truth has never been told. Blinded by ignorance heart covered by arrogance While we got flooded with knowledge and evidence so count your blessings, instead of your racks of stacks the humbleness instead of your street reputation or credentials. Stop looking over your shoulders When it comes to the Feds. and start looking for an explanation when we get judged by the One we neglect. cause when the gavel strikes there’s no escape door or button you can push to rewind it back No more time to ask the question No guest list or a VIP section No money can save you from all this deception.. and YOU!! you be wondering why I’m saying this now picture this We as a mankind lost our humanity changed our morals into insanity by watching our brothers and sisters daily being a victim of poverty, slaved by the Industrial corrupted economy And while we be teaching our kids to play “Monopoly”. There’s an another kid on the other side of the Wall dying…. are you following me? obviously not… because we out of balance and I’m not saying its to late to cover up the damage but it looks like our perfect world is a bit hard to manage and thats why I say believe…. believe in a bigger purpose to be the slave who gets treated as a servant and not as puppet or a 21st century slave who is just a number with no name no voice no shame and thats why I choose to be civilized again. for some of y’all it sounds bit lame or hard to maintain but I’m trying to spit game about the most important thing. “DUNYA” its like trying reaching for grapes but every time you try to reach for it they get pushed back away So I say “In every tribulation there’s a blessing So have faith in the One that answers all the questions because our lifetime on this dunya is not even a fraction of seconds so what is our lesson!? the impression of materialism having so called friends on social media creating more individualism propaganda news and mass neuro psychology we blame it on hypocrisy but it was already written in philosophy brought to you by prophecy Honoustly? its right there We just don’t acknowledge Lost in our own translation Living in a perfect world and still seeking for that moment of sensation We got overkilled by information became the new slaves on the plantation still fighting for what we consider a nation while dunya is just a temporary station. and while we wait for salvation why can’t we have the sympathy for each other? Nor the appriciation of creation? and how can we raise our kids or the next generations towards a better destination “DUNYA” It was all a dream….

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