Sheikh Mansoor Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum Awad Bin Sheikh Mugrin AFRICA OVERLAND
55 MONTHS – 36 COUNTRIES – 122.000 KM Ricky De Agrela
11 months and 64000km later, The Longest Microlight Expedition in the World. It’s on the Meter
In 2011 three friends, Johno, Paul and Leigh drove a 20 year-old black taxi called Hannah around the world. We spent 15 months travelling through over 50 countries and set two new World Records OUR SHARED PLANET
The “OUR SHARED PLANET” Motorcycle odyssey Bharadwaj Dayala
The incredible journey of an Indian around the world on an Indian
motorcycle. Omar Mansour Alfardy
2009 saw me taking on my biggest trip to date as I rode from the most southern point in Africa (Cape Agulhas) in South Africa. Dubai RIDERS
Since 2008 up to 2012, we been participating in local, regional & European motorcycle shows. UAE ADVENTURE BIKERS
Adventurers from the United Arab Emirates motorcycles, Dubai Expo 2020 and passed 20 countries within 40 days=20 + 20 Emirates Travelers
First Team that Travel Around the world by cars They started since 1996 and crossed more than 65 countries through all the continents Kerry Trapnell
I have an abiding commitment to travel, photography, traditional culture and environmental protection. I have been fully focused. Career highlights include assignments for National Geographic (Australia, America) DI. Ahmed Elshahawy
He is the only man on earth who has deeply experienced the 23 tropical forests during twenty years 20 (1994 –2014) of travel in more than eighty (80) countries. Matthew Scott
Field Editor for Overland International (Overland Journal and Expedition Portal – the largest 4×4 travel community in the USA) Ahmad AL – Qasimi and Muneer Al Duhni
Around the world by camel – 40,000 Km Crossed the African continent. Dhahi Khalfan Tamim Aitor Iguiñitz Oyarzabal
I decided to follow an impulse and taking my bicycle, I started my trip towards unknown ways. Already after 4 years and 50.823 kms Laura Martínez Calderón
eight years I traveled and lived in many dierent countries, From that moment we ride together 31,086 kms traveled by the world, Raha Moharrak EXPEDITION QUAD SQUAD Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan Omar Attira’s trip around half the world
traveler Omar Attira began in 1997 his famous trip around the world on foot, Jeremy Curl
I travelled by camel across the Sahara with the Touareg nomads covering over 1000 miles. DUBAI TRAVELERS FESTIVAL 2013

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