Dubai International Airport (DXB) – Arrivals and Ground Transportation Guide | Travel Guide | Ep#1

Hipfig Travel Channel offers DIY travel
video guides for more than 25 cities in Asia, US, and Canada. If you like this
video then subscribe, give us a thumbs up, or a comment. Hey everyone, welcome to Hipfig’s Travel Guide series on Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In this video, we’re
going to be sharing our experience with the Dubai International Airport, Airport
code DXB, and hopefully this will help guide you through your next trip to
Dubai. The main airport in Dubai is Dubai International Airport. Not only is it one
of the busiest in the world but one of the largest airports. You’ll understand
once you get here We flew Emirates Airlines from Mumbai to Dubai. It was a quick three hour flight and I think we spent more time at the
fancy Mumbai International Airport than the flight itself. We were greeted with a
beautiful sunset while landing. Our first impression of Dubai is that it’s a
modern city and it has traffic and everything else that comes along with any modern city. Emirates Airlines has a whole concourse, B, which is directly connected
to terminal 3 dedicated only for them. To give you an idea of the large scale of
Terminal 3: it is 10 floors and includes a multi-level structure for departures
and arrivals. There are 3 passenger terminals at Dubai International Airport
If you’re arriving from an international airline apart from Emirates and Qantas
you’ll mostly fly into terminal 1. If you’re flying in through flydubai
regional and other low-cost carriers you arrive in terminal 2. If you’re flying
through Emirates or Qantas you’ll arrive in terminal 3. If you arrive in terminal
1 or 3 you can move freely between them as they’re directly connected with a
common transit area by the automated people movers. Terminal 2 is on the
opposite side of the airport from terminal 1 and 3 and if you’re
transiting to or from terminal 2 to the other terminals there’s a shuttle service which will take about 30 minutes. We arrived on Emirates Airlines
terminal 3 concourse B around 6 p.m. Once we go off the plane, we followed the
signs to immigration and baggage claim if you’re going through transit and have
a connecting flight follow the red signs for your next
flight. If you are transferring between courses and terminals, look for the may I
help you staff when you arrive outside the gate. There are also interactive maps
along the way to help you. To get to Terminal 1’s D gates, you can use the airport
train. To get to Terminal 3’s A gates passengers can walk between B gates and C gates and then take the short Airport train. Along our way to immigration
you’ll see many restrooms. We prefer to skip the first ones we see and go to the
next ones because there’s usually a long line especially for the women’s
restrooms as usual. We noticed as we were walking that the airport provides kids
strollers for the long walk. I wish they made these for adults too. You will immediately get a sense of the
magnitude of the airport as you take the long journey to immigration. It took us
about a good 15 to 20 minutes of walking You can see the shops and the in Airport
hotels in the lower and upper floors, but you can’t access them until you pass
your immigration. It does make the walk more interesting. Keep walking and
follow the blue or red signs depending on your situation. You’ll get there.
Once we arrived, we didn’t take pictures of passport control because you’re not
allowed to do this as in most airports. Once we arrived at passport control, we
were directed to a line based on our passport. the process was pretty smooth Please note that everyone needs a Visa
to enter the UAE. You will get a visa on arrival if you’re from the following:
Gulf Cooperation Council countries Western Europe, North America Far East,
and Australia Asia. Otherwise you will have to apply for a visa ahead of time You can check the rules on the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs website. This link will be added
to our website when we update Dubai International Airport Directly after your passport is stamped
and you exit the immigration stalls, you’ll have to pass your carry-on items through
an x-ray machine. After that you’ll walk to baggage claim and clear customs to
the arrival hall. There are several currency exchange counters from
different companies like Travelex and local banks. There is one currency
exchange counter in the baggage claim area but this is not the only one you’ll
encounter. There is a whole area in the arrival hall full of money exchange
counters and banks. Follow the blue signs for currency exchange. As in any world-class airport there are many transportation options to your hotel. There are private
limousines and cars which you will meet at the arrivals hall if you have pre booked.
The least expensive option are buses Buses leave from the bus stops opposite
terminals 1 2 & 3. For up-to-date routes and times visit the Dubai roads and
transit Authority website or you can go to once we update the Dubai
International Airport pages. Please be aware that you’ll have to buy an NOL
card at the bus stop. Drivers do not accept cash. The NOL card is an
electric smart card that enables you to pay for the use of various RTA
transport modes in Dubai and can be purchased at the ticket vending machines
located near the bus stop. If you want to take a taxi from the arrival hall, follow
the signs to the official taxi stand outside the terminal. The taxi stands run
24 by 7. For your information, there’s also a small surcharge when taking a taxi from
the airport. If your hotel is near a metro station, consider taking the metro train
We decided to take the metro train as a stop was near our hotel and we didn’t
have a lot of luggage. To get to the Metro from the arrival hall, follow the
signs for the Metro and go up the escalators. Buy your tickets at the
airport station once you arrive from the Vending Ticketing machines. The cost
depends on how many zones you travel and the color card you choose. We bought the
red NOL ticket option as it was the best for our needs in dubai. There are only two train lines and the Metro Red line is the one that runs through the airport
The Metro Red line train runs frequently and stops at metro stops terminal 1 and
3. Service starts at 5:50 a.m. and stops at midnight. Be aware that on Friday
service starts at 1:00 p.m. from the airport. Once you have your ticket in
hand enter the gates according to your train direction by tapping your card on
the card reader upon entering. We took the train going towards UAE Exchange. We got on at Terminal 3 stop but there’s also a stop from Terminal 1
Once on the train, you can transfer to the Green Line at Union Station if
needed. You’re allowed up to two pieces of
luggage with one being hand luggage There’s also a small luggage storage
area to put your bags near the dividing line between the women’s and general
seating area. The first carriage on each train is Gold Class which is more
expensive and generally less crowded After the Gold Class carriage there is a
carriage for women and children only These carriages are clearly marked it. It gets pretty crowded after Terminal 3 especially in the evening and morning
rush hours. You may want to keep this in mind if you have a lot of luggage. It
would probably be easier and cost about the same amount if you’re traveling with
a family to take a taxi. Once we arrived at our stop, we tapped out our tickets
on the card reader and we walked the short distance to our hotel. Happy Travels! Goto for more information or go to our Hipfig Travel Channel on
YouTube and be sure to subscribe for regular updates

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  1. Hello. I am flying Emirates from Johannesburg to Brisban via Dubai 3 June 2019. I was told my luggage will automatically be transferred to the Emirates flight to Brisbane. How do I go about going from the airplane to the next Terminal?

  2. Really helpful video. Thank you for sharing with us.

    I am a Canadian citizen so i need to go to Visa holder line or visa on arrival if i am staying there for 3 days?

    Also on my way back i will be travelling from pakistan so i have a connected flight to Toronto from Dubai. So once i arrive at Dubai Airport Terminal 3, I need to go Terminal 1 to get to a flight to Toronto.

    So after getting out of the plane what steps do i need to follow to go to Terminal 1 from Terminal 3?

  3. I have a transit flight from London Heathrow T3 to DXB T3 then to Indian Ahmedabad airport will I need a visa even though I’m not leaving airport because I have transit flight

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