Drunk Guy Won’t Leave Resort In Mazatlan

Blue is not your color Blue You guys are something else I don’t know, the blue’s a little much More for like, I dunno… green Green? I got a green one too Evening wear. It’ll suit you later Now don’t get it dirty now. Don’t get it dirty. It scared me. We need you to do a fashion show. Yes. Yes. It’s nice. Try them on. Put it on. You want me to put it on? No. Someone hold my cup for me. Put it on, huh? You go the picture, buddy? Yea. You like? How much? $25 How much? You like? Well you buy 2, $25 I gotta get off, I gotta get off Get up, get up, get up Get up, get up, get up Just trying to get one last sale One last sale here Get on! It’s beautiful. As soon as we get on we’ll play chess. look at that way thank you Game over. Finish that beer. Or negotiating last minute sales. Do you want to get on or what? That guy’s, that guy’s drinking a lot of drinks over there. Lost Bartender He’s coming back With a tray of drinks right on the bus. Are you serious? Oh yea! You can see him! Yea, he’s, you can really see him. You see him at the front of that bus Oh, he’s coming back And he’s got a drink in each hand Drink in each hand but no dress I told you he’d try the other one, right? He’s got two kinds there, he’s got a dark and a light Oh he does, yea Yup. Hey he was performing for us I think He was bringing all the dresses up here and trying to sell the dresses. Yea. For the lady. He was encouraging us to take pictures at that point So I’m just capturing the show now He seemed pretty calm. Yea, we’ll see how long that lasts. I did a shot of tequila! That tequila’s pretty good! Where’s the tray of drinks? He’s much calmer now Do you need me to hold your drink? I might drink it. Oh sorry Get out of the way! Do it! Watch out! Don’t get wet people! Don’t spill it! Wrong size!

10 thoughts on “Drunk Guy Won’t Leave Resort In Mazatlan

  1. There is always that one guy that just cant hold is alcohol, it can be funny though but I feel you he def seems more the annoying drunk..

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