Drive Enterprise – Cloud Based Content Collaboration

SPEAKER: Your content
platform isn’t just a storehouse of data. It’s a gold mine of
collective knowledge, the best ideas your company has ever
had, brilliant strategies, innovative design concepts,
detailed financial plans. The problem is, your employees
are not accessing it. They don’t even know it
exists, so they spend thousands of hours recreating it. Drive Enterprise
changes that by allowing you to transform content into
a living source of insight and advantage. It’s a new way to buy
and use Drive separate from G Suite as an intelligent,
secure enterprise content platform that
makes collaborating in the cloud painless
and risk-free. You get the best of Drive, plus
G Suite’s enterprise security features, and only
pay for what you use. So it’s easy to get started
with and easy to scale. Drive is compatible
with more than 60 file types and every common device. So the transition is simple– no software complex,
no disruption, and migration
services are included. Drive File Stream gives
users instant access to files from their desktops. So working in Drive is as
easy as opening a folder. And when you use Drive online,
you can comment on most files in Preview mode. The Quick Access tool uses
artificial intelligence to surface the files users
need, when they need them. Drive also proactively
serves files based on each user’s
top collaborators. And enterprise-grade security
is built in with features like powerful data retention,
automated data loss prevention, and legal holds. When anyone can harness
an enterprise’s worth of intelligence in seconds,
it’s not just time-saving, it’s game-changing. Unlock your shared knowledge
with Drive Enterprise.

12 thoughts on “Drive Enterprise – Cloud Based Content Collaboration

  1. My question is, does Google take said information and distribute it out to 3rd Party individuals, since it' their product and not OURS as individuals? With being said about NSA/CIA information, how are we to trust Google, to insure our DATA is ours and not theirs?

    Don't get me wrong, I love Google, but I have to speculate now…Should we trust Terminal/Maneframe concept?

  2. So, does this not come with G Suite Enterprise, or is possible to have it without having the whole G Suite Enterprise package?

  3. GoogleDrive's windows application is buggy. I wrote it in several times to Google, but they don't even respond ..

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