Dream Trips Travel Club 2018 USA

Right now you’re looking at some
pictures with a cloud in the middle I’m gonna show you what all of this means
and how you can vacation sooner you see that blue you should be here sign I
don’t know if you’ve seen that sign on the internet but it’s gone viral
people are posting pictures of themselves with that sign all over
Facebook Twitter Instagram it’s been at famous landmarks major sporting events
skydiving scuba diving and virtually every other place you could think of so
what’s the deal with that sign what’s behind it well it all started when our
founder Wayne asked himself what keeps people from experiencing boring life
what keeps people from checking off all their bucket list items and creating
more great memories what it came down to was money and expertise see if we could
create the experiences of our dreams we would a TV and everything is like ever we should be
so on December 10th 2005 WorldVentures was born what we did is simply designed
the coolest Travel community in the world a club that makes it possible for
everyone on any budget to experience more it’s called DreamTrips and only our
members can get those little blue signs what we do is create unique couldn’t
build it yourself vacations of all sizes ranging from private romantic getaways
to resort takeovers and amazing prices it’s made possible in part by using the
same group buying concept that’s made companies like Costco and Sam’s
successful we buy from top resorts Cruise Lines theme parks and hotels
around the world as well as Outfitters ticket vendors for sporting events
concerts and more even though these are four and five star experiences they’re
offered exclusively to our members at guaranteed Members Only prices
understand these aren’t just discounted hotel rooms each dream trip is a
world-class vacation where the planning is done for you and you are treated like
a rockstar on many trips we pick you up from the airport
we have expedited check-ins we throw parties for you have daily perks thrown
in and provide a level of service you’ve never known let’s move here this is worth every but the real gift in the real payoff is
to take the dream trip and you meet the most wonderful people you have ever
encountered and they’re from everywhere together this came from looking at some on my TV
on my couch it’s our first three trips beautiful look at the ocean I’ve
realized my reality is actually better than my dream salt when someone is
experiencing more well Matt’s having dinner in the light of the Eiffel Tower we’re experiencing more adventure
parasailing of the Caribbean or experiencing more fulfillment
building an orphanage in South America yes they break out there you should be
here sign snap a picture and post it online they’re saying to their friends
and loved ones you should be here with me you should be experiencing this kind
of moment what’s awesome about the dream trips concept is that these
one-of-a-kind experiences should be offered at a premium but instead they’re
provided to members at the deeply discounted price protected rates but
here’s the best part now that you’ve been invited it’s easy to join our club
is like a gym membership or a country club you have monthly dues to be in the
club we have three DreamTrips membership levels to choose from our standard
DreamTrips membership starts with a one-time initial membership fee of 142
dollars that you never spend again and only $32 per month so DreamTrips has
done half the work to make sure everyone can experience more by driving the
prices way down and making it absolutely affordable to check off those bucket
list items but they didn’t stop there they decided to also help us pay for
those experiences by providing several ways to actually earn vacations within
our ecosystem you can earn your way toward a dream trip by doing things you
already do we call them DreamTrips points and they’re simple to understand
what’s entirely unique about us is each DreamTrips point is equal to one dollar
so if you were to use 100 points toward a dream trip that’d be like deducting
$100 off our already deeply discounted DreamTrips price it all starts the
moment you join every dollar you spend on your membership will be allocated to
you in the form of DreamTrips points and stored in the DreamTrips cloud from
there you’ll continue to earn when you dine shop and share with DreamTrips
local you can actually dine relax or play your way toward a dream trip with
thousands of preferred merchants and expanding daily in cities all over the
world you can enjoy world-class merchants within your DreamTrips app
where you can enjoy the finest food excursions concerts and get a VIP
DreamTrips members only experience at select locations across the globe and
when you pay your bill you can earn points based on a percentage of that
bill between 30 and 50 percent which will go
into the DreamTrips cloud you already go out to eat so why not earn your way
toward a vacation while you’re doing it all of these benefits and more included
in your standard DreamTrips membership and this is just the beginning of our
ecosystem upgrade to our most popular level DreamTrips Gold and enjoy
additional lifestyle upgrades while you’re at home or far
for instance take advantage of dining discounts and thousands of restaurants
entertainment discounts at movie theaters concerts sporting events and
more plus we have an online mall with thousands of the most popular stores
including Target Walmart Best Buy Home Depot and lots more and a portion of
virtually every purchase you make through your DreamTrips mall is credited
to your account to use toward future travel and at DreamTrips Gold in
addition to your DreamTrips points for every dollar you spend on your
membership we’ll also award you DreamTrips rewards credits that you can
redeem for savings on hotels resorts cruises and even merchandise DreamTrips
Gold also provides additional travel benefits when we booked travel today
most people use web sites like Expedia Travelocity Priceline etc our booking
engine works much the same way you could look any flight hotel rental car or
cruise but we have a huge advantage because of our exclusive rate shrinker
technology which works like this when you book an airline ticket or hotel if
the fare changes after you’ve booked it great shrinker automatically read books
you at the lower rate and refund you the difference super cool in addition to
that get access to net rates when available
essentially prices without any travel agent or website Commission’s added
DreamTrips gold has a one-time initial membership fee of $280 that you never
spend again and is only $57 per month now for the truly discerning traveler
DreamTrips platinum was designed just for you all the benefits of gold plus a
whole lot more think same DreamTrips with exclusive upgraded experiences as
well as additional exclusive DreamTrips that are only available to Platinum
members begin by gaining presale access on many DreamTrips on some trips we
include upgraded airport transfers or special options to upgrade your room at
only 50% of the cost enjoy platinum perks like additional
complimentary excursions greens fees spa discounts resort credits and more and we
provide peace of mind to our members through value-added services with
complimentary roadside assistance you’ll travel safely in and out of town our
telemedicine service offers medical advice and even prescriptions if needed
virtually anywhere and anytime and our emergency medical evacuation services
provide transportation from virtually anywhere in the world
all ensuring peace of mind at home and on vacation and remember those
DreamTrips rewards credits as a Platinum Member in addition to savings on hotels
resorts cruises and merchandise you’ll also be able to apply them for discounts
on wine cheers to that choose DreamTrips platinum for a
one-time initial membership fee of $480 that you never spend again and is only
$100 per month since you’ll be earning more points as a Platinum Member you’ll
also be able to apply 50% more DreamTrips points per reward dream trip
choose whichever membership is right for you
DreamTrips standard gold or platinum and receive an equal amount of DreamTrips
points to use right away then on your anniversary date you’ll receive even
more DreamTrips points equivalent to every dollar you spent on monthly dues
and just like your friend invited you when you share your experience you’ll
reap the Awards every time that you refer a
friend who joins you’ll earn additional DreamTrips points finally if you refer a
total of four active membership customers over any period of time we’ll
waive your dues completely as our way of saying thanks as long as they remain
active when you become a new member we’re committed to helping you vacation
sooner to help you jump right in if you book your first trip within 90 days of
joining will let you apply extra DreamTrips points toward your purchase
we want to help you get on a dream trip right away so you can create your own
memories with your new you should be here sign we even have dream breaks
little two or three night weekend stays at great prices for when you just want a
short drive or a quick flight to a popular destination starting at just a
few hundred dollars we think DreamTrips will absolutely change the way you
travel but if you can’t find the dates that work for you we’ve still got you
covered anytime escapes our five-day four-night
or four-day three-night trips to a fantastic property at a ridiculously low
price and while they don’t have the usual amenities of a dream trip like the
name suggests these flexible start dates are virtually any time one aspect of our
program that members are most proud of is our heart we have a culture centered
in contribution and as such in partnership with the WorldVentures
foundation we participate in more than 50 humanitarian trips a year were
dedicated to impacting the lives of children around the world to date
WorldVentures foundation has built over 100 schools in Central America in the
u.s. we provided safe recreation through our dreamcourt basketball courts and a
national program with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America with the potential to
impact over 2.5 million children annually we participate in trips all
over the war allow you to participate hands-on in
just these kinds of projects as many of our members will tell you you go on
these trips to make an impact but it’s typically you that receives the biggest
gift and you don’t have to take a voluntour trip to make an impact when
you join today you’ll be helping children in need a portion of everyone’s
membership payment goes to fund 100% of the foundation’s operating costs so
that’s the club amazing experiences guarantee that deeply discounted price
protected rates and a way to fund to those experiences whether it’s our
DreamTrips standard gold or platinum you choose pick the one that best meets your
vacation dreams most importantly experience the difference between a
standard vacation and a dream trip for yourself hundreds of thousands of people
around the world have already joined and we want you with us you should be here
now I’m going to talk about a completely optional portion if this isn’t for you
have no worries join the club get your blue you should be here sign and start
experiencing more but what your friend has decided to do is help us share this
concept with the world why well we solved one problem in creating the club
but additionally we saw a way to help people have more do more and help more
with WorldVentures the world is changing rapidly and no one is immune to its
effects so we started asking our families and friends and important
questions if you continue doing what you’re doing today what will life look
like five years from now very few had a plan but our founder had a vision people
naturally share their vacation experiences and invite those they care
about to come with them so what if people could improve their life without
having to quit their jobs what if we could financially reward
people for doing something they’re going to do anyway
well we did it for a one-time initial fee of a hundred and twenty dollars that
you never spend again and only twenty dollars a month you can become a
representative of WorldVentures and have the exclusive rights to market this club
as well as a rep you can earn both individual and team sales bonuses based
the sales volume of your customers initial fees and their monthly dues
first off any time you personally make a sale you’ll earn a direct Commission
based on the product purchase so your first step is to make one sale this puts
you on a path to earning too exciting bonuses the first is the personal sales
bonus anytime you sign up three customers in the same 28 day period
you’ll earn 50 to 100 dollars with DreamTrips gold and platinum customers
generating higher commissions and if you’re the type of person who doesn’t
just want a vacation you need a vacation we have our wings bonus which works
alongside the personal sales bonus a little added effort with a huge reward
when you enroll one more customer for a total of four in 28 days will award you
200 to 400 Rovia bucks to use toward your next trip with DreamTrips Gold and
Platinum customers once again generating higher Commission’s that’s equal to two
to four hundred dollars to use on vacations and flights or hotels and this
is in addition to the $100 personal sales bonus the best part is you can
earn the personal sales bonus as many times as you want and the wings bonus
once a month imagine the places you could go the next
step is to qualify for our Wings and Wheels lifestyle bonus when you and your
team generates 1,600 in customer sales volume you’ll qualify for tier one which
pays you $200 understand you don’t have to personally make membership sales to
all these customers just at least four this is a team bonus so it’s paid on
sales to your personal customers as well as any customer sales made throughout
your network in a calendar month when your team sales volume increases and you
make a 5th sale you can unlock tier 2 which pays $500 and
as your network grows you can earn as much as $1,000 each month you maintain
the requirements Plus during the first two months after enrollment we double
tiers two and three of the Wings and Wheels lifestyle bonus and last but not
least you can qualify to earn a percentage of the product dues paid by
every member who joins through your sales network and since this is a global
concept this has the potential to stretch around the world and create
substantial income these are just some of the ways you can earn as a
WorldVentures rep this is a movie going all over the world together United power at night and we’re here with some
friends honestly we’re here because of what kind of just living check the check I
could never imagine being out here in Monte Carlo I used to manage hotels I
could never stay in them because I couldn’t afford it today life’s
different I can’t thank the founders enough for
creating such a beautiful opportunity and changing lives
you have to give up some time putting some artwork give it you all the time
when I saw it I was broke so WorldVentures three years later if I never thought that something like
this I’ll be available to someone like me you know it’s true general again like this I didn’t know if it’d work but
I said I’m all in it you got to do what others want and when you do what others
won’t you can have one other scamp I don’t just want to take one vacation
to Italy together I want to take up a lifetime vacations with you together alright are you tired of watching us on
vacation look there’s room for more just do the thing come with us so that’s how
it works the world’s coolest Travel Club and a way to earn extra income help
children and experience more in life thanks for listening I hope to see you
in your very own you should be here picture soon you you

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