Dream Trips Travel Club 2018 AUSTRALIA

This is the world we live in here on the
go meets off the beaten path and every new destination opens a world of
possibilities welcome to the place where good eats meet great attractions and
local favorites enhance legendary performances from sunup to sundown from
non stop to next stop you can have the time of your life here
even in the places where time stands still he’s to all those who dare to discover
the exhilarating inspiring and the carefree together you should be here have you seen this little blue sign from
majestic mountain ranges to coastal villages this signs been everywhere in
the world where unforgettable experiences are to be had it’s been seen
with performers athletes entrepreneurs and celebrities so what’s the story
behind the little blue sign more than a decade ago
weighing Nugent’s passion for seeing the world set the stage for his
self-discovery Wayne sought travel as a necessary enhancement to life a bridge
to awareness and as a shared experience he knew it could be truly
transformational Wayne had a vision of a Holiday Club that would allow people to
travel the world together have unforgettable experiences and create
lifelong friendships all at an unprecedented value and so in 2005 the
DreamTrips Holiday Club was born today there are more than 300,000 DreamTrips
members in more than 30 markets around the world while our backgrounds and
stories are unique on every dream trip we come together to live life to the
fullest free to soak up every minute a joyful community of dreamers and life
enthusiasts amplified by our journey together a dream trip is more than a holiday it’s
a simple but groundbreaking approach to travel with four components in
destination support our fully trained in destination support specialists will
help you get settled and answer any questions you may have about your dream
trip welcome experience from elaborate
get-togethers to cocktail hours each welcome experience is designed to show
our overwhelming appreciation to our members while helping them relax have
fun and meet their fellow dream troopers curator Travel each dream trip is a
carefully curated experience created by a team of experts to ensure every last
detail from excursions to hotel stays meet our expectations and exceeds yours
travel community welcome to one of the world’s most inclusive global travel
communities shared experiences are the platform for what makes each dream trip
unlike any holiday you’ve ever taken today DreamTrips is recognized by the
World Travel Awards and thousands of members around the world as the standard
for high-quality customized travel experiences our holiday Club has two tiers of
membership DreamTrips gold and DreamTrips platinum each is unique with
its own benefits and perks one-time initial fee and monthly fee and each is
designed to fit your lifestyle Gold members receive access to DreamTrips the
DreamTrips rewards program dining and entertainment discounts and more
platinum members receive all the benefits of the gold membership in
addition to pre-sale access to DreamTrips and perks such as additional
complimentary excursions spa discounts Resort credits and more so whether you
simply want to see the world at the greatest value or you’re looking for the
ultimate VIP experience there’s a DreamTrips membership created just for
you being a dream Crips member has its
privileges and taking a dream trip is just the beginning there’s so much more
to our membership including the ability to participate in our customer loyalty
program where you can earn points towards your next dream trip with a
DreamTrips local experience via the revolutionary DreamTrips app members
only offerings designed to enhance your lifestyle opportunities to give back and
improve the quality of life of children and families around the world and much
much more DreamTrips members have exclusive access
to the DreamTrips local program DreamTrips local allows members to use
their membership at home or abroad with thousands of preferred merchants that
participate in the program you can enjoy the finest food excursions concerts and
get a VIP DreamTrips members on the experience at select locations around
the globe this is something you won’t find
anywhere else this is the DreamTrips difference what
if belonging was the beginning of every journey what if your story could inspire
others to live a life well-lived today who you are and what you experience are
the ultimate currency today you can be part of something that spans countries
and generations a holiday Club that thrives on acceptance and rebels in the
freedom to experience the world together today you can become a DreamTrips member
we look forward to meeting you now I’m going to spend a minute talking
about an optional portion of what we do if this part isn’t for you no worries
you can still join our community get your blue you should be here sign then
start experiencing more in life our founder Wayne Nugent had the vision to
offer people the opportunity to get rewarded financially for sharing their
experiences and selling the membership like the person that showed you this
video you too can have the opportunity to help us share this concept with
others you can become an independent representative of WorldVentures and have
the rights to market this club for a one-time initial payment and a recurring
monthly fee as a rep you can earn both individual and team sales bonuses based
on the sales volume of your customers initial fees and their monthly dues
anytime you personally make a sale you’ll earn a direct Commission based on
a product purchase so your first step is to make one sale this puts you on the
path to earning exciting bonuses the first is for the type of person who
doesn’t just want a holiday but needs a holiday that’s where our wins bonus
comes in a little added effort with a huge reward
when you enroll three more customers for a total of four in four weeks will award
you up to 400 Rovia bucks to use towards your next trip which could save you $400
us on holidays flights or hotels we mention the places you could go the next
step is to qualify for our Wings and Wheels lifestyle bonus when you and your
team generate 1,600 in customer sales volume you’ll qualify for tier one which
pays you $200 us understand you don’t have to personally make membership sales
to all these customers just at least four this is a team bonus so it’s paid
on sales to your personal customers as well as any customer sales made
throughout your network in a calendar month the next bonus on your path is the
personal sales bonus any time you sign up six customers in the same four-week
period you’ll earn up to two hundred and fifty dollars u.s. as your team sales
volume increases you can unlock two additional tiers of the Wings and Wheels
lifestyle bonus that pay $500 or $1,000 us
during the first eight weeks after your enrollment we double the payout of Tears
two and three and who had more customers to your network you’ll have the ability
to move up through the ranks in the WorldVentures compensation plan and earn
more significant income you’ll have access to additional bonuses incentive
based reward trips to exotic locations and more for full details visit
WorldVentures bears to review your country’s detailed compensation plan
like any business success in this industry requires hard work and
dedication WorldVentures independent representatives benefit from the
personal development we offer and our world-class training events reps have
the opportunity to learn from our top leaders receive updates from our company
executives and be recognized on stage for their accomplishments one of the
perks of being an entrepreneur is that you have the option to work this
business full-time part-time or in your spare time you’ll get out what you put
into this business every representative who joined WorldVentures had a goal
whether it was time freedom financial freedom or personal development with the
opportunity to earn some extra income think about where these new
opportunities can lead and decide what is right for you
so that’s how it works in the world’s greatest travel and lifestyle community
we are a global community currently operating in more than 30 markets around
the world our reps and members come from all walks of life each with their own
personal goals and aspirations so whether you’d like to join our
membership club or help share this concept with others you should be here
thanks for watching we hope to see you holding your own you should be here sign
soon you

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