Dr. Schmitt on Fox News Speaking Out On Dental Tourism in “Molar City” Mexico

New at seven, Molar City. Yeah. Odds are you’ve never heard of
it. Right? But it’s a tiny little town, Los Algodones in Mexico. Quickly becoming one of the dental capitals of the world. We’re talking about thousands of
people every year crossing the border and getting some serious dental work
done at a fraction of the cost. We’re talking about things that
could run you thousands of dollars here in the states going for just a couple of hundred down there. But the question is, is it worth the risk? Let’s talk with Scott Schmitt. He’s a Prosthodontist here in
Central Florida. Good to see you Scott. Nice to have
you here. (Dr. Schmitt: Thanks Bob) In this
country, we don’t just let anybody work on anybody else. You’ve got to get educated first. I’m assuming you’ve been
well-educated. You had to get a license, you had to get all of the proper
credentials before you… before you started
becoming a prosthodontist. But that’s not necessarily the case
down in the Los Algodones. Well it’s certainly true that in my practice I did go through
specialty level training. (Bob: Of course.) And for the
treatments that are being carried out in these countries, I think it’s important to
understand that these are potentially very high risk treatments. And we need to make sure that the dentist who are carrying them
out are yes, qualified [and] have proper
credentials. I know on the Internet today, [it] can be very hard to discern
marketing versus true qualifications. So you know there are some people
who go down there and say they’re perfectly happy with what they had done. But how do you know what’s the good one and what’s the
bad one because there’s basically one on… There’s just row after row of people offering dental care down
there. Correct. Correct. I believe that it is certainly very hard to decide where and when you should get a
treatment like that. The thing that I’d like to emphasize
is that treatment like this is, again, it is costly but it also comes with very high risks. Whenever you are considering a permanent and irreversible alteration to your body through surgery or high speed instruments, you need to be very careful about who you have do that treatment
because the consequences or the risks (Bob: Could be dire)
may be much greater than you originally
expected. You’ve had people from foreign
countries who’ve had work done come to you to get help and get get it fixed right. Correct. So as a prosthodontist I’m
trying to help the probably the most difficult and the most challenging
of dental problems. So in my practice, especially over the past couple of
years, we’ve seen an increase in, really, the victims of dental tourism. Can I ask you this? What would be
the worst thing that could happen? I mean… Some some people
were bleeding too much because they had like thinning blood. I’ve heard of that but what’s really
the worst that could be done? Death? Sure, I suppose death would be the
worst case scenario. But let me draw another analogy and that is you know… I think all of us would be attracted
to maybe buy a discounted pair of shoes. Sure. We say that’s that’s a risk that I would take. Now if they told you that if the shoes didn’t work out, you might lose your foot. Right. Then you might think about it a
little differently. Right. And what the dental patient needs to
understand is that it’s actually not your tooth
that’s the most important issue in your
mouth. It’s actually your jaw bone and the gum that surrounds it. Absolutely. Especially when dental implants get involved in these complex treatments. When a dental implant fails, it can take a significant amount of
the jaw bone with it. I gotcha. Okay. If you have multiple dental implants
placed, then you could lose a very
significant part of your jaw bone… and you… after that. (Bob: Right.) You know we may not be
able to rebuild that. (Bob: OK.) You truly become
almost like a dental cripple where, you may not be able to be restored without, you know, significant
impact on your quality of life. Scott, we are out of time but if
people have more questions for you, how can they get in touch with you?. I have a private practice in
Altamonte Springs where I’m very happy to (Bob: Got a
website?) treat people in most need. So it’s SchmittProsthodontics.com. Scott, good to see you as always. Thanks for coming in early. We appreciate it. Thank you Bob.

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