hello everyone we have just arrived at
Bangkok Don Mueang International Airport and I’m going to show you the detailed
immigration procedure and how to obtain the visa on arrival and also the a visa
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section and we’re proceeding towards the immigration counters it’s a long work
from the rival gates and open people tend to run from here because there’s a
huge queue at the visa-on-arrival counter Thailand offers visa on arrival
to citizens of 19 nationalities which includes India and China this number
tends to vary open because the visa policies change and currently there is
an exemption on the visa on arrival fee which is 2000 bhat it’s exempted till
31st October there’s also the facility of visa on arrival for which you have to
pay a service fee of 600 bhat and you can skip the waiting and the queue at
the airport just like these lazy people for the EVOA you have to apply online and
the links are given in the description with all the details well after a
successful application this is what you will get on your mail the email address
that we have given in the on-line visa application form this mail will be sent
to you if you are approved of course and there will be a QR code you can see the
QR code and your particulars will also be given your application number
approval number new details like your name passport number etcetera the
airport you’re arriving and the approval code so this is very important maybe
during the first mail you will not see that you are code it happened with all
four of us we applied from separate places but happen with all four of us
the same thing happened we don’t get alarmed just go back to the website
evie the thailand website and login with your credentials and click recent
approval mail so again the mail will be sent to you and this time it will be ok
you can see the QR code it happened with all four of us and we did the same thing
and next time it came up here so don’t get panicked just go to the original
site and click resend so once you’ve got the mail you need to print out a
hard copy of this email and take it along with you and below this mail you
will find the tm88 form which you also need to download and print this is how
it looks like for those who have applied for a visa
there will be an approval code at the top right corner the barcode will be
there you can see out here and they’ll be space for a photograph
you have to paste your photograph and all your particulars will also be
already filled up in the form so you don’t have to fill up anything so you
just need to take this form a printout copy of this form paste your photograph
and take it to the immigration counter along with your passport and other
documents an important thing about the photograph is that you should check the
website for the photograph details because it’s not like the regular Indian
passport size photograph it’s different to size is quite different and face
proportion and the percentage of page that should be in the picture is also
specifically mentioned out there which photograph will work which point you can
see that in the Evisa website so you should check that before getting a
photo captured so along with this you need your
passport which should have one empty page and at least six months validity on
that date and you also need to take 10,000 bhat or equivalent in foreign
currency like US dollars, per person and twenty thousand bhat for family
they might ask you to show it they might not usually they don’t ask but if you
don’t have that thing on you then you will not be given entry so you should be
careful of that you need to show in cash because they don’t accept plastic money
you also need to carry a copy of your return tickets and to be safe you can
carry your hotel reservations as well so that will be it
these are the most important documents you need for the invisi or for your visa
on arrival they’ll not check that much but still to be safe you need to carry
at least this thing well so here we are at the evo a counters and you can see
the queue is very small five or six people are standing with 200 in the
normal visa on arrival so guys we have cleared immigration and
we are going to the luggage Bay to retrieve our luggage we were not allowed
to film at the immigration counters so I am going to tell you the process now for
those who already have a visa they can proceed directly to the immigration
counters and they’ll check your visa and all the documents and if everything is
in order we’ll be cleared for entry but those who
are going for normal visa on arrival they have to go to the visa on arrival
counters and stand in the very long queue it will take around 2, 2 and 1/2
hours to get visa on arrival at Don Mueang Airport and after that they will
have to again stand in a queue at the immigration counters and from there they
will get a entry and for those who have pre-approved Evoa it have to stand on the
dedicated Evoa counters and now there the passports will be stamped with a
visa on arrival stamp and you’ll be granted entry if everything is alright
of course now the important point I should mention is that you will be given
an arrival departure card wile you are in the aircraft before entering Thailand
and you have to fill that up and you have to present the same during immigration at the
immigration counter and they’ll keep the arrival part and give you back the
departure part which looks like this and you have to keep this departure part
with you safely till you leave Thailand because when you pass through
immigration before leaving Thailand you have to submit that card and they’ll
take it back you have to keep that very safe so guys is those are the things that you
should know for immigration to Thailand At Don mueang Interational Airport in Bangkok
or for that matter any other airport in Bangkok or in Thailand and we’ve
completed our immigration process you are now inside Thailand you can see we move
it into the arrival hall and Don mueang is one of the older airports in
Bangkok but it’s still very well maintained you can see everything’s
quite neat and clean out here it may get a bit confusing because the arrival hall
and the departure hall both of them are very long and you might get confused but
there are proper signage and you should follow them and you walk your way out to
that there are ATMs and money exchange counters both arrival and departure
halls but I don’t know about the rest because I didn’t exchange from here and
there are also proper signage for flights leaving and arriving and there
is also a hotel inside therefore you can see the Amari Hotel is quite well known
most people who are able to Bangkok town were in the airport and you can stay in
the hotel if you have the transit flight to catch but it’s a bit expensive
compared to the other options you get outside and especially if you’re on a
budget which we wear and we chose to stay outside
there are many hotels right across the street I mean you will find cheaper and
better options there well I frankly don’t know what this is
but I found it interesting it looks somewhat like a temple another important
thing for travelers would be to get a local SIM card which you may get from
the various booths out here you can also get one online from cloak and there are
pickup counters at both Don Muang Airport and Supernanny Airport and also
one at Siam Center in downtown Bangkok the cost of the symbol range somewhere
between 100 and 200 baht and also if you want to take some supplies like drinking
water or some instant food you can get it from the 7/11 shop out here so now it’s time for us to exit the
terminal building well we are now outside the terminal building and at the
bus stop you can get buses from here to downtown Bangkok there are free shuttle
buses from donman International Airport to Subaru boom International Airport and
you can avail the services with your boarding pass you can also take a taxi
from here to anywhere in Bangkok but one problem is there the drivers tend to
overcharge the tourists and if you are familiar with travelling in uber or app
cap services then there is an app cap service for Krabbe in Thailand uber
doesn’t work here so you can download the grab app the link is in the
description and you can use the sufficiency spread foot so you are now
outside the airport and will be crossing this walkway a hotel is on the other
side and there are many others out there so guys that was the arrival visa and
immigration procedure at tournament you can ask an airport in Bangkok I hope you
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for you so till then have a nice time and a happy life


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