Dolphin Encounters PSA

music plays” NOAA Fisheries has developed responsible dolphin
viewing guidelines. Some of the best ways to incorporate them are to slowly approach
the animals and keep a 50-yard distance. And also just to keep an eye out for any type
of disturbance behaviors when you are viewing these animals in the wild. So things like
chuffing where they exhale very loudly or tail slaps or when they purposely try to leave
the area and leave your boat. They’re definitely, clearly disturbed and what to be left alone.
Disturbance can occur from a variety of platforms and it’s really important never to corral
or herd animals. A lot of times, if an animal is trapped, they have no escape route. That’s
really important to keep in mind. Again, anything that disturbs an animal’s natural behavior is Level B harassment of the Marine Mammal Protection Act. So I think one of the most important messages
is that when you do responsibly view these animals that you can really appreciate them
engaging in their natural behaviors. They are not wary of your boat, they’re not trying
to evade that area. And you know, that’s the most special thing to see dolphins engaging
in foraging or socializing or a mother-calf pair swimming along. So by responsibly viewing
them, I think you can really appreciate them in their natural environment. “music plays”

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