Does a partner visa allow multiple entry travel?

Does a partner visa allow multiple entry travel? Okay, we’ve got a question here from Matt. Hi Jeff, once my partner arrives in Australia
on her temporary and permanent visa stage, can she
still enter in and out of Australia during these stages? Are there conditions that will affect the
visa criteria? Okay, I will assume we’re talking about offshore
partner visas here. Those visas, partner visas
applied for and granted offshore and not talking about onshore partner visas. If this happens to be
an onshore partner visa that we are talking about, once it’s granted, there’s no restriction
as it is multiple entry. However before that, when the applicant is
on a bridging visa, while the visa is being processed, that will be a Bridging Visa A
which doesn’t allow for any travel at all. If that is the case,
then needs to apply for Bridging Visa B which allows limited travel for a specific time
period and make sure that you do that because otherwise
you will end up getting stuck overseas. Okay, let’s
assume we are talking here about offshore partner visa, they’re multiple entry visas,
she come and go as she pleases. Now just note once that becomes a permanent
partner visa, the permanent partner visa which applies for onshore visas as well I should
say here, it will be granted with what’s called a five year
Resident Return Visa. Permanent partner visa is a permanent visa,
however, in order to make sure that people are actually utilizing their permanent
visas, once they have that permanent visa, and if
they have not yet applied for citizenship which you should, once you get Australian
citizenship, you should definitely do that and you won’t have
any of these issues. But until that happens on a
permanent partner visa you will have a 5-year resident return visa which allows you to come
and go freely for five years. After that, you must apply for another one
otherwise you could end up being stuck overseas. Very important that you realize that, and
you are aware of that. Okay, thank you.

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