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Hi friends, how are you ? Today we will discuss about which Visa is needed for travelling to Europe and what documents are needed to apply for that visa Europe tourist visa (1 Visa 26 countries) European tourist visa is also called as Schengen Visa with that single visa, you can travel to 26 European destinations There are extremely beautiful countries in those 26 countries Like France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Sweden There are many beautiful countries as such. What documents do I need to submit for Visa? So friends, if need to apply for European Tourist Visa, You need 6 sets of documents We will see what are those documents. Passport Proof of Income Proof of maintenance funds means that you need to prove that you have enough money to spend while travelling Proof of accommodation Where will you stay once you reach Europe either hotel booking or stay in friends/ relatives place documentation related to the same Travel Insurance This is a must of Schengen Visa Passport Photos These are the basic set of documents If you submit the documents in the above mentioned sections You can get visa from any of the 195 countries in this world There is no doubt about it. As we are taking European Schengen Visa as example we will look into documentation related to it. Passport The primary document we need is Passport We need to check the validity of the passport Your passport should be valid for 3 months by the time you return back to india. If you apply 2 months before, it need to be valid for 5 months. Should be valid for 3 months at the end of the tour Proof of Income If you are employed, payslips for the last 3 months IT Returns for the last 2 years Also get a letter from employer that your holiday is approved for travelling to Europe on holiday. If you are self employed Submit bills/ receipts from clients for the jobs that are done. IT Returns for the last 2 financial years Notarised affidavit of properties held in India Proof of maintenace funds If you wish to travel to Europe for 2 weeks Show €50/ day per person If couple show €100 euros per day €1400 for 14 days Along with it Money to buy return flight tickets to Europe So a total of INR 3,00,000 Covering flight tickets and local travel costs food and entrance tickets cost should show proof of funds for the aforementioned expenses That is proof of maintenance funds show INR 3,00,000 for atleast 3 months in your bank statements Another important thing is dont do funds parking by temporarily depositing huge amounts of funds. This is wrong and it will affect the outcome of your visa and your visa will be rejected dont do mistakes like these Proof of accommodation Hotel booking need to be submitted as part of documents One tip is to use to get a no deposit required and free cancellation booking you have the option to either use the same booking or change the booking after obtaining visa if you are residing in your relative or friends place, get a letter from them that they are happy to accommodate you. Get any household bills from them (e.g current or phone bill) If they are happy to provide maintenance funds, get their bank statements showing the necessary amount of funds e.g food and local travel expenses get letter from host that they will cover all your expenses along with their bank statements. get accommodation documents and bank statements from your hosts You still need to show your bank statements as a proof that you have a job in India If you are student, get proof of income and maintenance funds documents from your father if he sponsors you Travel Insurance it is a must for Schengen Visa Good to have assurance of unforeseen circumstances Covers medical costs incase of accident while on travel Covers loss of luggage costs aswell so travel insurance is a must friends Passport Photos please follow the specifications as displayed These are the 6 sets of documents in detail Is flight booking needed for applying visa ? many people have a doubt on whether to have a valid flight booking before applying for visa. The answer is No.. If you don’t get visa, you would not get any refund if you cancel the booked flight ticket. So no to book flights before visa Get flight reservation instead which is free of cost and can be held for 7 days You wont lose any money if you do this Provide detailed travel itinerary for your days of travel in europe What other documents needed ? if you are Indians applying from outside India, provide residence permit of the country you are residing. if your partner is travelling with you, provide marriage certificate aswell. If you submit marriage certificate, you both will get visa. where to apply and how much is fees ? The fees for Schengen Visa is €60 (4800 INR) approximately. Apply from VFS global service in Hyderabad for the respective Schengen country you wish to travel. They will return your documents either in post or you can collect in person. If you like this video, please share it with your friends who love travelling. 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