Documentary on Sharan ٖForest Expedition, Beautiful Naran Kaghan Valley Pakistan Tourism Part 1 HD

This is the story of ever first most
adventurous journey in Sharan forest a land full of natural beauty in the north
of Pakistan team covered very hard situations in the whole journey and
experiences different kinds of odds whether in day and night trekking. Fantastic
journey started on the jeep towards Sharan forest we hardly covered only five kilometer to
the clear part. after that height of the snow did not allowed the Jeep to go weather turned a dramatic move and hide
everything in the cloud snow started at this point and it was dark
weather here on this spot from where we have to start the trek trek started with high ambitions on the
top of the hills mysterious weather had high impact on
the souls of every member and everyone was excited in beauty of a high level
of entertainment untouched wilderness of winter and
spectacular winter sceneries. V shape valley of Kaghan was giving the
reflection of the heaven the way was surprising attractive. hello guys, hello everyone. this is a top of mountain. you can see a beautiful weather you can
also see a village Paras behind me the name of the village is Paras we crossed
this village by a jeep and now we are tracking but now look at the beautiful
weather everything is catching our heart you can
enjoy the beauty of this weather charming view caches the hearts. our journey started towards the heart of
forest. there was no fear when you feel nature in your souls. Valley was singing poetry with heavy snow showers on all the way towards Sharan forest extreme snowfall which started at 3 p.m.
it was real enjoyment in the wilderness snow is the fruit of the winter in the
forest all species migrated before freezing temperature tree had covered with
fresh white snowflakes every moment was precious for us to
enjoy the pleasure Sharan forest returned into the wonderland
for the first comers in the winter every part of the deep forest was the
new window to look outstanding views there is no comparison of amazing
morning view of the forest snowladen trees stand in quiet, pristine beauty
with both fortitude and dignity branches of the snow covered trees enduring cold temperatures see what happens is here in this season this is Sharan forest. high pine trees
are here from the centuries heavy snowflakes were spreading the charming
view in the wild forest snow started in early morning at 4 a.m. which covered covered all the way up to eight feet and we started to turn the journey to move back team
experienced different hard situations in the heart of forest to reach the destination snowflakes were touching and singing the winter
poetry. Umair was getting the peace in the shower of snowfall a place where
nature dominates the urban thinking and it provides freshness to the brains crossing the snowy forest just like to cross white desert finally we reached at
the start of mysterious spot By the grace of Almighty Allah I had seen these visualitiies and today I am very excited and very happy because
as much as I saw and the we saw in 2 days that was so attractive and amusing and by the grace of Allah coming 2 days will be remember able of our life. In the name of Allah I am very
thankful to Almighty Allah that we are here for trekking this is extreme
weather and we’re trekking and this is my first trekking experience this is my
first officially tour we are enjoying a lot in this extreme weather
I want to deliver a message that everyone should participate this kind of
tours that you can learn a lot I have learned a lot and others can also get
your more learning benefits Assalam O Alaikum I am also from gift
University this is my third trek first was Mirinjani second was Musa ka Musalla and 3rd this one is awesome adventure I never seen this
kind of weather I saw in pictures and movies but seeing that in real life is
more enjoyable and everywhere is beauty last day our venture was more difficult
we reached at 7 in the camp and now today we are going back and trek is
difficult snow started from last day and still continue. My message for those who aresitting in cities that brothers come and see the nature, education and job is not everything in the life. Assalam O Alaikum, how are you everyone. I come first time and this is my first experience. i never saw saw these kinds of beauties I say that
everyone should come here especially gift the university to come and see this
beauty they has a chance and they should join in future join gift mountaineering
society join us and enjoy the weather. This is beautiful weather and we
will achieve our goal Insha Allah. It is difficult to survive in extreme weather.
There is no chance but we should be ready for everything and I join this society to
learn these activities snow is continue and I try to clear it. There is no way
to impossible but possible. We will reach to our destination Insha
Allah and we will make the history. My name is Faisal. I have done many
treks but this is my 2nd trek with Hafiz imtiaz sb. I also have done many treks in life
but this one is very amazing. As you can see a wild weather here.
We are here in Sharan forest. Mostly people come in a beautiful weather
in summer but we choosed a different weather. And the 2nd most important this is
that trekkers never came in winter in this area. This is 1st time in history that trekkers have
moved in this area and especially in this forest. You can see here extreme weather.
Snow session is continue from last 2 days with very short break and
we are enjoying by heart. I placed I placed different pictures of that
weather on my desktop of different countries e.g. Norway,
Sweden and Russia but now I am seeing that kind of weather here
and this is Norway of Pakistan. Thank you very much Assalam o Alaikum we are on Sharan
road which leads to Chamber peak and we got services of Zar Khan. No person came here before
this group. This is first time.

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