Do you have to meet in person to get an Australian visa?

Do you have to meet in person to get an Australian
Visa? Okay, we’ve got a question today, this is
from Michael. Hi Jeff, saw the video on marrying your
girlfriend while on a visitor’s visa. Does that apply also if my de facto comes
on a tourist visa? At this
stage she wishes to return to Philippines and visit occasionally until her daughter
gets into high school. Appreciate your advice. Now I didn’t quite understand what Michael
meant there, so I asked him to clarify. Here’s the
clarification. I didn’t explain to well, did I? No, not that well. Been supporting fiance since 2014. She wants to visit on a tourist visa. Can we marry in Australia
(we have no impediments)? My wife will return to Philippines and apply
to visit each year. I cannot
travel to Philippines. My wife wishes to remain in Philippines until
daughter completes education. When can we apply for partner migration and
permanent residency? Thanks Jeff. Yeah, no problems. Okay, one of the things about Down Under Visa
is we are honest almost to the point of being blunt. Unfortunately you have a difficult situation
here, you haven’t met in person. Now for a partner visa you must meet in-person,
that’s written in law. But what is written in practice
and what’s written in policy basically is that when they are assessing any tourist visa,
they want to believe that there was a genuine relationship,
one of the things they look at is have you met in
person before. Now we’ve had cases of couples who’ve been
able to show communication going back 3, 4, 5 years
but because of the fact that they haven’t met in person, they will not grant them a
visa. You said you
cannot visit, but if you can send me an email about that, go to our website, and use the contact page there or use the visa assessment form
if you have reasons for that. But basically you have to meet in person otherwise
you haven’t got any hope there. So if you can meet in person, I’m sure we’ll
do okay and we can also discuss issues about visiting each year. Because if you do get a partner visa, it’s
something that you have to actually utilize, you have to show that you’re using
it, you can’t visit every year for year after year after year
and still expect to hold onto the partner visa. She has to show some commitment to the relationship
and you are living in Australia. But again most important issue there, the
biggest issue there is you haven’t met in person and if you
haven’t met in person, honestly you would be wasting your time and your time if you
try to get a tourist visa. Okay, thank you for that. Thank you. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you enjoyed it and you would like to subscribe,
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