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Hey everyone! I am back with a new video and this is going to be a DIY or do-it-yourself traveller’s notebook. Let’s get started! All the materials and tools are listed in the description box below. First measure 22 x 15 cm on your material choice. For this project, I am using vinyl that I got from the thrift store. You can use materials such as actual or faux leather which a lot of Midori inspired notebooks are made of. After cutting the material, it’s time to add some double-sided adhesive to the wrong side of the material. This step is optional. You can use other forms of adhesive, but for me this was already available. Then add glue onto the entire surface. You can spread the glue using a brush or your fingertips, but I don’t find it necessary to do so. Carefully lay the material on top of the felt to stick them together. Smooth out any creases or lumps from the glue. Carefully cut the excess felt using scissors. Do this slowly to create a nice smooth cut. We’re almost done with the notebook cover The next step is to draw curves on the corners of the cover. This is once again optional, however the authentic Midori Traveller’s Notebook has round corners, which makes it look a little bit more professional. To make this step easier, you can use any small round object as a guide, such as a bottle cap or a coin. Carefully cut all corners. Flip the cover so the felt is facing you and draw a line in the middle, which is 11cm from the left and right edge. Then measure 1cm from both the top and bottom edge. This should serve as a guide for the holes, which are 0.5cm on both sides of that dot we created earlier. Mark the centre of the cover as well, which is 7.5cm from the top and bottom edge. Use an awl or anything sharp to poke holes through the cover. Take the elastic cord, which I got from eBay, and roughly measure the spine of the cover twice. Cut two pieces. With one cord, insert it through the centre hole. This will act as the closure for the notebook cover. Tie a knot on the inside to secure it in place. Using the second cord, insert it through the four holes we made earlier. Start from the top left hole, then through the top right, moving down to the bottom right, then onto the bottom left. Pull the cord so the cover bends slightly and tie a knot. Take a pocket sized notebook and insert these into the elastic cords like so. When adding more notebooks, use the elastic cord to make another elastic band. Insert it inside the notebook, then take a pocket folder or another notebook and insert it though the cord on the spine of the notebook, like so. Insert it under the pink notebook and you’re done! The Midori Traveler’s Notebook is used by a lot of people in the planner community, which inspired this project. I made this out of materials I already had. In the description box is the list of the materials and tools I used, as well as where I got them from. If you decide to make this, you can use it as a planner, a sketchbook, a journal or just for note taking. If you use this video tutorial to make a traveller’s notebook, feel free to share it to me via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up. Subscribe for more videos and check out my social media links in the description box below. Thank you so much for watching and I will see you in my next one!

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  1. There should be a warning for parental supervision my daughter watched this and went through my husbands tool box and did this with out my permission

  2. Great info but girl! You sound like a robot! I know you wouldn't be doing this if you didn't enjoy it so let me hear that in your voice!!! I might try and make one of these for a friend of mine who likes to write poetry

  3. Really perfect demo! Very clear instructions, great walk through, and a really lovely notebook. Thank you very much.

  4. This tutorial was amazing ! You're really underrated for being such a good and helpful artist! I hope to be as good as you when I'm older. Keep doing what you're doing!!!

  5. Is "Felt" the same as Flannel Wool? Because I'm WAY too lazy to drag myself to the arts shop, and all I have at home is Flannel Wool, would that work the same? Thanks!

  6. I already have everything I need to make one of these, so I'm definitely going to try to make one today, thank you

  7. I made it, I didn't have enough leather in one colour so I pieced three pieces together with copydex and made it like yours after that, except I made some holes on the front to thread elastic through for holding pen pencil and waterbrush, and inside I made a felt pocket for a card with blobs of watercolour paint on. I really like it, thank you for inspiring me with your video

  8. I'm a publish writer and always need paper with me for note taking and this will be a great idea ! Thank you for taking the time to share this great idea!

  9. I love this tutorial! Thank you for making this video. It is easy to follow, very well explained and the result is beautiful.

  10. Why do you use the double sided tape if you are going to cover the surface in glue? This seems redundant, and I am wondering if the glue sticks as well to the smooth surface of the tape as it would to the rough, absorbent "wrong" side of the fabric?

  11. Best video I've seen so far on how to make a TN…I will be making a few for clients, I know they will love your method best..great looking TN!

  12. I appreciate how direct this DIY video is. thank you. So many have the first 10 minutes of talking, rambling, tangents, etc which I find HIGHLY annoying. Yours was very pleasant to watch. I hope to make one soon.

  13. At 8:12 when i looked at the markers i thought they were big paper then when I saw the clock I was like "O.O what a big clock she has"

  14. Thank you for such an informative video – your voice is lovely, very professional, and the instructions were very clear. You've inspired me to try this myself – thank you!

  15. no offence but i cringed so hard around 2:35
    do youjust throw the rest pieces away.. ??
    i have seen many DIYs that are very wasteful and it hurts my mind and stomach..

  16. Thumbs up. This is just what I had in mind for a back pocket notebook. (Too bad I had to wade through six other vids before this one.) I make my own inserts now, so I'll dimension the cover to match. Best Idea = the pocket divider!

  17. thank you for the video. I have a pair of leather pants from the thrift store I knew id find a use for the leather one day, lol

  18. Hello, 🙂 this is exactly the video I had been looking for and so easy to understand. Thank you for sharing. I noticed you had two other sizes. I was wanting to make a A5 size for my daughter who will be off to college soon and was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing the measurements. Thanks, Monica 🙂

  19. perfect tutorial, thank you. I'm not a planner person so the idea for a mixed media type travel journal was new for me and I needed this help.

  20. Awesome vid! These videos always inspire me – Really liking your stuff 🙂 check out my vids if you have a little time, I think we both have similar interests

  21. Hello! My friend linked me to this video, and I'm so very glad that he did. Your video used simple explanations and materials and helped me a lot since other videos show a whole range of materials I probably couldn't afford to buy or find where I live. great work and thank you so much!

  22. next time choose another song, this one is for deep sleep for insomnia, I know it because I listen it when I'm I can't sleep and I fell asleep while watching the video

  23. So simple to follow! Thanks for showing people how to do it step by step (surprising how many other ones fail to do so). Best thing is we can use existing tools to make these rather than buy one from the shop and never use it again.

  24. Think, maybe you could make the corner cutting a little bit easier. Provided your scissors can clip through several layers of leather/vinyl, that is. Fold the cover in half, then in half again, so all four corners are on top of each other, then clip your corner, and it will look the same on all four corners.

  25. Thank you for such a precise video. Just what I was looking for, though, I want to add two more signatures than you have. It is easy to figure that out since your video was so great 🙂

  26. This came out great. I didn’t follow how you attached the pink notebook with the pocket inserts. Can you clarify that, where did you attach the elastic after tying the knot and wrapping in through the notebook?

  27. Thank you for sharing. I really like that it's not a running monologue be for the actual diy. Very easy to follow. I'm going to make one for myself.

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