Disrupting medical tourism industry with wearable technology

Welcome to this video My name is Arashpreet kaur and my topic is disruption of medical tourism industry with wearable technology wearable technology includes devices that can be worn on human body And these are embedded with micro controllers which are able to read bio signals So the basic purpose of wearable technology is to monitor human health continuously However, medical tourism industry refers to something like travelling of people from one country to another country for obtaining medical treatments wearable technology can disrupt medical tourism industry in many ways For example, if people can monitor their health at their homes with the help of wearables They may not need to go for medical tourism Also if people are traveling to a foreign country They can track specific medical destinations with the help of wearables . Apart from this, it can also help hospitals to upgrade their services But here I would like to talk about the process of diagnosis in the medical tourism industry that can be disrupted by wearable technology As you can see in diagram one there are two main actors- a doctor and a patient and the process starts when a patient feels ill he Consults the doctor who then collects data about the health of the patient and tries to go through his clinical history either by reviewing his reports one by one or arranging a direct communication session with the patient and Comes to a decision taking point whether to prescribe the patient or to do a physical exam and the process ends with it But after the introduction of variable technology this process changes to something shown in second diagram Here also The process starts with the same health problem but in parallel to consult the doctor by the patient the wearable Inform the patient of changing vitals in the body and at the same time they gather information about the health and send this data to the doctor directly And this collection of data was earlier the role of the doctors Again for reviewing clinical history a doctor can look into the stored medical history of the patient from a wearable database it saves a lot of time for doctors and Eventually, they have to decide whether to prescribe or to do a physical exam and the process again ends here In this way, medical tourism industry is disrupted by wearable Thank you!!

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