Dii Traveler Handpan Stand

Hey everybody, this is Dave with Dave’s Island instruments: Dii. Hey I just want to show you a new stand product that we’ve got here for handpans. One reason I came up with the design is because we’re looking at handpans in general these days and there’s a lot of people making handpans, but the accessories are a little bit slow to start. So I’ve noticed a couple stands on the market but I wanted to find something that was super duper ideal for the handpan player on the go, which a lot of people are: they’re on the go. They want to get from the gig to the next gig or they want to get their stuff from their car to their gig site efficiently, fast, quickly, easily. Something that you can play indoors, outdoors. You’re not going to worry about it rusting. You’re not going to worry about losing parts, all that sort of thing. So this stand is super ideal for a lot of you handpan players on the go. So let me just tell you right upfront: it’s a tripod. So one good thing about tripods is if you have an uneven surface, let’s say you’re playing in the grass or on the beach or even like a rocky surface or let’s say you’re playing on like a driveway that has broken concrete, if you have four legs and there’s something uneven about it the stand is always going to rock and so a tripod is ideal. Obviously tripods are ideal for a lot of things that’s why there’s so many tripods out there. But one of the reasons is since it has three legs it’s gonna have a nice even balancing aspect of the stand when it’s on the ground. So you don’t have to worry about uneven surfaces too much. For the playing perspective: if you’re playing it’s just right here right in your lap, it’s almost as if you were sitting with it in your lap you can angle the drum like this, you can angle it forward, makes it a little bit easier to access. It makes it a little bit easier to access the notes on the back. It’s almost like playing them flat. Reach out and it’s almost like playing them flat just as you’re reaching out. You can also angle it backwards toward yourself. You can angle it to the side, to the other side. It’s really great for all that stuff. So you can play it however you want to play it. Another thing that we have on the stand is we’ve got these little rubber stoppers that protect the surface of the handpan from being scratched. The rubber stoppers allow the handpan to resonate and have lots of sustain. I’ll just give you a sample of that. So you can see it still resonates, still has lots of sustain. There’s not any issue with it being muffled by like a hard stopper or something on the bottom of the handpan. As you move down it’s got this little collar here and the collar is basically what holds a little handpan stand together. The pipes are made from aluminum: anodized aluminum. It’s very lightweight. You can carry it very easily. I don’t think this stand weighs any more than a pound and a half or two pounds, so it’s easy to carry. As we move down to the bottom you’re going to notice there’s a string down at the bottom. The string here, I’ve got this little adjustment thing I’m going to call this plastic thing, and you can adjust it to make the string a little bit longer, a little bit shorter, and it tightens up the bottom of the stand. If you make it tighter the stand moves upwards a little bit and raises the handpan just maybe about an inch probably not much more than that — you don’t want to make it fall over. You don’t want to make it too narrow but you can make it a little bit tall. You can make it a little bit shorter for the kind of stature that you are. But one of the best things I like about this string right here is you can just put it over the top, and it becomes an ideal shoulder strap. BAM! You’re ready to go to your gig. So there you have it. The traveler tripod handpan stand. It’s going to be available on our website very soon. Take a look! I’m gonna have a deal on it, so come to our website, check out what we have to offer. Thank you very much!

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