Digital tourism through Google Glass – XNOOVA #throughglass

OK GLASS GET DIRECTION TO PIACENZA Future. Every time you start to imagine you find out something
that leaves you breathless: It’s all around you! OK GLASS TAKE A PICTURE You’ve learned this
in a distant land, in its unknown corners OK GLASS BUY A TICKET in its history and its colours MMM… I’M HUNGRY! You’ve seen it in a daily gesture, in a simple habit and in the flavor of small things. EXCELLENT! Hidden in a distracted gaze, in a new adventure… RECORD A VIDEO in a big Thrill. SHARE WITH GOOGLE PLUS PUBLIC Hi Antonio!
HI, HOW ARE YOU? I’m fine, what are you doing ?!?
I’M IN BOBBIO, CLIMBING THIS ROPE, DO YOU SEE !?! This is how you realized what is its secret: it’s not what you see,
it’s the way you look at it.

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