dig DUS Videomagazin – Ep03 – Der Rheinstrand (subtitled)

Hi and welcome to dig DUS. Today we are… well, WHERE are we? I can´t tell you yet, but you will see in a second. So, here we go. (music) Tadaaaa, we thought about visiting paradise beach. That´s perfect, because it´s close to the city centre and easy to get there and you can have a little vacation right away. (Hawaian music playing) (laughter) Ok, the “Rhine Beach”, is centrally locates and it´s simple to get there on foot, by bike, car or tram. In case you favor the tram, you have to tak it until the stop “Landtag/Kniebruecke” and use the “Rhine Tower” as landmark. Then you cross this bridge… and I just wander along with all my stuff here. dig DUS! Attention: Please take your garbage
back home, because this is a protected landscape in which everything
should remain as it is. I´m not getting down on this spot.
Way to steeeep, maybe I can find an alternative. (EJay sings)
Summer, sun, sunshine… Summer, sun, sunshiiine So, now we can see the beginning of the beach,
which looks really intriguing. and what I wanted to add:
You shouldn´t go in for a swim because that´s very dangerous
due to the ships and the current, even for good swimmers, you should go for a swim somewhere else. and if you want to go in,
just to cool your feet. That´s it. dig DUS! Easy-Cheesy, he he (laughs) Apparently, the best thing you can do,
is to wear high heels here… Juchuuuu. (beach music in the background) So, I think, yes that´s the perfect spot. … Jippieeeeh… Yes, there are no shops
close-by that´s why you should bring along cool drinks, food from home and use the restroom as well,
because here are none. Now enjoy this fantastic view.
Over there is Oberkassel, then the Old Town, here the media harbour. Great. You get an authentic seaside feeling.
Because of all the ships the waves are impressive (laughs) … EY! dig DUS! If you are into volleyball,
you can go a bit further, there´s
a pitch waiting. And I will be on the lookout for someone
to play a match with. Maybe you want to come along, Perhaps see you soon. Take care for now, I´m EJay. Ciao. Alrighty, one thing:
like us on facebook, like our videos and you can write emails to:
[email protected] … Bye. Are you still recording?

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