DID NOAH FOOL YOU ? | How I Fooled The Internet As A Fake Time Traveler (Noah Time Traveler)

what is going on guys welcome back to
the channel man you guys notice it’s careful man okay so you guys remember
this guy who oh I am no other time traveler yeah that guy no one the time
traveler man you guys remember all the stuff he said about 2030 what’s gonna
happen the Philippines and all the nations was everything he said about it
man so apparently I found this video man talking about how I fooled the Internet
as a fake time traveler man so for all you guys who actually believed in man
this yeah he’s fake I’m sorry guys don’t believe whatever he said man cuz you
know fake a time traveler come on it’s not real you never know man but you
never know you never know some people actually thought it was real so much
charity of you guys thought he was faking lying but anyways this apparently
is I guess his story man his video coming out at say night he fooled
everyone he fooled us you guys know that his YouTube channel is mainly about time
travel so yeah it was fakes but anyways for you guys who ever watched this we’re
about to check it out right now so let’s watch that together man let’s go time
traveler hiya travel back to November 13th 2017 from early in the year whoa whoa you meet on the news so there’s
like time traveling hit men after him yeah it sounds kind of dangerous to me a
mysterious man who claims he’s from the Wow his credit headlines around the
world he wanted to do one of these videos
really easy to do definitive traveling from 2030 only as no he was interviewed
on paranormal it’s it’s it’s our deep in my skin but you can’t see what is
possible to do it four million views look at all these videos this kid made Wow is this him I cannot believe I’m
making this video now it’s absolutely insane that I’m actually recording this
and I’m I’m actually saying everything finally it’s it’s been so long oh my
gosh hello everyone my name is Dennis and I’m Noah the time traveller the
famous viral time traveller no way the Internet at one point where he went and
said predictions with a blurred face and a deepened voice and ended up all over
the news everywhere the videos would reach millions and millions of views and
everyone was seeing these videos everywhere all the videos became popular
on the channel apex TV where no would have multiple videos saying shocking
predictions I am Noah the time traveler no way right
here is two pictures of me saying predictions on this Japanese magazine so
when I say I was everywhere I was absolutely everywhere millions of people
believers and skeptics all heard the story of Noah the time traveler the time
traveler who got stuck in this time from like the year 2030 well it’s all fake if
you haven’t guessed already I’m not an actual time traveler I’m just a 16 year
old boy who fooled the Internet I’m the fake multi million viewed time
traveler on the internet and this Wow on how I did it and why I was too scared to
admit it at first Wow started when I was 14 years old I
was obsessed with YouTube and was posting comedy videos on my channel
nearly every day eventually it led me to become friends with the owner of Apex TV
and that’s where it all started a lot of people were watching his time traveler
videos at the moment so he gave me $20 to do a fake time traveler video when he
bucks learn my face deep in my voice and he’d
post on his second channel in fact myself my time traveler how you travel
back to November 13th 2017 formerly in the year 2021 as soon as it was up with
– it started blowing up it already was that like 60,000 views by the end of the
day and to me that was a really really 60,000 into the day resting on 60,000
views but while I was asleep the news went crazy
and social media shared Noah the time-traveller everywhere and when I
woke up it was a nine hundred thousand views throughout the day it was just
going up in numbers eventually at the end of the day it reached two million
views and to me that was absolutely a massive amount of numbers and I was paid
a hundred dollars to do it anyways so Hyderabad dollars for a simple video was
a lot to me so I did a lot of time traveler videos after that where I
claimed to be a time traveler called Noah and throughout these videos we’d be
laughing because they were just we just treated as like a joke
and in some of these videos you can even hear some people laughing in the
background really faintly and there are a massive success there on the front
page of like Google News they won snap Wow they were my Instagram and my
Twitter timelines I immediately saw it everywhere my sister was even listening
to the radio and they started talking about it while she was driving so that’s
how big it was so around this time I was fifteen I was making hundreds of dollars
from pretending to be a fake time traveler on the internet which was super
easy these videos were everywhere on the internet but the popularity started to
increase as people started to ask who is no other time travel that’s right as I
did this character more the dark and scary parts of it started to show more
and there was very stressful hundreds of people trying to find any
clues to find out who I was yeah they even tried finding those
general locations were we filmed so they can pinpoint where exactly I am and as
people slowly put slowly figured out who I was I started receiving death threats
people saying I was Wow hey it was really easy for that is scary messages
from sites like discord so just imagine this I was fifteen years old and there
was grown adults ascending me death threats and saying that I was going to
pay I was scared every day that people gonna find my home address visit me or
find my school and start calling in there all these
people use excuse that I was a fraud and a liar so I should be punished for it
even though Wow pablor videos were so silly and ridiculous leaked nice to me
at that point I never said anything about me being no the time traveler
because I was scared of my well being and I was stressed about being exposed
it wasn’t very easy though as people I knew in real life and in my school
started taking pictures videos and everything of me and were posting them
online giving people more oh that is scary I had my own personal vlog channel
that I was doing YouTube videos on and they quickly found my videos and started
commenting mass hate I quickly deleted that channel and started a new one this
one and now they found it again I’m sorry I can’t take this seriously it’s
just so crazy I’m actually doing this video but the reason why I’m doing this
video is because I’m stressed I can’t do the stupid character anymore I have to
get rid of this looming threat that’s above me that keeps making me scared of
being exposed I don’t want to be known as No I don’t know Matt looming threat
but yet you’re making this video um I don’t know and your face is exposed I
don’t know I think you just should just delete all the videos manage this that’s
it kill know off and say like no one went back or that’s what I would have
done like no one back home man guess what
he went home no other time traveler for the rest of my life but if I have to
tell people I will to get rid of the stress and not only that but apex TV
tried making me and my parents sign an NDA so I could never talk about
me being Noah so imagine that for the rest of my life I could never say I was
Noah unless he allows it I’m sick of it all my name is Dennis bell I’m 16 and I
love doing YouTube videos I wanted to be truthful of all the Noah videos and tell
you it’s fake they’re all fake me an apex to be fake them all I never had one
Horace I never had a real lie detector test you see not a little scared that
apex TVs gonna come after him like honestly for me I would be a little
scared like okay apex TV is gonna come after me thinking
cuz you pretty much like messed up the whole know what the time-traveller thing
that’s what I would be scared of I never met Mike you
yourself and I never had a video from the future they’re all fake
I still even have the unedited Noah videos on my computer right here but
this is really important to me and I have to go I am trying to do this really
urgently and try plays sad music when it’s going I’m gonna show this in the
next video obviously we take this really really
badly this is the map in 2030 app of the United States of America videos I
actually kind of have goosebumps right now knowing that I actually am ending it
all right now this is like the final confirmation that Noah is done I mean
Lee relax now that I don’t have to worry about all the stress on my shoulders
it’s been so again Dennis man do you if you ever watch this video man honestly
do you think that revealing Noah on a separate channels gonna release any
stress or save you from anything man now people actually know your name
people know your full name people are gonna google you people are going to
look for you man all those people who hate mad hours in
the Haight I mean it’s a joke I thought it was joka I laughed at it
but there’s some serious messed up people out there man
I don’t think revealing your face was the best idea or even saying that year
no one man honestly I would have just made a video saying that no one went
back like no one went back to the future you know I mean but whatever man it’s
that’s totally you let’s go back to video I’m sorry to everyone who believed
my false information in my videos I was younger stupid and less mature oh how do
I feel about this man one part I want to believe the kid in the other hand I
don’t want to believe the kid because I don’t know if he’s trying to pull like
another prank like is this guy actually know what a time-traveling man is if you
guys think he’s actually or is she’s just another kid like trying to pretend
he’s no the time traveler okay so I’m gonna do like two-sided thing if he is
no other than a time traveler man you fooled us all and you did a good job at
it man you did a mason job the only problem I have with this when
he told me that a 80/20 Buxton PD you a hundred and
hundred bucks man they certainly ripped your ass off man
honestly because when you hit a video hits a million I know you get paid way
more than way more than that like way more and all the Noah videos that I’ve
seen online at least most jury learned in the four million men and I know how
much you get how much you get paid for four million to use man it’s a lot trust
me it’s a lot so if you get paid 120 bucks
hopefully that beats a lot more than that but if you got paid ahead 20 bucks
man they ripped you off for the last two years
damn secondly good on you man great prank you fooled everyone the last two
years that was amazing man you did a good job of that now the cons if you
really are no other the time-traveller man apex TV gonna come at you make sure
that they don’t come after you man I’m telling you they gonna come they come in
they come with their lawyers they’re gonna come who knows it could be worse
than lawyers man just a lot of things worse than lawyers man it could kidnap
your ass and they clock in the basement and never see the light again right she
signed a down contract because they gonna lock you up I never let you see
the light again but I really hope that nothing happens to you
if you really are no other time traveler man like dentist honestly I don’t
anything happen to you because you know people on internet sometimes there’s so
many crazy people up there man they do some stupid shit and they don’t can’t
take a joke like me I could take a joke like haha it’s funny okay majority at
majority of my viewers down below man like you guys you guys took it haha
funny joke like it’s not real if it really does happen then you know good on
him good predictions but let me know what you guys think about this like what
do you guys think about this video man like do you guys believe this guy this
kids actually know or do you think it’s just another fake like me where I stand
I don’t know I’ll be honest I’ll be honest like I personally think this is
not really real Noah that’s just me okay because I feel like if the real Noah was
terrified for his life about apex or death threats or whatever man he would
never reveal his face like simple if that was me and then like should have
been different people are following me around stalking me at school all that
shit posting videos and me out like nope I know uh I know and they all went
home that’s what that’s what I would do I really submitted no I went home that’s
it I’d be done with that Noah character
never really my face because you don’t know this video of his eye like with me
posting it and everyone else posting it actually goes viral and those crazy-ass
people who are looking for the noble guy man with Google and internet right now
it’s so easy to find someone once you have their name I’m telling you everyone
knows I think this kids from America man everyone’s gonna find out where you live
so am i scared from a little bit a little bit and I really really do wish
nothing happens to me because if it was a joke at the end of the day anyways man
if you guys made all day in the video you guys enjoy the video get a video
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  2. If somebody kills him down the road., i don’t blame the killer😂😂😂😂.. i predicted his future.. i’m a time traveller myself😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Except me from believing this guy. I watched his video but never convinced about his statements. I even commented in one of his video.

  4. There is no need for time travel if you want to know what lies ahead in the future. Just read the bible and some non canonical books such as the Book of Jubilees , Book of Enoch, etc. and you will have a grasp of the future of what God has planned for humanity.

  5. And I think he learn her lesson and he deserve to be stressed out at some point or it's just because of the money that's why he needs to fool someone for 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑 it's just sounds too sad that some people are 110% willing to do stupid thing for the sake of #MONEY

  6. He would have been in the news here in the Philippines if he fooled filipinos.. He mostly fooled only americans

  7. Exact word for him is "Attention seeker" time travel pa more, addition for millions of views… hihihihih…. P E A C E on earth 🙂

  8. All these time traveller hoaxers have one common prediction: "climate change", as if they are paid to promote this lie.

  9. Damage has been done for him.
    They went extreme in pulling a prank.
    Why his parents did not stop him?
    Were they all blinded by the multi-million views?
    Noah time traveller …. did so much they obviously intended to fool people.
    I knew one day he will be busted.
    I never anticipated his safety will b compromised.
    On the other hand, if some angry people did not threat him or find him, his prank, or rather LIES would probably continue to this day and God knows if it will ever stop. Common, if a 16 y0 n his parents are earning millions $$$ fr this vlog and the attention he is getting ? It must b addicting to them.
    He’s clearly a very talented kid. But he started off in the wrong footing. LIES and DECEPTION … GOD’s presence in this life time is stronger and HIS manifestations are as clear n bright as daylight.
    Look at the world’s political arena, hollywood, etc! They are crumbling down.

    Let this be a lesson learned to vloggers and would be vloggers. Be honest and sincere. Spread positivity, be relevant and yet b sensitive about certain issues and groups of people.
    I feel bad for this kid. But i am mad at his parents.
    This kid is obviously scared. He’s coming out and hope that he can clean up his mess.
    Only Time will tell. He has to do something good that is 2x bigger than noah the traveller.

  10. I watched his video,and I commented about him being FAKE…yes true, I agree with you Kev, he must not go out in the open…it is scary in his part! he must not reveal his face…if you want to know the future, just read the bible…

  11. i agree wt u his a fake traveler i remember that guy while im watching def noodles vlog. he destroy phil.and hes crazy.

  12. This guy fooled a lot of people. This shouldn't be done. There are things which could be joked about and things which should be taken seriously.

  13. I don't think 30 days is enough to see the whole country. To enjoy the place better you have to extend your stay to have more time. Happiness Crossing did a vlog on how to extend your visa.

  14. Hahahah.. i have never doubted he is hoax.. it is funny you found this.. but i'm just curious, one of his stunt said about one particular country getting chipped by 2030, for sure that idea did not just pop up from his head on random.

  15. I saw it once and that's it. No interest at all about those cheap videos like that. Hollywood is more fascinating and believable. 😂

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