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“Was he exiled? Did he leave willingly? Was the parting angry? Peaceful? Is he dead? Alive? In a word: yes.” “Let the heat melt your body so your soul
might flow with the river of time.” “Osiris fought at the battle of Six Fronts,
it’s said he seemed to be everywhere at once that day
Welcome back guardians, today we are revisiting Osiris, where I will discuss the possibility
that Osiris has learnt how to time travel. However, before doing so I will provide a
brief history of Osiris and his interactions with the tower. If you are watching this video within the
first two hours or release or between 6-8pm EST US, I am currently live on twitch, feel
free to come join. As usual, the artwork at the beginning of
this video was created by Brandon McCammey. Brandon is talented artist that not only creates
Destiny pieces which you can buy in poster format but a range of other designs such as
the t-shirts. A link to his website will be in the description. Also, I would like to acknowledge Ishtar Collective
and Captain Kex for their input on the topic of Osiris. This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy
this latest Destiny Lore episode. [INTRO]
Let’s start with who Osiris is. Osiris is a Warlock which is reinforced by
the in-game dialogue from the Shrine of Oryx, which says, “Listen to this, from an old
Warlock, Osiris”, Osiris then proceeds to speak over comms. I believe Osiris is of the Human race as reinforced
by the Osiris grimoire card where Saint-14 refers to him as a man, it reads,
“the Concordat claimed to have records proving you were a Golden Age experiment mis-incarnated
as a human by an inept Ghost. Saint-14 assured me you were just a man without
much patience for obfuscation.” I assume that “man” is a reference to
the human race, and if he was awoken or an exo, he would be referred to as a male awoken
or male exo. Osiris was also potentially the apprentice
to the Speaker. This is not confirmed however the Bond of
the Exile item description and the Osiris grimoire card seem to imply that the Speaker
wanted Osiris as an apprentice. The Osiris grimoire card appears to be the
dialogue of the Speaker and reads, “I watched as you grew tired of strike missions
and the gruelling, unproductive sessions with the Cryptarchs. That was when I took you under my wing. I saw our future in you. But your curiosity was voracious—“
The Bond of the Exile reads, “They who entered the Speaker’s chambers as
master and apprentice were bitter rivals when they left.” —Brother Vance The fact the Brother Vance, a disciple of
Osiris is recalling the Speaker having an apprentice, coupled with the Osiris grimoire
card where the speaker, “takes him under his wing”, seems to suggest that at one
stage Osiris was the apprentice to the speaker. If you are happy to assume that this is true
and that the Speaker and Osiris are now bitter rivals, the in-game dialogue of Brother Vance
is quite damming. He says this in reference to Osiris,
“He is the one true Speaker, who knows that the Traveler will never speak again.” And this
“Ask yourself, what would you do if it was proven the Speaker was a charlatan?”
and “I follow Osiris, not the Speaker. Do you know his legend?” What makes the speculation that the Speaker
and Osiris were once master and apprentice, even more interesting, is that Osiris had
many followers, and was supported with extreme loyalty. SO we have a very interesting dynamic with
the Speaker is trying to hold the city together, with Osiris building a following of guardians
that ideologically share a very different view point, Guardians that were not happy
with just being told to go and fight without clear purpose. This division between those who support Osiris
and the Speaker is reinforced by the Osiris grimoire card, which reads,
When debate became argument, and argument became acrimony, I realized you had already
become a cult of personality, attracting Guardians who wanted a clear idea of why they were fighting,
what they faced, and how they would ultimately win. The Trials of Osiris card compares Osiris
to Toland, but unlike Toland, Osiris was actually liked by guardians inspiring the Osiris Cult. The Card reads,
“Unlike solitary Toland, Osiris left a network of acolytes and admirers who carry on his
work.” The Trials of Osiris gear reinforces that
the is still honoured in the city, The Pariah Bond says
“I wear his symbols proudly in the City, to remind them that Osiris is not truly gone.” —Fractal Scrolls
The Echo of Honor says, “For he was once of your City, and honored
there.” —Fractal Scrolls The Greaves of Exile says,
“Many followed him when he left—if not with their feet, then with their hearts.” —Fractal Scrolls Osiris was not only gifted in convincing guardians
of his believes, or his prophecies, of establishing a Cult but he was also talented in combat. Osiris fought alongside Saint-14 at the Battle
of Six Fronts, and appeared to be so invaluable that Saint-14 made a recommendation for him
to be Vanguard Commander. The Osiris card reads,
“You were a mighty warrior. I watched you at Six Fronts, and heeded the
call of Saint-14 to appoint you Vanguard Commander, even when the Concordat claimed to have records
proving you were a Golden Age experiment mis-incarnated as a human by an inept Ghost.” What made Osiris, so valuable during this
Battle? A battle that is more commonly remembered
as the success of four orders of Titans who defended the city on six fronts?? Well, Brother Vance says something extremely
interesting, he says, “Osiris fought at the battle of Six Fronts,
it’s said he seemed to be everywhere at once that day.” Is this the first documentation of Osiris
time traveling or control over multiple realities. It was the first major battle and defence
of the city, and how fitting that Osiris was presented, a warlock obsessed with Vex, seemingly
appearing everywhere all at once, to assist with the victory. The Titans may have stolen the glory that
day but I do question how much their success relied upon Osiris’s presence. Whatever happened on that day, Osiris vanished
sometime after. It is often said that Osiris was exiled from
the Tower, however this is not really the best description. I do believe that Osiris voluntarily left
the Tower after the Battle of Six Fronts. The Trials of Osiris card reads,
“The Warlock Osiris vanished into exile years ago.” The Shrine of Oryx grimoire card reads,
“Though Osiris has vanished, his prophecies and parables offer undeniable insight”
Both these cards seem to imply that Osiris choose to left, personally I love the use
of the word vanish as it inspires a sense time traveling, similar to how we see the
Exo Stranger vanish into thin air. Also supporting the theory that Osiris left
on his own volition is that the Speaker actually still wants to speak with Osiris, the Osiris
grimoire card reads, “Perhaps you are still out there. If this reaches you, I would very much like
to speak with you, to hear your theories in your own words.” If Osiris was exiled from the tower in a more
typical fashion, I doubt the Speaker would want to still see him. Why did Osiris choose to leave the Tower,
without doubt he was causing unrest, in the Osiris card the Speaker says this,
I admit, I found your questions divisive and disloyal, and I feared you might be capable
of breaking our unity when the City’s position had grown so tenuous. Why divert attention away from the Traveler,
our only hope? Your quest split Guardians along ideological
lines. This was your greatest crime: Hunters chose
to pursue your visions instead of protecting refugees, Titans assembled teams to chase
the legendary Vault of Glass instead of striking the Fallen, and Warlocks turned away from
the study of the Traveler in favor of your ultimate obsession… learning the exact nature
of the Darkness. Did Osiris think that his teachings would
be more harmful to the City and left for that reason, we don’t really know, however I
do believe that Osiris had another reasoning for leaving, he left to pursue a greater power,
an ability, an ascension, enlightenment, a greater understanding of the light and potential
the secrets of Vex time travel. Similar to how Toland was obsessed with the
Hive and met with Ir Yut the deathsinger, only to be killed and join the hive overworld. The Ghost Fragment: The Hellmouth description
of Toland as follows: “Now I fly between green-black suns in the
labyrinth beyond Crota’s god-star. This is the Overworld, the Sea of Screams,
where the throne-universes of the great Hive fester in eternal majesty. I move among them. I map the shapes and connections of this world.” I believe Osiris has achieved something similar
but with the Vex. He has found a way to access the Vex system
and time travel. Have a listen to these Trials of Osiris item
descriptions. Sun Current
“He bathed in the sun’s light, and it burned away his fear, and his hope.” —Parables of the Allspring
Draught of Nectar “Does one life across infinite realities equal
immortal life?” —Parables of the Allspring Plate of the Exile
“Let the heat melt your body so your soul might flow with the river of time.” —Parables of the Allspring Winged Sun Greaves
“Feet alone cannot take us to where we’re going.” —Parables of the Allspring Watchers’ Boots
“Light burns. Light heals. Light blinds. Light reveals.” —Parables of the Allspring These items have element, a feel, of ascension,
of understanding the true power of the light, removing the physical self and allowing you
flow through the river of time. If you stand around long enough to listen
to Brother Vance, he also implies that Osiris and his disciples have become something more. “I was once a Guardian, like yourself, but
now I am on a different path.” “I began as a Guardian, I left to follow a
different path. Perhaps you will too one day.” “What a strange place to find myself. What a strange time.” I don’t think it is coincidence that the
Vex are a time-traveling liquid race, I don’t think it coincidence that Osiris speaks about
melting the physical body to flow through the River of time. In Atheon’s grimoire card, the Vex are thought
to “transcend a physical substrate, and move
their thoughts directly into the fundament of the universe.” I believe Osiris has discovered the true nature
of the light, he understands like Ulan-tan that light is connected across space and time,
and understanding the nature of light and manipulation of light, he can travel between
timelines like the Vex do. Osiris may have learnt this technique from
the Vex or he may just be pigging backing off the Vex network and technology to allow
him to do this. Osiris’s last known location may hold some
clues. In the Legend: Saint-14 grimoire card Saint-14
and the Speaker have this conversation: “No, not this time. I have word that Osiris was seen on Mercury. The Caloris Basin. He’s turned his mind back to the Vex.” “Mercury? Too many channels to know. You activate one, you start to feed its veins. He threatens our peace.” “Your duty, my son. You must never forget.” “I cannot.” The Ghost killed the feed and waited for its
Guardian’s words. “Ghost, prepare my Vex arsenal and plot
a course for Mercury. That old man is about to wake up hell.” You should remember Caloris Basin, as two
PvP maps are set within this sector on Mercury. Vertigo and Icarus. The Ghost Fragment: Vertigo card documents
a conversation between a Guardian and a unknown warlock. It reads, “[u1:01] Nobody knows what this place is. Not “on the record,” anyway. But I was talking to a Warlock the other night
and he started rambling on about Mercury and Vex and some mad “quantum-theory, space-time
simulation running beneath a randomized pattern of Vex math and meant to gauge Light and…
uh… aggressive refractive something-something.” And the Icarus grimoire card reads, “The Golden Age technology at this location
remains intact, harnessing energy from the sun and converting it to Solar Light. The Vanguard has denied petitions from the
various weapon foundries of the City to research the solar farm (and the resources it continues
to collect) until the Warlock orders have finished their surveys” I believe these two cards support my theory
that Osiris was trying to gain a better understanding of the light, the true of the light, leveraging
the solar farms on Icarus and pigging backing off the Vex technology sprawled across mecury,
manipulating light to access to the Vex network and time travel. Osiris peered into the future, it was no coincidence
that he was there at the Battle of Six Fronts, the first major defense of the City, it was
no coincidence that he was there warning the Queen of the Reef Mara Sov about Oryx, the
greatest threat to the City and the universe, he had already seen these events occur, he
came into our timeline to provide warning and assistance to ensure we were victorious. That concludes this latest Desitny Lore episode,
thank you for watching, if you would like to support the channel, leave the phrase,
“River of time” to represent that we must harness the true power of the light becoming
flexible, liquid like allowing travel in the river of time. I hope you have enjoyed this latest destiny
lore episode. This is myelin games. Peace.

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