Destiny Connect: Tick-Tock Travelers – Adventure of a Timeline | PS4

It’s New Years Eve… …and the town of Clocknee is about to clock out. Meet The Fearless, Sherry. Her friend, Pegreo. And, Isaac, the robot. To save their town, they must traverse history and solve the mystery. Gear up for adventure… Learn from the past… Save the future… …and take history by the hand together. Destiny Connect, Tick-Tock Travelers.

54 thoughts on “Destiny Connect: Tick-Tock Travelers – Adventure of a Timeline | PS4

  1. meanwhile on pc we are still playing online for free. Let that sink in for you console peasants

  2. Ps4 has the garbage games like literally there barely no coop game or couch i wish they added castle crash

  3. Need a Jimmy Neutron game made with this engine! Also Dexter's Laboratory, The Family Guy, and Stranger Things.p.s Family Guy should be in Vr like Rick and Morty.

  4. this game looks nice and all but it's a game i would rather play on my switch. i only buy and play the big titles on my ps4. not that it shouldn't be on ps4 though it's ok for those who want it.

  5. I like the look of this one! Hopefully it's not too easy though. Many games marketed in this cutesy way, eg Starlink, are painfully easy.

  6. I am getting angry with Sonic because of the online theme we are Sonic we want the free online Sonic please listen

  7. Behind the scenes exclusive:

    To achieve the high quality of this recording the VO was captured in a bathroom using a 1950s vintage cardioid mic while speaking through an empty roll of toilet paper.

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