Hi everyone. It’s me, Shek. Welcome back to
my channel. In this video, I’m going to share with you my experience in getting dental implants
in Manila. So, I’ve mentioned in my previous vlogs that I had my dental implants in the Philippines.
Some of you asked me questions about it so I am going to explain to you here the different procedures done, the cost, and the number of days that I had to be in Manila for the complete process. So why did I have to get dental implants? I’m going to explain to you why my teeth looked like that in the thumbnail. When I was young I didn’t take good care of my teeth I used to have crooked teeth. One front tooth was on top of the other. And because I wasn’t caring for my teeth In college, when I was eating watermelon seeds I accidentally cracked it between the teeth that were already bad. Because the seeds were too hard, the tooth cracked and chipped off. Then I decided to just have it extracted. That’s when I started wearing dentures. The problem with dentures is, you have to take it off from time to time and there’s a metal that has to be attached to the other teeth which make the other teeth go bad as well. The palate also feels uncomfortable. When I finally got money to fix my teeth, I went to a dentist and I was told that if I don’t want dentures anymore, I could try having fixed bridge. I had three missing teeth, and the dentist had to make three of my other teeth into abutments to complete the bridge. If these were my teeth This one was made into an abutment This one was missing This one was also made into an abutment Then two missing teeth Then another one made into an abutment That’s a bridge of six My problem with it was It wasn’t okay because even though my other teeth were still good they had to be made smaller to become abutments for the bridge. The only good thing was, my crooked teeth were fixed. The dentist told me that my bridge would last for up to 8 years, however, On its 4th and 5th year I noticed that there was some bad smell probably because of some debris that I couldn’t completely clean. I also noticed that there was some space between the gums and teeth Those were the reasons why I wanted to have my bridge replaced I consulted another dentist and I was told that even if I replace my current bridge The teeth will be replaced , even though they were still in good condition at 6 years of usage, The teeth will be replaced but it couldn’t solve the space between the gums and teeth. So, she told me that the best way was to have dental implants. She told me the problem was bone loss since there was no teeth on that part. In Japan, dental procedures cost so much since they are not covered by the health insurance. Dental implants here cost at least 150,000 pesos (300,000 yen) per tooth, that’s probably the cheapest. Prices are much lower in the Philippines. While in Japan, I contacted some dental clinics I inquired through email and many dental clinics responded so I was able to compare the prices. One dental implant cost 50,000 to 100,000 pesos It includes the implant itself and a crown. That’s a set and I needed three for my three missing teeth. Since I already have some bone loss in front I also had to undergo bone grafting A material will be placed in the bone to replace the lost bone and a membrane has to be placed to cover it. That’s additional payment. Bone grafting costs 40,000 pesos and the membrane costs 30,000 pesos. Dental implants procedure consists of two stages: the first stage is called implant placement and the second stage is when the final crowns are placed. Depending on the clinic, the first stage might take up to 7 to 10 days. On the first stage, the implant will be placed The gum will be opened, the implant will be drilled into the bone, then temporary crowns will be placed After 7 days, you have to come back for the removal of sutures. After that, you will be wearing temporary crowns again so that you can still smile while waiting for the second stage. For the second stage, you have to wait for 4 months. It takes four to see that the implants were placed properly and that they have completely adapted to your jaw bone. Since I also had bone grafting, I had to wait for 6 months. Actually it took me more 7 months because I couldn’t immediately go back to the Philippines but that’s still okay. For the second stage, the abutments that will hold your final crown will be placed. Then they will make your final crowns. If there are no problems, your final crowns will then be placed. For the second stage, depending on the clinic, it may take from 5 to 7 days or even up to 2 weeks. The most important thing to remember is that there are 2 stages and you have to be in the Philippines for at least 1 week for each stage. And there is waiting time until the final crowns are placed. In total, I had 3 implants with 3 zirconia crowns and 4 abutment teeth with 4 zirconia crowns. In addition to my bridge of 6 teeth, another tooth was made into an abutment to make it look better with the rest of the new crowns. So I had 7 new crowns in total. The cost of crowns alone vary depending on the material. The cheapest is porcelain fused to metal which costs 10,000 and the most expensive is zirconia which is 23,000 pesos. Also, during the procedure I opted to be unconscious (asleep) because according to the dentist I might get tired during the 2-3 hours of surgery. It’s better to be asleep and feel relaxed while the dentists take care of your teeth. I paid 15,000 for conscious IV. What else did I have to pay?


  1. こんにちは..this is jeff po..ask lng po sana..pwd po ba magpa implant ng isang ngipin? hindi po ba magalaw ung ibang ngipin? dn nasaharap po yung gusto ko palitan, ,,nasa japan dn po ako, ,hingi lng po sana ako advice, ,ありがとう ございます。GOD BLESS PO

  2. Hi you are so beautiful but can you kindly speak English for English speaking like me who wish to do dental work in Philipines. Cheers

  3. Saan pong clinic sa pilipinas kayo nag pa tingin? yong mura at maganda yong quality ng implant . Thank you ..

  4. Mahal din dito sa northern europe
    But i really like to have tooth implant nakakapagod ang pustiso hehe😂🤣

  5. Nagpa ganyan din all dito sa israel sis. Mga 2500 shekel siya times 14 pesos ang price nila. At payment naman is installment three months or until matapos

  6. 💖PLEASE TURN CC ON for ENGLISH sub ^_^
    Here's the VLOG about the CLINIC :

    I will answer your questions in the next vlog.
    Thank you for waiting!💖

  7. Hi good day po,mco2nsider npo yta ntin surgical procedure n ito, dpo b need ng laboratory works before the procedure? ex.platelet count,bleeding & clotting factors since mejo mdugo ito just to make sure n my ability n mg ampat ang pg durugo, & ngbigay or ng load po ng antibiotic? as prophylaxis since very no no ang infection dto dhil very vital ang area parte xa ng ulo, ang circulation po s brain kgad, kaya po cguro dapat dn sterile technique and nsa sterile area ggawin ang procedure, tulad ng operating room, and cnu po ngbigay ng iv sedation? prang anestheologist lng po ata? Kc cla lang po ang licence to do that thing, and ung po mga gmot s anesthesia d pwde ibigay kgad s patient yn kz my mga contraindication yn, my computation dn ng dose, kaya po before nga ng procedure ng pre operative evaluation ang mga dr. Surgeon,internal medicine, anthesiogst b4 the procedure,. gnun dn po s dental implants? Salamat po, God bless

  8. I have two missing tooth due to an accident..heto nka pustiso ang hirap..kapag nakaipon ako papa dental implant din ako pero sbrang mahal kasi kelangang manalo sa lotto

  9. Hanggang pustiso nlng tlaga aq, ang mahal sobra haha, tulad mo butong pakwan din ang sumira sa ngiti q haha.. badtrip

  10. maganda ang ginawa mo kase pra sa ikakaganda mo yan.. ang d ok eh ung nagparoot canal ka.. cguro d pa mo alam kng ano ung mga possible effects nyan sayo.or ung possible na magiging sakit mo in the near future.. best thing to do is ipabunot mn din ung pinaroot canal mo at palitan din ng implant..

  11. Hi, tanong ko lang kung may pagbabago ba sa pagsasalita or medyo hirap sa pronounciation after Implant. Thank you waiting po sa sagot?

  12. Ung price daw po @5:06. 50-100k/tooth. Sa malate Manila daw un kaso d nya daw marerecommend. Gagawa daw po xa separate video again.

  13. Hello! As a dentist watching your video I am quite impressed kung paano inexplain ng dentist mo yung condition ng ngipin mo, the entire procedure, what to expect and all. Thank you for sharing your experience! 🙂

  14. Pano po yung cleaning nung implant? Pwede ba mag-floss like normal teeth? And pano linisin yung gap between the gums and teeth or wala nang gap?

  15. Hi. New friend here.. Nkita ku sa description mupo about sa job 😇😇.. Anyways salamat sa info.. Planning to din po 😇😇

  16. Ano ano yung mga side effects po nung nakabit na lht yung dental implats? Sumasakit ba sya kung may nakaing kang matigas or malamig?

  17. Sis, thanks sa info na binigay mo, very informative. I’m here in Japan, we got here 3 days ago. Iyon case mo ay parang tulad ng sa akin. Kailangan ko rin ng 3 dental implants sa front teeth ko. Na bone graft din ako before we left the US, however, sabi nga ng dentist ko, it will take about 3 to 6 months before it will heal daw. No time na kami, so maghahanap kami ng dentist sa Japan, pero balita ko, mahal magpa implant dito. Until, I saw your video, may I know kung saan dental clinic ka nagpaimplant sa Pilipinas? Kasi kung mura sa atin, I’d rather do it there keysa dito na it will cost me a leg and an arms! Sana, makita mo itong message ko, thanks in advance!

  18. Ang mahal pala ng implants… Buti ngipin ko, sa sobrang lalaki, kahit tig 2 molar na nabunot sakin up and down, wala padin spacing sa mga ngipin ko hehe

  19. Nkalimutan mo sis banggitin kung anong feeling pag nka implant na, it’s most likely original bah? And pwd nb ibite sa mga solid foods? Anong feeling ?

  20. Love your video coz i have similar issues with my 🦷 & planning to shop an affordable periodontist surgeon in the 🇵🇭.. You missed to mentioned the total amount you spent. I got the roughly amount since you mentioned some prices what specific services.. Wow 40K for bone grafting, in pesos? That a STEAL!!! 👍

  21. Safe ba yan yung may screw ? Wala ka ba na experience na complication? Masakit ba yan ? Diba binubutas yung gum?

  22. ang nakaka sira sa gipin kapag panay kahin ng matatamis at hindi gano nag lilinis ng gipin, para ma iwasan abg pag ka sira sa kada kahin pag katapus wag kalimotan na mag linis ng gipin para good smile lagi

  23. Hi! I'm planning to have dental implants soon and i'm very interested which clinic you went to. Mine is still very expensive. 80k for the bone graft plus 120k per implant. If i go to your dentist i'll be saving lot of money. Thanks!

  24. I have 2 jackets sa upper teeth ko. Kapag nakaipon ipon magpapa implant nalang dim ako kaso ang mahal pala so jacket nalang forever hahaha

  25. yung adds mo ate mag sasampo na grabehang adds
    sayang kasi ang galing mo mag explain kaso napuputol sa adds

  26. Ask lang po hindi po ba delikado ung implants sa ibang medical procedures? Like halimbawa po xray and CT scan? Kasi po dba may metal sya? And gano katagal na po ung implants nyo? Ano po ung possible side effects nya?

  27. Hi, may I know po the name of clinic? Tska okay na po ba yung sinsabi ninyong problem na resolve na po ba nila? Thanks.

  28. Good info. Thanks.
    Yung isa kung friend nagpa implant dito sa US Florida whole set up and down. 16 na ngipin binonot sa kanya at right away after the extractions linagay kaagad yung titanium screws as post. saka yung mga ngipin. Kaya nung umuwi cya may ngipin kaagad.
    Ang ganda ng pagkagawa. Di mo mapapansin na implants.

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