Denied visitor entry at US border B2 Faq 11

This is Fred Wahl the Visa Coach Todays topic is: B2 Visitor Visa: Denied entry
at border. Visa Coach Fast, Easy and Personal Hi. My name is Fred Wahl – I am the VisaCoach,
known for “front loaded immigration presentations” that tell YOUR story leading to fast and easy
approval AND the personal one-on-one attention you receive as my client. I invented the three step “immigration success
method” which anticipates the likely problems and skepticism
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my method helps “win” approval for your visa even before the
interview starts. Todays topic is: B2 Visitor Visa: Denied entry at border. Madeleine lives in Canada about 100 miles
north of the US border. Joshua her American fiance lives in Buffalo. Because they both
live so close to the border they have been able to spend many weekends together. Either
she goes down to meet him or he drives up to meet her Their happy courtship continued this way until
one time when Madeleine was stopped at the border and asked by the Customs and Border
Patrol (CBP) officer what was the purpose of her trip ? This was after he had checked
her computerize record of border crossings and he had noticed she had been making many
frequent trips. She told him “she has a boyfriend in Buffalo and they were just spending
some time together.” He said “OK go on through.” A few weeks later she was at The
same border checkpoint embarking on another visa to her fiance, a different officer said
“You’ve been visiting the US so much its almost like you are living here. That is not
the purpose of the visitor waiver you have been using. If you are serious about your
relationship and possibly living permanently the USA you will have to apply for a fiancée
visa or get married and apply for a spouse visa. Sorry but you cannot enter the USA today
. Maybe in a few months later this will change but for now, please turn around go back.” The next day Madeleine and Joshua called for
their free phone consultation. And the day after we started working on their fiance visa.
As of this recording, we got her visa, they married and honeymooned in Orlando, and her
adjustment of status for her Green Card has been submitted and is in process.. I regularly get similar phone calls from other
distraught couples whose plans for a pleasant holiday together in the USA were dashed by
the foreign born fiancé being turned away at the US border. This seems to happen most
frequently to Canadian American or Mexican American couples who because of living not
too far from each other on the border got into the habit of frequently crossing the
borders during their courtship. I have also heard from much sadder cases where the gal
was turned away after an expensive 12 or 14 hour flight to the USA Whenever your fiance travels to visit you
in the USA there is a chance she will be refused entry to the USA and turned away at the US
border. Each time she enters the USA she is inspected
by a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer at the border. His job is to screen incoming visitors deciding
if they should be allowed entry or not. Regardless of what visa the traveler is using, admittance
to the USA is always at the discretion of the CBP officer. He may ask questions about the purpose of
her trip, how long she will stay, where she will stay, when she plans to return to her
home country, does she plan to work, who she is visiting and so on. The objective of his questioning is to determine
if there is any reason to suspect that the traveler may be planning to violate the terms
of the visa she is using. One potential visa violation he is watching
for is the foreign traveler who has been granted a visa that permits a short visit, but appears
likely that she MIGHT be intending to misuse that temporary visa and remain in the USA
permanently. If the traveler gives the impression that
she plans to live permanently in the USA, even if not immediately but eventually, that
can set off his alarm bells and may cause him to refuse entry. Frequent and especially extended trips to
visit the USA to meet with one’s American lover or fiance eventually gets onto Immigrations
radar. And on each entry CBP may escalate the intensity of the questions asked of the
foreign visitor until she is finally warned that this is the last trip or far worse refused
entry outright. When she describes her plans to meet her fiancé
or her passport shows she has been making regular visits and extended stays the officer
may say “Well, Miss the proper visa for you to travel under is called a K-1 fiancé
visa. I’ll let you in today, but please the next time that you enter the USA it will
be better if you use the Fiance visa to visit your boyfriend /fiancé. “ Or without a sympathetic advance warning,
he might immediately refuse entry. “Sorry, I can’t allow you to enter. I am cancelling
your visa waiver (or B-2 visitor visa). Apply for the K-1 if you want to be admitted next
time.”. Your fiancé would have no choice but to return to the international transit
lounge to wait for the first available flight back to her country. Other red flags that a traveler is considering
unlawful permanent residency would be being unemployed and having no job to return to,
traveling on a one-way ticket, having no home or residence to return to. It is OK to travel to the USA to visit friends
and/or lovers. It is even OK to travel to the USA to get married.. The big no-no is
intending to stay permanently. And it is necessary to avoid the appearance that you plan to stay
permanently. In summary. If she has a visa or visa waiver
permitting her to enter the USA your foreign born fiance can use it to visit you. However
each border crossing is at the discretion of the inspecting officer at the border. If
her previous trips have been frequent and/or her stays extended this may put her onto immigrations
radar. Once all on the radar she may find herself limited to a K-1 fiance or CR-1 spouse
visa. This was Fred Wahl, the VisaCoach Call me. Before starting on your immigration adventure,
before entering an arcane maze of rules, regulations and procedures, before commiting yourself
to a risky path that could mean an end to your happiness, speak with
the VisaCoach and ask for his Free Consultation. He listens to you to learn the red flags and
strengths of your case, your eligibility and goals.
He will suggest which visa is right for you, the best strategy to get it, and how soon
your love could join you. The friendly advice and wisdom he’ll freely
share with you, might make the difference between
approval and denial, and could save you months, or years, of lonliness and separation. What have you got to lose? Book your free consultation today.

24 thoughts on “Denied visitor entry at US border B2 Faq 11

  1. I want to tourist in U.S. and I have my sponsor..wat are the sponsor requirements and also my requirements.pls help me..thank you

  2. Hello Sir,

    I had a visiting visa and wanted to visit my wife. I was planing to visit for 5 months and i was denied at the airport and deported back to my country. My wife had applied for fiance vice post my B1 visa. I was asked if i have a job in my country. To be truthful and honest i told the officer that i left my job and rented apartment. I was asked to return and wait for my immigrant or fiance visa to be approved to come back. I had four years of wait and at last my wife came ti live with me and we did not continue my immigrant visa anymore. Please suggest if i can apply for B1 visa again ?

  3. Hello, sir .. Is some one help me ? I would like to ask a question? I applied for b2 visa at France ? And USA consular refugee me to get the visa . I work in Paris . I have a temporary residence permit . I show enough bank statement and my pay slip. And my nationality is Bangladesh . Why they denied. I don't wants to stay USA .

  4. I recently consumed my 6 months stay in the US from May 5 to Nov 5,
    2016. I planned to come back to US on my birthday on March 8, 2017, to
    celebrate with my Kids permanently living in the US. I only have a
    multi-entry Visa B1-B2. Should I be permitted for this re-entry? Please
    guide me. Thanks

  5. I'm an Italian passport holder and used to travel with ESTA; last year I was on transit on my way to Mexico and found out that since I had been to Iran as a tourist?) I was no longer elegible for ESTA and was granted a free waiver. Since I had a return ticke to Italy transiting in Miami I was told I was to set foot in us soil within the following 30 days in order to be able to travel back to Italy on that waiver granted. I planned a short trip to the us as I was told to not have to. If another ticket and I tried to get across in the Tijuana border I was denied entry saying I was no longer elegiblefir ESTA and I was not in poses of a visa, even though u was told otherwise by customs in Atlanta. This las November I got the visa and I'm planning to visit the us .. so technically u should not have any problems, but I'm concerned that with the new Trupm things I can have trouble ( i still have the iranian via in My passaporto). Should i have any concerns ?

  6. Good day,

    I visited the States last summer with my daughter, but because of a family emergency, I had to extend my 3 weeks trip to 2 months and 1 week. I am hoping to return in July with her again and return in August before school starts. Do you think I should be worried because I extended the our last trip?

    Thank you.

  7. hello i have 5yrs b1b2 visa to USA and i got that last march 2016 n i havent yet been to USA due to school thesis but i want to visit there for 3 weeks vacation since am a 4th year student in the Philippines. Pls advice me on what i will need to enter USA even though i have my valid passport,Visa,going n return ticket,hotel accomodation and my ATM mastercard with pocket money . Do i need anything else ?

  8. Hello sir, I have my B1B2 visa for 10yrs multiple entries. I will be making my first trip very soon, however, in my consular interview I said that I am going for conference and it's purely official…..but now I have a friend to meet as well. So will that be a red flag in case I tell them that i will meet my friend as well.?

  9. If a person with B1/B2 visa denied entry at the border, is he/she entitled to seek through legal means to overturn the decision?

  10. I hope i get an answer for this question considering this post has been two years, i will really appreciate it. I was refused boarding the airplane at Doha airport in qatar and sent back to my country. but my visa was not stamped or crossed. What do you advise i do.

  11. sir i hv a b1/b2 visa 10 year multiple visa bt sir us custom and bored cant allow me in the us entry pls hlp me sir wht should i do

  12. Hi, I traveled to the US on January this year and my trip extended for 3 months. I was given 6 months in the country so I didn't overstay. I'm planning on going back for a week vacation two months after I left the country. Will I have any issues?

  13. Hello Visa Coach. I was in US from March 2018 to July 2018 for 4 months, i got stamped for 6 months at the time of entry. i want to visit US again in the month of Nov 2018 till Jan 2019 for 2 months for celebrating christmas and new year. will there be any issue at the time of entry ?

  14. Hello I was denied at a U.S. point of entry in 2016 for not having sufficient ties to my home country. Will I ever be permitted back?

  15. Sir,
    I refused entry to US on 2015 they found in my bag some marriage documents of my cousin and they refused my entry should I apply for another visa or they'll not give me again

  16. hello,
    my boyfriend was on a b2 visa (country of origin is brazil). stayed 5 months, and traveled outside of the US to ireland, and tried to re enter. when going through US immigration in ireland, his b2 visa was reinstated for another 6 months but as he arrived in the US, customs officers were waiting for him. they questioned him and ultimately canceled his visa because they said he was working during his stay in the US, and sent him back to ireland. he was told he cannot re-enter the US for 5 years. in this case, what would be the next step, if there is any way to get him back here before the five years? i heard about the k1 visa but since he was banned for 5 years, would he be accepted for that visa? or would i (american citizen) have to go to his country and marry him there to start the process

  17. hey visa coach i was denied entry to states from Canada o b1b2 on 10 year visa can i go to the border again and ask for the entry they didn't stamp anything such as cancel on my visa is it risky to go on the border they ask me for the documents about my education in canada i am international student in canada reply me fast

  18. sir I have B1,b2 multiple Visa for USA .which gonna expire in 2020 . 1st time I go to usa to deliver my speach for a conference . in Nov 2015 .after that I stay there for almost 2nd half months and came back well with in time in march 2016 . in June 2016 I again travel for usa but the custom officer is so rude over there and not allowed me to enter in usa and betray me badly on the airport and detained almost 5 hours than send me back . kindly guide me i have to go there for attend my conferences and lectures .can I travel on the same Visa plz .regards .
    my whatts app is 00923328151515

  19. I came to Bangladesh with the B1B2 Visas of the usa immigration police the widdrow application on my visa. Send me back to the country .. what can i do now

  20. Hi sir hopefully you ll have time to respond. I am a crew working on a ship with d1 visa. I sign off the ship and stayed in the states for only for 2 weeks even on my i94 says i am allowed to stay for 29 days, with my D1 visa i stayed 2 weeks to attend my brother's graduation and after i went home to fix my working documents for my next ship assignment. So while waiting, i decide to comeback to US using my b1 b2 visa this time. Will i have any problems entering the US? I am coming back to US to spend summer since its vacation of my brother and im also on vacation from work.please advise. What is the best thing to do and what should i prepare.

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