Début De Notre Roadtrip | Vlog Nouvelle Zélande (2020)

hey we started our trip yesterday we did wellington… no we are close to wellington in the pinnacles we did auckland to the pinnacles 8 hours on the road we arrived at 1am we came in this camp and we go to an hike so yeah let’s go first day and i’m already tired who wake up and go to hike with no coffee no breakfast no water i’m tired she feel the same! but it worst it. It’s amazing after this awesome hike in the pinnacles one hour and half from wellington we go now to cape palliser to go to see sealions hope you understand this shitty joke…(french joke about the word sealion in french)… we go to see that and after we go to wellington we go to wellington to take the ferry at 6pm so yeah hope to take a coffee in wellington see you at cape palliser like you see we are really close i also record just near to me a mommy who who do breast feeding! it’s really beautiful if you want to come here it’s cape palliser but it’s not sealions it’s seals i don’t know why i said sealions maybe because someone told me that it’s amazing whatever now we go to wellington it start really well this trip ! here we are at wellington capitol of this amazing country even if people think it’s auckland no one in the street it’s like a ghost town we don’t stay long here we just gonna eat because we didn’t eat today and we have the ferry in one hour and half well we’re gonna try to go to the ferry in one hour and half and after here we go to south island finally after 2 years so hope we’re gonna find something to eat and like people say really often wellington is really windy so it’s cold we didn’t find a lot of stuff open i don’t know why everything is close so we went to pita pit it’s really popular here it’s like healthy kebab we’re gonna eat that and i see you at the ferry because we go there after. I showed you a little of wellington and we were in the street similar to queen street in auckland the main street where you can find stores and restaurants but i don’t know why a lot of thing was close yep we just arrive in the check in of the ferry that’s all the car who’s gonna go to the ferry we maybe gonna wait one hour or one hour and half so yeah the ferry is there i’m gonna show you inside later like you see it’s really like a cruise it’s insane there are a bar or a cafe it’s insane but the price is expensive so it’s normal so yeah for the ferry we paid 500$ return tickets so it’s approximately how much.. maybe 350€ so yeah it’s not cheap not a lot of people do that here they take planes to go to south and have weekend there and rent a car after but yeah they don’t take much the ferry like that and take your own vehicle it’s expensive but it’s ok it worth it but it’s a one time thing. I think next time i’m gonna take a plane so yeah it’s 3 hours until picton that’s the town in south island where we arrive and after 2 more hours by car to go to the free camp around kaikoura so yeah we’re gonna enjoy here, eat and drink i already start with beers so yeah i think i’m gonna finish the vlog because after it’s gonna be at night and we just go to the camp so see you tomorrow for a new vlog but maybe not tomorrow for you! i’m maybe gonna shoot some video of the ferry during the ocean part so see you next time hope you enjoy this first day and you’re gonna have a lot more bye!

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