Daytona Beach tourism’s top official explains new ‘Wide Open Fun’ slogan

Yeah the gist of the campaign is that we go after a target audience, it’s not locals. We love the idea of you know would it be fun to do a social media campaign With local residents, but please understand that local residents are not our audience. You know I think somehow we went down the road that you know you should ask the locals or it should be a local campaign or the Local residents should weigh in and it’s just been kind of snowballing negativity on a really, really positive product sometimes even campaigns that the locals don’t love … “Seize the Daytona” … still produce Because it’s not us as locals that are buying those rooms. And we’re looking for people to come from outside the area To come here to stay overnight to invest in our businesses and to employ our residents and we are dead serious about this. If I can speak to the “Wide Open Fun,” I know that some of your social media folks went down a very dark path And when we put that in front of our target audiences what we found is that they don’t know enough yet about Daytona Beach those who haven’t been here more they were surprised and thrilled to hear of the new development. They were surprised about the ceasing height Brown Museum of Art. Did you know that there’s just no Smithsonian-affiliated museum right here in Daytona Beach? Yeah, these are surprising things so what we learned is that they need to learn more we need to teach them more And so that’s what the campaign is all about now picture wide open Like a little girl arms out spinning on the beach with her extended family Her siblings her parents her grandparents multi-generational Multi-generational family vacations are really really big Wide open now. Have you spent any time on the west coast of Florida lately? I went over there, just needed to see the beach You know he’s over there to visit friends, but just needed to see the beach went to I swear to you seven different Accesses to find a parking place found none finally Illegally parked for just a second so I could run down to the beach and get a picture of a beach It was a little bit wider than this room people were shoulder-to-shoulder We have lots of parking we have lots of space we have everything from pristine beaches to nicely crowded boardwalk areas This they didn’t know we needed to teach them though wide open wide open possibilities for your vacation.

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