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– [Lauren] So today I’m
gonna walk you through a day in my life here in Barcelona Spain. Now I did one of these back when we were living in England, and a lot of you guys requested
that I do some commentary, because I kinda showed
you a day in my life with just music. So today I’m gonna do
a bunch of commentary and see how you guys like this, and just basically explain what a typical day in my life is like. So we have been living in
Barcelona for one month as we do with every country. And if you’re new here, we move
to a new country every month as we continue to work
on our online business and our other businesses,
yeah, that we do. And we figure if not now, when? So we wanted to see the world, we really love traveling. We have before and thought,
why not sell everything and move to a different
country every month? So we’re on our fourth country, Spain, and most days we do just
stay home all day working, on our computers of course, but I’m gonna show you a less boring day, a day where we actually venture out and see some of Barcelona. So I start out each day
with a large glass of water, and I put like two lemon wedges in it, which I didn’t show
you guys me doing that, but I do, and I drink the entire thing. And I also usually make one for Lucas, because I usually wake up before Lucas, which is nice, because
if you are surrounded by somebody 24/7, and you
have no other friends, or people you’re having contact
with throughout the day, you just need a little alone time. So what happens is I go to bed
slightly earlier than Lucas. He has his alone time at night, and then I have mine right
when I wake up in the morning. It is really nice, it’s hard to explain. You like the person, but
it’s just nice and healthy, I think, to have some
alone time from each other. As you guys have been seeing, I try to start every
day out with a workout, and that’s like 20 to 30 minutes. I usually do at home workouts, and typically Lucas does them with me, but today it’s just me. And since we can’t really carry much workout equipment with
us we do carry bands, and so you see me here
working out with the bands. Then I typically make breakfast. It’s usually a smoothie,
acai bowl, oatmeal, something like that, or
a veggie tofu scramble, which is what I’m making today. It’s my favorite, I prefer
salty over sugary food. I just, I love salty stuff. And Lucas actually has
more of a sweet tooth, but you know what? I’m making breakfast today,
so it’s gonna be salty. This is really, really tasty, and honestly, the tofu tastes like egg. You can’t even tell it’s tofu, and it’s really, really healthy. I put tons of veggies in, today I put some potatoes in to make it a little bit more filling, since we’re gonna be
out and about all day. And then I love mine with sriracha sauce, ’cause I love spicy food. I cannot get enough spice on my food. I absolutely love it. And then also a little bit arugula on top, and we enjoyed it quite thoroughly. Now on this day we did actually have to film a YouTube video before
we went out and about. And this one was for the Music
By Lucas YouTube channel, so I have this Lauren
Z. Ray YouTube channel, but I also have the Music
By Lucas YouTube channel. And it’s funny because
a lot of people say, oh, you deserve more subs
and views on your videos, and I’m like, well, I kinda just started uploading regularly on this channel, but I’ve been working on another channel for three years that has over 40,000 subs, so I can’t be sad about it. And they’re like, what channel? I’m like Music By Lucas channel, because as you guys will see here, I literally am in charge
of all the equipment, making sure we have great equipment, it’s charged, et cetera, et cetera. Lucas, I don’t let him
touch it, basically. I have to film the whole thing, I help direct the entire thing, I’m in tons of these videos, because it’s just, me and Lucas have two different point of views. He is more music-minded, business-minded, where I like to talk to the person, and the mental health,
and that sort of thing. So we have two different point of views, so we’re both in these videos, and just making sure the content is good. Were you always wearing
your bomber jacket? – No, I just put it on for the music, I thought it’d be cool for the music. – Oh okay. Take a drink of your coffee. Hang on. – And then what? – Keep going. So as you heard, you gotta
tell him what’s up sometimes. And of course, I’m in
charge of editing it too, which I will do later on in the day. As you have probably
heard in this voiceover, it is very noisy outside,
lots of motorcycles and cars driving quickly outside, and making very loud noises. Yep, there’s one just now. But also this Airbnb, unfortunately, does not have the best wifi, it’s okay for streaming
and download speed, but the upload speed is so slow, and well, we had to upload YouTube videos, so it’s kinda interesting, ’cause you ask before you get here, well, I always do, ’cause I’m the one who
does all the planning, the flights, the accommodations, the research on the place, that’s all the stuff that I do, and I always ask, we
have an online business, how’s your wifi? And they always say it’s really great, but I don’t think they think
about the upload speed, which makes sense, because
only content creators need to upload stuff, or even musicians, ’cause they have to upload on WeTransfer and stuff like that, but anyway, come to find out it’s not very good, so we have to go up to this coffee shop to upload any YouTube videos, so that’s what we had to do today, ’cause I actually had a YouTube video that was coming out this day, so we went to upload it. So a few days before, I had
planned out a beach trip, ’cause I really wanted to see the beaches here in Barcelona. I can do a whole video on how I plan. It’s funny, I just had a friend in town, and she was like, how do you do this? And I was like, oh man, years of figuring it out, and also hours. I have a whole science to
basically everything that I do, so if you guys ever wanna see more videos on how I plan the trips, how
I budget, all that stuff, that’s all me, and just comment below, and I can do a video on that, or maybe I’ll just do one
anyways if you don’t comment. Anyway, of course I found the
best metro route to get there, so we went and took the metro and I’m usually the one in charge. I kind of plan out the
entire start to finish, so I’m like, we’re gonna go to here, we’re gonna buy these tickets, I had Lucas get the tickets, but I was telling him
what to do the whole time while I was filming, ’cause he was like, huh, you usually buy the tickets. But anyways, you gotta do what
you gotta do for the video. But yeah, so we were waiting around. This is a good opportunity for Lucas to do some business
while we’re on the train, and I’m usually doing
all the content creation, ’cause that’s what I’m in charge of, taking the pictures, taking the video, making sure we have stuff
for all our social medias, both Lucas and I, and TEAMMBL, that sort of thing is my job. So that’s typically what I’m doing at all times during the day really. So once we got done with the train, we went to the first stop, which is this bakery I found out that had delicious sandwiches or (speaking in a foreign language) as they say here in Spain, and I just had to have some sandwiches, ’cause I thought it’d be so sweet if we just grabbed some sandwiches and had them on the beach, and just admired the ocean while eating. I mean, come on guys,
beach plus sandwiches, I don’t think anyone can go
wrong with that combination. Lucas started out doing
Spanish lessons with me, but I’m very routine
and very do everything every day all the time, and he kinda lives more spontaneously, I guess you could say. He gets a lot done during the day, but we’re just like totally
different personality types, and it got to the point where I knew every day at this time I wanted to do a Spanish lesson for an hour, and well, he just couldn’t keep up guys. So I’m the one who orders
everything in Spanish and I’m doing okay. I’m pretty excited about it. Once we got to the beach, it
was the most beautiful day, like no clouds in the sky, and
like 65 degrees fahrenheit, about 18 degrees celsius for
you guys who use celsius, and it was just wonderful. I was filming and doing pictures, and I told Lucas, hey,
film me on the beach, because there’s not much footage of me. And that’s typically the case. It’s so funny, ’cause when I’m vlogging I can turn the camera on me and talk to the camera, but throughout the day, since I’m the one who creates most of our content, I don’t have as much
videos or pictures of me, ’cause I’m behind the camera. So I was like, take pictures of me. And of course, I had
to take the opportunity to get some amazing drone
footage of Barcelona, which you saw at the
beginning of this video, and it was great. And then after that, I
attempted to put my shirt down to use as a blanket for the food, and I set out the food,
strategically of course, because you know, you gotta take the Instagram
photos of your food, which I did just that. And then also I said, “Lucas, “take some pictures of
me for my Instagram.” And then I was like, “and
let me take some of yours.” And that’s how it goes, guys. So we’re living a life,
but we’re also trying to create content as we go. But you know, it is our job, and it is fun, and I like what I’m doing, so it’s never a bother. And then after all that, of
course we sat down to eat, and then this lady came by and tried to sell us foot massages, and I’m the only one who spoke Spanish, so I had to be like, “No thanks”, and she was like, “No,
here, it will be easy”, and I’m like, ” Ew, no thank you.” And then we finally
got to enjoy our lunch. I got a veggie sandwich. It’s arugula, sun-dried
tomato, pesto, on olive bread, and it was amazing. And then Lucas got a ham
and cheese croissant. So we enjoyed our sandwiches and just took in the beach. And my New Year’s resolution for 2019 was to try to live more in the moment, because as a planner, and
that’s kind of my business, that’s what I do, I’m always
looking forward to the future, what’s next, making sure
everything’s aligned, and it’s really hard to just take a second and just really enjoy the moment, and so I did just that. My favorite thing to do in every country is to go to the museums. I’m absolutely obsessed. Get me in a history or an archeological, or even an art museum,
and I am like in heaven. So of course I had to
hit up the History Museum of Catalonia. And Catalonia is the
area of Spain we are in, used to be it’s own
country back in the day, and now it is a part of Spain, and yeah, I’m just one of those people. I read every single
sign that’s in a museum. I just, I don’t wanna miss
out on any information, I’m obsessed, and Lucas
really likes museums too, which is great, because it’s
fun to just kind of chat, and be able to relate
to all the things we see in all the different countries, and it’s funny, ’cause we just
are learning world history in life experience. We didn’t study world history, but just because we’re
going to every country and going to museums, we kind of are learning it
through life experience, which I find really, really fun. And this museum had a lot
of interactive exhibits, so I had to try them out. After we finished the museum, I was told by the research I did that if you head up to the top floor you can see this terrace
that overlooks the harbor, and you can get some drinks. And oh my gosh, it was incredible. Of course we had to order mojitos, because actually Spain
supposedly is known for their, or at least this area
of Spain, I’m not sure, good question, but is
known for the mojitos, so I was like, I’m in, I
will have one of those. And if you know me by
now, I love a good drink. After that we were hungry again. The sandwiches were a
few hours before that, and so we went to this vegan restaurant I was really wanting to try, and we got two glasses
of the house red wine, and it’s safe to say that if
you guys wanna order wine, and you don’t know anything
about wine, like me, just order the house wine. It’s usually good, and
almost always quite cheap. And then we got jackfruit tacos. Now jack fruit looks and actually tastes a lot like pulled pork,
but it’s not, it’s a fruit. It’s just like a stringy
pulled type fruit, I think. Anyways, every time I have it I don’t even realize I’m not eating meat, and it’s so delicious. And this is what my taco looked like, and this is how Lucas’ looked. Then we also shared a
vegan gluten free pizza. I don’t know how they made it happen, because that seems impossible, but they did, and it was really good. I wish I knew how to make it. I’m gonna learn how,
’cause it was top notch. By now it was getting close to 4:00 pm, so we headed home to do
some more work for the day. We kind of post on social media at the same time every night, so we kinda try to get
home before that every day, so that we can really focus on it. But I had some time, so
I first edited the video that we had shot earlier in the morning for the Music By Lucas channel. And then after I’m done editing it, I hand it off to him, and he
actually does the sound levels. Then I added the footage
from what I filmed today to my project, and then
I did a Spanish lesson. So I usually do one every
day for about an hour, like I discussed earlier, but I wasn’t able to do it in the morning, which I actually prefer, because we had so much that was going on. So I actually snuck it in
right here in the evening time. Now typically most countries,
and here is the same, most people speak English, so I’m so thankful I could speak English, that’s my first language, but I really try to learn a little bit of the local language. And I actually took Dutch
lessons when I was in Amsterdam. But of course in England and
Scotland they spoke English, so no lessons really needed there. Maybe a little bit, just kidding, I could understand them perfectly fine. They speak Catalan here, but they also do speak Spanish here, so I’ve been so excited to try it out. I’ve never in my life, I took
Spanish all through school, but I never in my life was able to actually hold a conversation ’til now, and I’m so excited. I am nowhere new perfect, but it’s just so exciting to learn and to be able to speak. I’m just so excited, I
wanna learn more languages. It would be amazing. I’m not the best, I just don’t
think it’s one of my skills, to pick up on language very quickly, but I’m really enjoying learning it. This is something I do
after every single day, especially if I’ve taken
photos and videos of course, I sort them into albums. So what I do is I’ll highlight them all, and then I’ll add them to an album, and name the album what happened. So that way if I’m doing an
Insta-story about it later, or I wanna show somebody
photos about something later, I have them sorted into albums. And I love doing this, it’s so much easier to go and grab a picture
or to create an Insta-story when you do it like this. And then also typically I’ll edit photos and I will send Lucas
all the photos and videos that I took of him that
day as well, edited, so that he can upload
them whenever he wants. And of course I edit my own photos. So by now it was time
to post on social media. This typically takes anywhere
from one to two hours for Lucas and I, because we do post on every single social media platform, and the editing and just
putting it all together and uploading, stuff like that, it’s just sometimes it
takes a really long time. I put a lot of effort into my, especially my Insta-stories. I don’t know if you guys
follow me on Instagram, but if you do, you know how much work I do into my Insta-stories. I really love to tell an actual story in my Insta-story, so that’s
what I’ll do right now. So I’ll edit my photos, I’ll edit. I edit each photo that
I put on my Insta-story, and then I put them into a whole story, upload ’em, put some stuff on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, sometimes YouTube. Lucas does all those too, not Pinterest, but he also has Discord, and we’ll just like work silently as we do most days on different things. It does sound boring maybe to you guys, but when you’re doing it together, nothing’s boring. So during the day we’ll
say stuff to each other or work together, and do
you like this caption, or what do you think of this? But during these separate times where it’s like each of our own thing, we’ll post each of our own thing, but we work together on most things, and we find it exciting, but it’s probably just us. So typically after I am done posting, I’ll make dinner or Lucas’ll dinner, but he says I make better dinner, but I don’t know if
that’s a cop-out or not, but maybe I do, I probably do. Anyway, so today is no different, I decided to make dinner, even though we already
had three meals that day, what’s wrong with a little fourth? It was really small, I just
made veggie burgers for Lucas, and then I just had a veggie salad. And it turned out quite good. I just topped some peppers and onions on a baked potato with some guacamole with a side salad and tomatoes, and it was delicious. And after that we typically
either work on more things that we didn’t get to
accomplish in the day or we’ll sometimes watch
a show or something. It just really depends what we need to do and what day it is. Our routine’s kinda
differ each day to day, but this is just like a typical day. And yeah, I always make sure I get eight hours of sleep at the minimum. We really like our sleep,
it’s how we function best, and even people who say, oh, you don’t work hard
unless you don’t sleep, I can’t agree with you, because I can’t function
or do my best work unless I get sleep. So I’m just one of those and I love it, and throughout the day, of course, I drink a lot of water, I
didn’t really show much of that, but at least I tried to. It’s really tough on these
days when we go out and about, but I do try to drink a lot
of water throughout the day. It’s another way that I feel my best. And yeah, thank you so much for tuning in for a typical day, it changes per country, so if you want me to do a
different one in every country, I can totally do that. And don’t forget to subscribe, and like the video if you liked it, and I’m headed to a new country next week. I’m gonna miss Spain,
the food was delicious, but time to explore a new country. All right guys, talk
to you next week, bye.

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  1. Loved getting to see your typical day! I have been loving your videos! I feel like I get to learn so much about the countries you are visiting.

  2. What a life ! Amazing video, Lukas has certainly been very lucky to find a girlfriend like you ready to help him and to live in that way ! Wish you the best for the next years !

  3. It will be interesting to see your spanish skills if you come back in the future! and maybe catalan too 😉 I have to learn english better also. By the way I'm studing this year on EUMES that is a music production school in Girona (catalonia). I just let you now about the school if you want to check it out.

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