Dark II Travelers (for 5k)

We’d love to know our fate. Where we’re headed. But the truth is that there is
but one path through all times. Predetermined by the beginning and by the end. Which is also the beginning. Can I help you ? Can I help you ? I’d like to talk to you about time. This machine takes you 33 years
into the past and 33 years into the future. He’s one of them. One of whom? Sic Mundus. The travelers. I know this sounds crazy… But what year is it? 1921. 1986. Traveling doesn’t leave one unscathed. The human body isn’t equipped for it
on a continual basis. The White Devil. Have you ever heard of the 33-year cycle? When I was little I always felt
that something was wrong with Winden. I have that same feeling again. That everything’s repeating. That this has all happened before. Like a massive déjà vu. Have you ever heard of the triquetra? The trinity knot. Nothing is complete
without a third dimension. Sic Mundus Creatus Est. Thus the world was created. Everyone gets what they deserve. In the end, we all get what we deserve. We are all full of sin. An endless cycle of life and death. My only aim is to take many lives the more the better I feel. Where is the origin of all this suffering? Dear Jonas, By the time you read this everything will have already happened, irrevocably. It can no longer be changed. I would have liked
to explain things to you sooner, But I hope once you understand
how everything is connected, I know you’ll hang yourself in the studio. You will understand my decision. The truth is a strange thing. You can try to supress it, But it always find its way to the surface. I’ve been here almost a week. And I get the impression
no one is telling the truth. I tried to keep a secret. The truth is
that is exactly what’s destroying us. Everyone’s trying to hide something. We don’t know
even half of the mysteries of this world. We are wanderers in the darkness. In death, I am all alone. Death is forever inevitably before us. The paradise he’s promising you
is nothing but a lie. I am the trigger that will make you become what I am today.

23 thoughts on “Dark II Travelers (for 5k)

  1. WOW, man! This is so amazing!!! I got goosebumps all over my skin. The first part was so explosive, I've watched almost without blinking with my mouth open and couldn't believe what I see. I was sucked into this beauty, this amazing story and the way you told it. I thought it couldn't get any better, but then the second part started…I applaud you for showing not only the connection of time, but the connection of people and the emotions and feelings they have experienced in this cradle of time. Bravo, my brother! And congratulations on five thousand subscribers! But you deserve much more for your amazing skills. This video confirms it.

  2. This video is incredible! The editing is perfect. The parallels are terrific and the colors are magical! Truly enjoyed watching:)

  3. Great video, I absolutely love this show ! editing it is quite a challenge, with all the characters and timelines, and you've done it masterfully !

  4. As usual this is amazing! I always get so excited when I see the notification on my phone for your videos. This one is a beautiful masterpiece, I love it. I've gotten so many shows and movies to watch from watching all your videos . Thank you for tis wonderful art peice

  5. wow das video ist super schön!!! vor allem respekt an dich das sprachliche betreffend:))❤️ ich kannte die serie nicht mal,schande über mich 🧐🧐 – wow the video is super-beautiful!!! (but) mainly, respect to u concerning the language-thing:))❤️ i didn‘t even know the series, shame on me 🧐🧐

  6. I needed TIME to TRAVEL through all the emotions showed on this video
    to write an honest comment about it.
    In my opinion , the beginning it's my favourite part , I mean look all the parallelisms you've
    found!! 0:09–0:24 the bikes , people walking in their journey , carrying their bags… wonderful!
    I've never heard about this show but this part got my attention at the very moment 0:42 , something
    about time (looks awesome) , and your editing skills did the rest 0:46–1:05 incredible rythm , you
    achieved a great atmosphere before carrying us to the next phase of the video .
    1:08–1:16 omg I love it!!
    1:21–1:30 The editing quality on this is brilliant , the cuts between the characters…
    1:54–2:08 Impressive the way that you edit the explanation of "triquetra"
    -Have you ever heard of the triquetra?
    -No , but now thanks to Ghost3221 I know it perfectly! xD

    2:46 this caught me by surprise , raw and violent.
    Something that I also like is at 2:56–3:09 , the rythm in editing is slower but
    i like the fact that you respect the timing of the song.

    You are a truly artist in editing friend , this is a joy!!
    If I love this show now is because of you!! ^^
    Congratulations for your 5k and for your montage!! 🙂
    take care!!

  7. Amazing job as always nate !
    Parallels and song choice perfect !
    A really masterpiece my brother.
    Congrats for 5 k subscribers.
    Sic mundus creatus est.

  8. I have chills!!!! This is incredible Nate! I love all the parallels in this, my mind is honestly blown right now (just like the show did to me while watching it haha). You made something truly special here and you captured the true nature of the show. I just love your storytelling. This is just amazing. 😀 Great work!! And also congrats on 5k! You deserve it.

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