Daniel Anderson: IT Support Specialist

Nebraska. It’s a beautiful state. It’s not only a beautiful state, it’s a beautiful state of mind. My fiancé got her first teaching job here in Grand Island, Nebraska. And I made the choice to drop out of college and move to Grand Island. When I first got here I found that I couldn’t get work. Without a college degree most people in this area are going to struggle. Eventually I found a job at Central Community College as a night shift security officer. I felt like I was just fighting an uphill battle. Like I wouldn’t be able to gain any traction in my career. I’ve worked with computers my entire life. That is what I love. I have a friend currently going through an IT program and he said: “Hey, you should search for Google’s IT Support Program.” Just seeing that I thought, “this is something that I can do.” I probably would average 10-12 hours a week. I finished the program in five months. I was almost in tears when I got done with the course. Soon after that I got an email for a job opening
on Central Community College’s IT team. When we were viewing Daniel what shined in his resume was his Google credentials he brought with him. It really did stand out against the majority of our other candidates. I love my new job. I think one of the most validating things in the world
is recognizing that you’ve helped someone. It’s wild that I can claim that I’m doing what I love, but I also have more time to spend with the people I love.

26 thoughts on “Daniel Anderson: IT Support Specialist

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  3. Did he seriously show up to the interview dressed like that? No. I cannot believe I fell for a 2 minute ad. If all you have on your resume is one cert, and zero experience…and you live in the middle of BFE…then yeah, they probably would hire you.

  4. Good afternoon, I would like to know if the course would have to pay or not, I am from the island of Puerto Rico, I have studies in the area of Information Technology Specialist apart I have studies in Installation and Repair of Computer Systems and Networks and I would like to reinforce what I learned to see if I find a good job.

  5. Who the fk goes to an interview as a damn bum. Employers do not take this certification seriously. The only certifications worth getting are from Comptia, Cisco, and Microsoft. Don't be a fool, do your homework and get valid certifications.

  6. I mean, I get that you have to promote the product you're offering, but why promote false advertisement and make it look as easy as going through some books and then BAM! found a dream job? lol, there's a lot more to it than getting a cert.

  7. Speaking from experience, this certification looks to be like a good choice to pursue due to it being straight from Google. I think I may just give it a go.

  8. what about people in the other counties how can Google support them if they want to take this certificate ?

  9. I am certified with google it support professional with coursera and looking for job but I can’t get in Canada. Please anyone help me???

  10. IT guys i know are prolly the only ones allowed to dress like that cuz we really need them. Lol! I am currently taking this course and it is highly informational.

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