Damn Trick Sets/Football Trick Plays #27: Trips Open Toss Left Reverse Right Pass!

Hi everybody Coach Dom Costa again with those damn trick sets and trick plays this one is way too much fun it strips open we got tossed left reverse right pass and we’re going to going to just line up in this formation take it from the tee quarterbacks going to reverse pivot it’s going to toss it to the a back who’s going to toss it to the X coming back who can either throw it to our be back who is wheeled around our y and z who are slanting or he could throw it back to the quarterback and this is just a great little play I’ve seen it used in bowl games and stuff great trick play you got to spend the time to practice this stuff and you got again you got to have the people who can do it you’ve got to work on your regular toss and you got had an ex that can catch it and throw it or maybe you just stick someone in just special for that play to run it when you need it this can be one heck of a big play again the beat back I’m sorry the a back after tossing it to the X is doing like a deep out and is available as well too after the X can throw it back to the quarterback and the quarterback and throw it again down the field laws we’re behind the line of scrimmage or the X can turn and throw it not only to his wheel on the right but to the a back all the way on the left anyway coach Tom Kosta like share subscribe and comment this is just another trick set trick play a whole lot of fun enjoy it dig it use it practice it have fun guys and gals

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