Daily Journaling Tips and Tricks – How to keep up with your Traveler’s Notebook!

Throughout my life, I’ve gone through
periods where I’m either journaling a ton and keeping up with it really well,
or I’m a wishing that I would. So I wanted to put together a list of the
tips that have helped me to make a habit out of documenting my day-to-day life in
case that it might help you. So the first thing that I tend to get preoccupied
with are the supplies. I’ve found that when I really like the notebook or the
journaling system I’m using, I’m a lot more likely to actually use it. Lately,
you may have noticed that I’ve been really into the traveler’s notebook
system because it lets you keep multiple notebooks in different sizes for various
topics and then you can just switch to the one that you’re most excited about
at the time. I also like that you can keep them organized and they’re portable
because they come with these covers that hold onto all of the notebooks for you.
Everyone has different preferences and sometimes they change when you want
to switch things up. But I’ve found that looking up YouTube videos about
different kinds of notebooks and systems can be really helpful because you can
kind of get a look at it, see what it looks like when someone’s actually using
it, hear their thoughts on it, and not actually have to spend the money to test
every notebook yourself. There are a bunch of really good journaling channels
out there so I’m going to link to a bunch of my favorites in the video
description below. Number two! People pretty much agree across the board that
consistency is important for building habits but don’t force yourself to write
the same amount every day. Lately, I’ve been trying to commit to writing at
least a little bit every day, but knowing that I don’t have to fill a full page if
I just had a really boring day and don’t have a whole lot to say or I’m tired and
I just don’t, I’m not in the mood for writing, I could just write a little bit and save
the full pages for days where I’m doing a lot of stuff or have a lot of thoughts.
I find that this helps me immensely because sometimes, it’s just late at
night and I’m tired, but I can usually find the energy to like just sit down
and write one quick sentence before I go to bed and it actually ends up looking
kind of cool. I just write the next day’s heading and write a little bit and move
on with my life and if I have a day where I have a lot
of pictures or ticket stubs to paste in, then I can take up more space if I want
to. Giving yourself permission to keep it short can be a really good way to
maintain that habit of writing something every single day, even if it’s just a
tiny little bit. Number three, also give yourself permission to make mistakes! It
doesn’t have to look perfect and if you really don’t like whatever you just
wrote, have extra paper around that you can
paste on top and cover with something new.
Whenever I am too preoccupied about trying to make my journal pages look
great, I find that I don’t write anything at all. And that’s not what you want
because the more that you journal, the more you’ll improve and the better it
will look! Number four, it can help to have a theme but also don’t feel like
you have to stick with it. This is why I like traveler’s notebooks where you can
have multiple inserts with different themes all in one notebook. I can switch
to one of my themed journals when I’m inspired to, but I also have my normal
boring everyday stuff journal when I need it too.
Mostly I say that’s because I always come up with new ideas for journals and
I rarely keep up with them all. Honestly, the ones that have really stuck
around that I’ve actually filled up are the more general ones where I just write
what I did that day and I don’t really have to think that much about it.
Number five, collect things to add to your journal and fill up the pages with
things that aren’t just writing. They fill up faster and are more interesting
to look back at later if you keep like ticket stubs and brochures and photos
and things like that. I also just really love the feel of a journal that is just
full of paste ins and other colorful things, it’s thicker, a lot thicker than
it was when I first started filling it out and also it feels even more
rewarding when you fill one up. The traveler’s notebook inserts are pretty
thin to begin with, but this is at least double the thickness of what it was when
it was empty. Just to give you an idea, this is the first traveler’s notebook
that I had completely finished and this is what they look like when you first
buy them! Look at that, what a big difference right? I find that starting in
a notebook feels really good and fresh and you haven’t like, ruined it too much
yet, but then keeping it going is really hard until you’ve got like at least half
the pages filled up and then you just want to keep writing in it cause it looks
so good and all the pages are starting to get all crinkled up and it’s been
loved, and when you fill it up with postcards and letters and random stuff
that you find, it fills up a lot faster and so I feel like you trick yourself
into thinking that you’ve been doing it longer and you’re more proud of it. One
of the weirdest things that I’ve saved to paste into my journal is confetti
that I’ve collected from the floor at concerts. Number six, make your own rules
and develop your own style. It can be so tempting to be completely jealous of all
the amazing gorgeous journaling photos on Instagram, but it’s important to
remember that those people probably aren’t sharing their really boring or super messy layouts, they’re only sharing the good
ones and they’ve probably been journaling for a really long time to get
there. Everyone has their own journaling personality and it’s totally okay if yours
doesn’t look like the ones that you’re seeing online. You also are under no
obligation to show your journals to anyone, so take the opportunity to make
mistakes and get messy and try new things. This is one of the best things
about journaling for me. I share so many of my creative projects online and so it
feels really nice to have a couple things that are just for me that are
still creative. Of course, now that I am happy with the way that my journals look,
I’ve started ones that I do feel comfortable sharing like my travel
journal and my new Harry Potter reread journal, both of which I’ve featured on this
channel so if you’re interested in seeing them, I’m gonna put a card above
and I’m gonna put links in the video description below where you can find those.
But I still mostly keep my everyday personal journal and my work journal
just for me. I hope that these tips are helpful to you, I’m about a year into my
latest journaling kick and I hope that I can keep it going for as long as I can.
And I still feel like I can use all the help I can get, so in the comments below,
I would love if you would tell me what inspires and motivates you to write in
your journal! To tie up this video, I wanted to do a quick
jetpens haul because they sent me another round of journaling products
that I wanted to share with you. They don’t pay me to include these, I just
like them. So this is something that I’ve wanted for a while, it is the number 11
traveler’s notebook refill binder because I have started filling up
traveler’s notebook refills and I don’t have a place to put them yet, I asked for
this binder and it is specifically designed for holding the official
traveler’s notebook inserts. I’m opening this up right now because I want to put
my first notebook in it. So they have these little metal pieces on the inside
that I guess you wrap the notebook around. All right, there we go. Oh this is
gonna look so cool when I finish a bunch more! That’s awesome, so it has the basic
same idea as the traveler’s notebook cover but it’s a binder instead so you
can like put it on a shelf and you can hold way way more in here. Oh nice, the
next thing they sent is the number eight travelers notebook zipper case. This is
one of the plastic inserts that you can put in your
traveler’s notebook cover in order to carry more things. I am gonna put some
stickers in here and the fact that it has a zip on one of the pouches is
really helpful because I like using sticker flakes and they get kind of
everywhere, this way I can zip them up and take them with me when I travel with my
travelers notebook. They also included some fancy washi tape which I love using
in my journals, there is a fancy Morris and Co designed MT tape, it’s like a really
pretty floral pattern and this is definitely the widest washi tape that
I’ve ever had, I’m excited to figure out how to use it with my journaling style.
And this is also pretty cool, I’m not sure how to pronounce the name of the
company that makes it, but it’s a washi tape roll and instead of having like a
continuous line of tape, they’re individual flowers stickers that are
made out of washi paper, which is pretty cool. I’ve seen them online, I haven’t
tried them before and I think this is gonna be really fun to add to the pages.
And of course, they set some pens which I’m going to write some swatches for in
a minute, this one they sent specifically with me in mind because my favorite pen
is the 0.38 uniball signo, this is what I use for all of my normal journal writing.
This is a refillable interchangeable uniball signo. It’s called the Uni style
fit, it holds three colors, and you can just switch between them. These ones I have
never heard of before, they’re called the iconic 2-way retro
pens, so they have two different tips. Looks like a thicker one and a very thin
fine one and it looks like the colors are really pale pretty muted colors
similar to the zebra mild liners so I’m interested in seeing how those work
out. I’m going to put links to all of the products that I’ve mentioned in the
video description below so that way you’re able to easily find them if
you’re interested in buying any of them. So if you are new here and you liked
this video, remember to subscribe before you go. I make all kinds of creative and
nerdy videos. Lately I’ve been especially into journaling videos, so ring that
notification bell to make sure that you don’t miss what I make next. Thanks for
watching and I’ll see you soon!

27 thoughts on “Daily Journaling Tips and Tricks – How to keep up with your Traveler’s Notebook!

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  2. I think I'm subscribed on all the journaling channels… =D Thanks for sharing this. Good luck with your journaling endeavors. I think the best tip I've come to with my journaling process is not to trash anything… no I'm not suggesting you become a hoarder… I'm a writer and having a progress report for myself has been interesting in finding the voice of the piece I'm working on. So yes, you might make a mistake in your spread, but you can fix it, start again and come back swinging. (I hope that made sense…)

  3. I really should dedicate time to journaling because its fun and seems self reflecting, but I get too preocupied or get too nervous to start lol but ill try

  4. Journaler for life here too! My biggest motivation for journaling and brain dumping thoughts is how light I feel afterwards. It's like therapy.

  5. Lauren you are my favourite YouTubers you are the best ever don't stop doing what you love your new album is da bomb it has all my favourite songs by you Hufflepuff is my alarm and it's my favourite song! You are the best 😊

  6. I’m not currently journaling on a regular basis, but in the past what has helped me is having a structure. For example, I used to keep a journal that was a highlight from the day. I could write just a sentence or expand on it, but having the prompt of what to write about helped. I just started listening to the One Bad Mother podcast and they include a parenting “success” and a “failure” in every episode which I think could be a good journaling structure too (not necessarily about parenting, could be any topic)

  7. I started journaling in June and was doing great until I went on vacation at the end of September and then it kind of derailed and I haven't quite gotten back into the daily journaling habit again yet. I think some of my motivations were: my habit trackers – it was so satisfying getting to fill them in, seeing my journal fill up with my words and all the extra stuff I pasted in, and my brain just felt better – all the stuff that I tried to keep in my head or in lists everywhere was in one centralized place.

  8. Some of my journal inserts have quadrupled in thickness from when I first started writing in them. I have the Personal Size, since the Field Notes was too hard to find inserts for, that were the right size and affordable.

  9. aaaa i feel like a notebook is the perfect way to be crafty, because it’s so personal but also semi-private so no fear of “mistakes” hahaha
    i really want to bake more, so i’m starting to think a hybrid of baking and journaling might be the New Ideal woo woo

  10. First off, thank you for the reminder that it's okay to make mistakes. I think that is my biggest pet peeve when it comes to my own journalling. I dislike making the pages look messy and I get frustrated whenever I mess up.

    Second, was that a deliberate Magic School Bus reference?!

  11. I love(!) this video. I always really enjoy any journaling-related video's you put up! And I'm a biiggg crinkly pages lover too. A tip for if a blank notebook looks intimidating, which it does for me. As you said: if you're about half way, you're more likely to want to finish it. So what I do is I prep a bunch of pages with some backgrounds: watercolor or distress ink, or I paste in some photos or random scraps, so the journal is a little bit more filled and it is more inviting to start journaling and I don't have to start a new page every time I want to journal. Sometimes I just want to write, but I also want it to look pretty/artsy, so I prep a couple of pages in advance. Just a little tip for you!! Thanks for inspiring me. X

  12. I’m bad. I make a mess, and then don’t continue. I then buy a new one and follow the same pattern. It’s so annoying. Need to actually stick at stuff

  13. What you said at the beginning about all times in your life being either times you were journaling regularly or times you wished you were is exactly how I feel! I've been in a slump lately, so I'm thinking about trying a totally different notebook and seeing how it goes.

  14. we have no Zebra pens locally where I live – in Poland, but we have these Iconic Markers. I love them so much! My fav colours. And pretty affordable too. Lots of love! xx

  15. I've always gone through different journaling phases, too, but I've been on my most consistent one with the bullet journal method for the past year and a half or so. I even managed to fill my first complete journal ever! I definitely started on the very minimal end of it, and while I've tried a few different layouts, my drawing abilities keep limited to the more simple styles. I really love the dot grid pages, and using them to build a layout that works for me as a combined planner and daily journal has really kept me motivated. Plus, it's like just enough of a creative outlet for me.
    That said, I want to try using a traveler's notebook! I think I would enjoy having all the different parts in it, especially for events and actual traveling, haha.

  16. We really need to connect sometime… I’ve really enjoyed this video and am in awe at how comfortable and sweet you are in front of the camera. Like, can you be my mentor?!!!!! #seriously #youreamazing – if not, I’m subscribed and am loving your content! 💗💕 Sorry if this came off as silly or creepy… it’s completely genuine. I just came across your channel and am super impressed!!! Keep up the amazing work!!! Hope you’re doing well. Hopefully we can be in touch. 👋🏻✨ Keep smiling!

  17. I have a Traveler's Company TN largely because of a video you made about making inserts to try out different sizes. Untill then i was really on the fence about TNs. I have a visual journaling practice and was researching the string system to hold large folios while i worked on them…and i kinda got the TN bug. I have a standard size TN from JetPens and I bought an A5 journal from Chic Sparrow. And now because I'm outta control a Leuchtturm 1917 A4 in fire engine red. I journal to write my life, to track and organize my life and see where I want to take my life next. And when my life is too big to wrap words around it I paint my song on big hand bound journals. So thanks to you i've been able to take my journal practice in wondrous directions.

  18. Oh my goodness!! That binder is a game changer for me! I never knew they existed! I have recorded every day of my life (sometimes in just a sentence!) since the summer of 1993. I have recently discovered travelers notebooks and kind of want to switch over to them for my daily journaling, but I was hung up on how different they would look and be stored with all my hardbound volumes. This is perfect!!
    I've also purchased some new pens from some of your earlier hauls. I love your recommendations! I'm still trying to decide if I want to take the plunge and try the Signo…

  19. I was just thinking the other day, "I wonder how Lauren's traveler's notebooks are looking" and here it is! I just must have missed it! Great video, I've been following since 5AG and I always look forward to your videos because they are so bright, cheery, and creative! I think that its finally time that I invest in a traveler's system. Thanks for inspiring me!

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