Dada Boudi Biriyani – Sodepur Restaurant – Best Biryani in Kolkata ?

Dada Boudi Restaurant Sodepur Welcome to Foodie Traveller Myself Ishaan and today i will be visiting Dada Boudi Restaurant Sodepur Outlet Sodepur Outlet was recently launched , about 15 days ago i will put the Address and Google Map Location in the Description Box so dont forget to check the Description Box So lets see whats in the Menu They offer a huge variety of items which contain Mughlai cuisine , Indian cuisine and Chinese Cuisine The prices in the Menu are GST Inclusive They also Offer Home Delivery So here are the Items we have ordered First is Mutton Biryani Its Priced at Rs 250 GST Inclusive it contains one piece of mutton The next item is Kadai CHicken It Contains 4 pieces of chicken and its Priced at Rs 170 GST Inclusive Next is Chicken Chaap its priced at Rs 130 GST Inclusive This is the Phirni . Its Priced at Rs 60 GST Inclusive and this is the Complementary Salad So this is the Mutton Biryani . I took Half portion of the Biryani One plate is sufficient for two only you have to take an extra mutton as there is only 1 mutton piece per plate Just see the Mutton , its really Big its so hot that i am unable hold it You will also get a Potato ( Alu ) but no egg was provided , as Dada Boudi doesn’t offer egg in their Biryani Quantity is Hugh First I will Try the Mutton Biryani with Chicken Chaap Then i will Try the Kadai Chicken This is the Chicken Chaap Fatafati ( Awesome ) Taste Mutton Biryani tastes really Light The taste is same as the Dada Boudi Hotel barrackpore Outlet Tastes Really Nice But i dont like Lite Biryani i love rich aromatic Biryani Biryani is supposed to be Rich in Aroma and Flavours as It a Mughlai Dish Both the Outlets offers same taste of the Biryani here is the Mutton The Mutton was Really Soft and Juicy the Quality of the Mutton is top notch really Fatafati Taste I love Biryani so much that i cant resist myself to make Biryani Videos here is the Alu of the Biryani Dada boudi Restaurant is a Multi cuisine restaurant Dada Boudi Hotel Only offer Mughlai Dishes Lets try the Chicken of the Chicken Chaap the size is big but dada boudi hotel offers even bigger chicken Now we will able to enjoy dada boudi biryani in an Air Condition Restaurant I am not going to compare Dada Boudi Biryani with Aminia , Arselan or Oudh 1590 Beacuse every Biryani taste Differently , some are rich some are lite Dada Boudi Restaurant opens at 1pm and Closes at 9pm The place is really crowded . we have to stand in a queue to enter the restaurant The Chicken is really soft But i like the Original Chicken Chaap that the Dada Boudi Hotel offers * Poor Joke 😛 Now i will try the Kadai chicken The Quantity is Hugh You will get 4 pieces in a plate The quantity is hugh at this price point This item was suggested by the waiter of the Restaurant The Service take atleat 15 minutes , so while visiting make sure have a decent amount of time in hand Chorom ( Above Awesome ) Taste It contain Capsicum , carrot and the gravy is tomato based very nice and its going well with Mutton Biryani The chicken is really Good Quality and quantity wise its too good and price is also reasonable Dada Boudi Should open an outlet at South since all outlets are at North then all can wnjoy dada boudi biryani I like the Kadai chicken more than the chicken chaap But Restaurant is not that big in area you might have to share table with others if you come with another person to avoid this circumstances i would recommend that you should visit in a pack of 4 now i will have the Phirni if you want to watch a video on see food then do let me know in the Comment Section Its Garnished with pista and almond Its Too Delicious Phirni is a must Try for you guys in terms of taste its 100 out of 100 hope you guys enjoyed the video see you in the Next Video , Till then Stay Hungry Stay Fit Thank you

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