Cut The Mustard – Chapter I 👁 Bite Me 👁

-Hey! -Ni hao! -You think she heard? -Hey! -You’re obsessed with that book aren’t you? -Yes, I think I am. -Didn’t you finish it twice already? -You’re right, okay. I’ll stop now. -No, that’s alright. I’ll make some tea. -You know, it’s something about… -…the unconditional love…
-What? -About this book I mean. -What’s this? -What’s what? -These things on the counter. -Oh yeah that’s uh… My mother’s girlfriend, she sent a card… -…from their business vacation in Belgium. -They’re looking for new chocolatiers to partner with. -That’s nice! -I was actually talking about this. -Oh yeah those! I left them in the kitchen? -Those are the stuff I’m working on now. -Oh, the “object-memory” thing? -Yeah, no, well… Still a work in progress. -What were you saying about the unconditional love? -It’s just… I’m starting to realize how different people can be… -Depending on whether or not they received unconditional love as a child. -But how would you know that about them? -You know, some ex-lovers, close friends… -You get to know a lot if you stick around long enough. -Did you get unconditional love as a child? -Yeah, I think so… -Yes. And you? -I don’t know… I think it depends on your definition of it. -Like what? -I think on top of my head it just raises these questions about… -Self-awareness… -…independence… -…sacrifice. -Yeah that’s so true. -Anyway, don’t mind me. I just didn’t put enough thought in it yet. -I have an important question for you. -Did you ever get tickled unconditionally? -Tickled? -Please stop!!! -RIA I SAID FUCKING STOP!!! [Dutch swearwords heard] -[Video] “Ash, you’ve been giving pure looks of evil…” -“…In your eyes I’ve never seen that before. Noticed it at the bridge.” -“What is it you’re feeling right now??” -“When I was just interviewing her I looked over at you and you did not look like yourself.” -“Do you wanna leave here or what? What do you wanna do?” -That’s amazing. Okay wait. -Yeah, hand on your left leg. -Perfect! Wait, okay. -Once more. Keep still please. -Manon, I had no idea how photogenic you were. -Yeah you’re pretty. -Thanks but what do you mean you had no idea? -You know, you have this “it factor” like those models do. -Well I can live with that. -Shit! The film is finished. -Nevermind, I’ll get it. Instead of my assistant over here. -It’s cold. -So you’re also in the film department now. -Yeah, second year. And you are? -Film now also. It was graphics before. -Oh, so you’ll be around. -I really like your tattoos by the way. -Thanks. -I’m also thinking of getting one. -Maybe around here… -Or… here. -Like a little tree. -Or even a Gemini star actually. -Oh so you’re a Gemini like he is? -Yeah, we’re one week apart from each other. -So what’s your sign? -I’m a Libra.
-Oh I love Libras. -You do?
-Yeah! I think we get along really well. -Is it true? Are you a great communicator as a Libra? -No I’m not, definitely not! -But who does anyway? The school is so international, nobody speaks their mother tongue anymore. -Yeah but even with French people I have this lack of communication. -He speaks with French people much better than I do. -Well maybe we’re doing it wrong. -Yeah? -Yeah. You know, maybe we should try some new ways to communicate. -Like a… Like a staring contest? -No but… For example, get your hand. -No the other one. -Okay, just look at me. -So what’s going on? -This is great. -Do you feel something? -Something’s happening. -Already a new way of communication going on. -No Asaf no. Nothing’s happening! -Kim… -How do you keep your house smell so clean? Oh my god. -Hey. Coffee’s ready. -Thank you.
-No prob! -Hey, are you free next week? I need to film something. -Yeah sure! But I can’t do Wednesday because I work for Ruth then. -Oh you still work? -Yeah I work. What do you mean? -No I just thought it was a one time thingy with her. -No no, she needs help with the production of her work quite often. -Especially the technical sides of it. -So you’re like an assistant? -Yeah, I am. -Cool.Tell me about the girl you’re seeing. Ria, was it? -Well, she is gender-fluid and mostly identifies as a man, so… -But she still has a vagina. -That’s irrelevant. -Yes. So, how is it going? -You tell me. -About?…
-You know, who you see these days, who’s the new hot thing? -I’m seeing Manon next week! -She seems interesting. -Okay… -How did that happen? -She’s cute. And nice. I mean also she was barenaked when I first saw her, that always helps. -Kim what the hell dude?! -What?… -No I’m just surprised! I mean, I was there the whole time and I have no idea how you arranged this. -“Arranged”? -Why do you say it like it’s a bad thing? -No I’m not judging. -Okay maybe I’m a bit jealous. -Talk. -I don’t know! I literally don’t fall in love anymore. -No one’s interesting, or exciting. -And you’re over there speed-dating your way through life. -So you’re not in love with her. Him, sorry. -No she prefers her. And no, with no one. -I mean Ria is super nice and all… And I will occasionally find someone attractive… -And if it works out, yeah great, “seks”, so much fun. -But even the rejection doesn’t really hurt me anymore. -So you’re becoming a Buddha or something? -No seriously. -I mean, does that happen to you? -You see all these Netflix dramas with all those people and all their feels that seem so alien to you? -Yeah but feelings are so… -What?… -Overrated. -But would you actually like to have that? Thay excitement for somebody? -Yeah of course! But I lost it. -I’m basically dead inside. -You’re not dead inside. You’re just 26! -I mean it’s not like… -…it’s not a life or death question let’s be honest for a second. -Yeah I know that’s what you’re saying. -Yeah I got that. -What do you mean I’m supposed to? What am I supposed to do exactly? -What do you want me to say? Do you want me to say I’m sorry? -Cause that’s just not how I feel. -I don’t feel sorry and I don’t see any reasons why I should be sorry. -Also like, to be honest, it’s too easy to ask for an apology dude. -Alright, look I gotta go. -Let’s talk about this another time. Face to face. -Alright. Bye. -What’s up? -Nothing much. You? -You look upset. -I’m not. -Okay… It’s… -It’s a story. -Alright, we don’t have to talk about it. -No we don’t. -Anyway. Can I have a smoke before we go? -Yeah sounds good!
-Cool. -So what’s up? I don’t mean to be intrusive but… -I literally can’t deal with people. -What else is new? -You know what I mean. -I mean yeah, big fucking surprise it’s me. -I can’t stop in the name of love or deal with anyone ever. -It’s a Diana Ross reference. -Yeah I got that, thanks. -So… You’re trying to stop in the name of love. -Sort of. -Have you ever heard of platonic love? -Yeah. -Well… Apparently, some people don’t grasp the meaning of it yet. -Are you seeing someone then? -You could call it that I guess. -I’m just… -I’m just tired of explaining the same concept over and over again. -Yeah, I really wish I could help you right now but… -You know I have zero experience when it comes to love, so… -There you go. Sorry I dropped some soup on the floor. -Of course you did. -Hey. What are you doing? -Hey. I am working. And you? -Working on what? -This project that I have for the class. -I mean like, what is it? Looks interesting. -Ah well, they’re old outfits and stuff. Cut into these smaller pieces… -…and I’m trying to see how they still, you know, retain something about themselves. -So were these like, yours before? -Some of them, yeah. -Nice. -What was like the starting point of all this? -Okay, do you wanna grab a coffee or something? -No not really. -Okay, well… -I was a bit intrigued by how the high Tibetan lamas recognize the new incarnation of Dalai Lama… -You see, they have this method, that the present objects that belonged to the previous Dalai Lama… -So it’s like mystical stuff. -“Mystical stuff”… Okay. -Do you also believe in reincarnation? -Well it’s not about if I believe it or not. It’s more about… -So typical, of course. Since you’re Middle Eastern you have to work with mystical stuff. -Do you also work with like genies or a thousand and one nights? -What?! No, it’s actually… It was more about… -…how these objects… -By the way what you just said was fucking racist. -Why? Are you not from the Middle East? -I’m Turkish but that’s not the point. -So you’re not from the Middle East? -I’m Asaf, by the way, who are you? -Odette. -And don’t you think you’re kind of fetishizing Tibetan culture with this? -Nice to meet you Odette. Spoken like a true colonial by the way. -Of course. You had to go there. It’s always about colonisation. -Okay. I’m not going anywhere. -You came up to my face, whitesplaining me about fetishizing cultures. -Yeah that’s funny. -Yeah I’m not even gonna ask what’s funny. -It’s this victim identity. It’s how you consciously ignore your privilege. -My privilege? -My privilege?! -Yeah your privilege. -I mean you’re obviously able to afford living here, studying here… -And you don’t even look like a proper Middle Eastern. You basically look white. -So stop trying to represent. -Man what the fuck is your problem?! -And you don’t look like a proper Dutch person, you had to bleach your hair to get blond! -No no no, look… -Here’s the most important question? -Do you think I’m attractive? -Okay. Yeah. You got me there for a second. -No, seriously! -Well no! Not anymore! -I’m not into assholes like you, walking around, talking shit about other people’s work. -Work? Don’t flatter yourself. -You are a terrible person! -Oh shit, wait. Let me fix that. -Yeah it’s working. -Um… I haven’t touched anything. -Okay don’t even try to scare me. -I watch way too many paranormal documentaries to know that ghosts don’t like technology. -Yeah well, I have no idea what’s going on but those are not my images. -Yeah okay, very fucking funny. -Oh, sorry! -What the fuck? -Anyway I just met the biggest jerk on earth. -Wait but what did he say again? That you’re an awful person? -A terrible person. And then he just walked away. -Why? -Who the fuck knows? For all we know it’s his favorite pick-up line. -Yeah but he called my work “work”. How is that charming in any way? -I mean, you’re still talking about him. -What?! -Mission accomplished. -I am still talking about him because I’m upset. -He was a straight up asshole to me for absolutely no reason. -And you’ve never met the guy before? -No! I don’t think I ever saw him around school before today. -Are you sure? -Why are you siding with him? -Alright. I’m not “siding” with him, whatever that means. -I’m just saying; the guy clearly wanted your attention and he went fishing for it. -And you totally caught it’s, it’s thing… The… -The thing you put in water when you go fishing… -A hook? -No no no the thing you put on the hook? -Bait?
-Bait! Exactly. -You took the bait, and he got you hooked. Or vice versa, whichever comes first. -Okay… What are you talking about Zoé? -It’s a metaphor. -And a good one at that. -Alright. Can we please move on from this now? -Whatever you want but I think I’m right. -I think she might be right too. -Alright, I got it! Moving on! -What do you mean his favorite pick-up line? Do you know him or something? -I don’t know. Which department is he in? -He didn’t say. And I obviously didn’t ask. But his name is Odette. -Odette? Oh yeah! -Messy blondish hair, neglegting looking scruff? -Yeah, that’s him. -Yeah I do know him. I mean I’ve been to one of his poetry readings once. -He writes poetry? -So?
-Hey what’s wrong with poetry? -Nothing. He, uh… Just didn’t strike me as the poetry type. -Oh is there a specific type of poetry people now? -You know what I mean. -Actually, what time is it now? -Like seven or something. -Do you wanna do something today? I really don’t feel like going home now. -Yeah. -And you? I’m free as a bird. -Yes!
-No! -No I did not!
-Ahh stop lying you snake! -Kim! -See?! -See what your lies are doing to you? -C’mon dude you’re ruining the damn blanket. -With your lies!
-Just admit it. -Who told you that even?
-I’m not telling. -Well then I’m not telling either. -No I have my sources, and I’m keeping them. -What?!
-Yes -Who are these people, TMZ? -Oh my god you guys. Why are we having this conversation? How did we even get here? -I don’t even know anymore, just pour me some wine. -Wait, so you’re not telling?
-No! -See?! This is what’s suspicious to me! Why wouldn’t you tell if you weren’t guilty? -Uh I don’t know. Privacy, decency, secrecy, trust? -Because there’s nothing to tell. -I don’t believe you. -Who do you guys believe? Him or me? -Do I really have to chose? -Yes! Show some support. -Well I’ve had far too much wine to really answer that question. -And what is there to believe anyway? -Zoé?
-Seriously? -Okay. Honestly… -I believe the person I have known the longest. -That’s who I believe.
-But he’s not even answering the question. -From what I remember he clearly said no. -Thank you!
-You’re welcome! -I mean that rumor didn’t appear out of nowhere. -No? -Anybody? -You’re on your own I’m afraid. -Okay…Yeah. Fine, okay, I’ll drop it. -We appreciate your determination nonetheless. -What were you even looking for? Dirt? Who doesn’t love dirt? I didn’t know you loved dirt so much. -What can I say? I’m a dirty girl. -So you want dirt? -Yes please. -Let’s get dirty then. -Oh god. -I only need to ask one thing first. -Truth… -Or dare? -Okay. -Dare. -Running away from the truth? -No. I’m just a daring person. -Excuse me sir, do you have the time?

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  1. Çok yeni, çok güzel! Emek verdiğiniz belli. Umarım karşılığını alırsınız! Sıradanlaşan televizyon işlerinin yanında temiz bir hava gibisiniz. 🤟🏼 Bildirimleri açtım, diğer bölümleri heyecanla bekliyorum!

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    Btw I shazamed the outro song but couldn't find it. Could you drop the link of it pls???
    Congrats on your work!

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    mayıs umarım asaf isminin nedenini diğer bölümlerinde açıklarsın. osmanlı soyundan gelmediği taktirde bir ebeveynin millenyum çocuğuna veremeyeceği bir isim jdfjjf. şaka bir yana emeklerinize sağlık. bordobej de bayıldığım bir yaklaşımdı. Devamm👍🏻👍🏻

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