Culture and Tourism ministers of S. Korea, China and Japan vow to expand and develop …

The annual meeting of culture and tourism
ministers from South Korea, China and Japan took place in Korea’s western port city of
Incheon today. The ministers agreed to further develop cultural
exchanges and expand tourism cooperation between all three countries. Our Kan Hyeong-woo has the story. The tourism ministers of South Korea, China
and Japan have vowed to redouble their efforts to bring peace, stability and prosperity in
Northeast Asia through tourism exchanges and cooperation. Adopting a joint declaration,… the three
tourism ministers – South Korea’s South Korea’s Park Yang-woo, China’s Luo Shugang and Japan’s
Keiichi Ishii – pledged to work together to promote local tourism and lead the future
of the tourism industry. Also earlier in the day,… the culture ministers
of the three nations held a separate meeting and signed the ‘Incheon Declaration’ which
dedicates more focus on the future generations and emphasizes the role of culture in the
fourth industrial revolution. Following the signing ceremony,… South Korea’s Suncheon, China’s Yangzhou,
Japan’s Kitakyushu have been named as the 2020 East Asian culture cities – which will
be working with one another to boost cultural exchanges. But in between the two ministerial-level meetings,
a local civic group held a protest in front of the meeting venue. The protesters called for a boycott of the
2020 Tokyo Olympics over concerns of radioactive contamination. They delivered its petition to a Japanese
official… and called upon Tokyo to halt its (quote)”economic retaliation measures”
against South Korea. But according to a South Korean ministry official,…
the ministers of Seoul and Tokyo implicitly agreed to put aside matters like the ongoing
trade disputes, wartime forced labor, comfort women issue and the end of a military intelligence-sharing
pact between the two nations. “The worsening relationship between Seoul
and Tokyo was not brought up during the ministerial-level talks here at the Songdo Conventia. Instead, they focued on ways to promote cultural
exchanges and tourism cooperation between South Korea, China and Japan. Kan Hyeong-woo, Arirang News. Songdo.”

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