Cruising a Freshwater Fjord in The North Channel | Sailing Soulianis – Ep. 55

(lighthearted guitar music) – Are we even half way yet? – No. – [Lauren] We are Lauren and
Kirk and this is Soulianis. We sailed her from Lake Michigan, down the Mississippi
to the Gulf of Mexico. – [Kirk] It’s the ocean! – [Lauren] And have been living and working aboard ever since. After hauling the boat
over hurricane season, we moved into our summer home on wheels. – [Kirk] Alright boat,
take care of yourself. – [Lauren] A van we named Chip. (light drumming) Last time we left off on
the east side of Wisconsin. We were just getting underway, up and over to the north
channel of Lake Huron for a week of sailing with friends. (upbeat piano music) And just like that we were back on a boat. This is David and Cheryl, who you might remember
way back in episode 13, when we sailed across Lake Michigan. We spent a week with them
and their good friends, Jon and Katharine, in
Charlevoix, Michigan, all four are avid sailors. – [Kirk] The two couples have sailed the north channel together for years and invited us to join them for a few days to show off their favorite spots. (wind blowing) (lighthearted guitar music) This is the usual anchoring routine. Landslide, a Hinckley 42, drops the hook and Atom Cara, a Pearson
36, snuggles in beside. – [Jon] I got you. – [Cheryl] Yeah. – [Jon] We’re fine, we got no problems. – [Kirk] Well you can
practically see the anchor, can’t you? – [Jon] Yeah, you can
when you get over it. – [Kirk] Yeah. – [Lauren] Wow, look at that bottom. – [Kirk] I’m about ready to jump in. – [Jon] The water is 72 degrees. – [Kirk] Yeah. – [Jon] (mumbles) come forward Here we go. Right there. – [Kirk] After settling
in, we got our first taste of the beauty found
within the North Channel. (motorboat running) – Hey – [Kirk] What? – I got my towel (Kirk chuckles) – [Kirk] What is that for? (Kirk laughs) – You wanna survive out here, you’ve got to know where your towel is. – [Kirk] That’s true. – Crazy colors. – [Kirk] Yeah. (guitar strumming) – [Cheryl] This rock is
called the basketball. When you’re on top of it, it look’s like basketball. That’s where we taught our kids to jump. (music drowns out speaker)
They were like six or five. (guitar softly strumming) – [Lauren] All these colors
on the rocks are lichens, which grow incredibly slowly. Some of these increase in size less than one millimeter per year. (upbeat guitar strumming) – [Kirk] We had spent the
previous day on Anam Cara so we jumped ship and
joined Jon and Katharine aboard Landslide for the afternoon. Our goal for the day, to sail Porcupine Island through Little Current to Baie Fine. A 15 kilometer long freshwater fjord. (lighthearted music) (waves splashing) (wind blowing) – [Kirk] And just liked
that, the race was on. – [Kirk] That’s quite of
the racing maneuver… – [Lauren] Quite of maneuver, yeah. – [Kirk] Their going to
come up and banket our wind – (shouts) You’re a thief! (laughing) – Yeah – [Kirk] David and Jon have been sailing these waters
together for over 20 years and their competitive
spirit is still strong. (wind blowing) (upbeat piano music) – [Jon] Are you guy’s hungry? – Hungry to jump of a rock. – [Katharine] It’s 26 feet out here. – [Kirk] That’s a jumping
rock right there then. (Gear spinning) – [Lauren] It might have been but the group had another spot in mind. – [Female] It’s pretty. – [Lauren] At the very end of Baie Fine, lies Lake Topaz. Accessible only by boat or an 11 kilometer hike through
Killarney Provincial Park. – Is that the spot? – [Kirk] Yeah, you ready? – [Lauren] Yeah. – [Kirk] Okay, here we go. (upbeat music) (people cheering) (upbeat guitar music) (leaves rustling) – [Lauren] Spending a
lot of time on a boat really makes you crave a good walk. And this leg burner of a hike
was exactly what we needed. – Almost slipped these shoes on Oh, that’s gonna, did you see that? – [Kirk] Yeah. (Lauren laughing) – Okay (calming music playing) – [Kirk] Wow. – [Lauren] What’s this? – [Kirk] That’s cool. (wind blowing) That’s the view we’re looking for. (piano music playing) (leaves crunching) – [Cheryl] So this is
called Striped Maple, it’s really a northern plant. This is probably 30 years old. – [Kirk] Oh wow. – That’s how slow they grow
and they call it moose wood because it’s so hard to cut cause it’s so strong. The trunk can photosynthesize. – [Kirk] Really? – [Laura] When Kirk and
I go on hikes like this through the woods – [Cheryl] You can see
how big the striations are on the trees. – [Laura] We usually just see the woods. But Cheryl taught us about
almost life form we’ve passed. – [Kirk] Hug the tree. Hug the tree. (laughs) – How old do you think he is Cheryl? – [Cheryl] At least a couple of hundred. – [Laura] Did we mention
she’s a science teacher? (upbeat music) – Feels waxy, like a candle. Yeah. – [Kirk] I like this. – [Laura] Cheryl, do you
think that one’s stuck? That fly right there or is he just sitting there? – [Cheryl] Oh, he’s stuck. – [Laura] He’s stuck? – [Cheryl] Oh yeah, he can’t get out. (soft music playing) – [Kirk] So far it had been
a pretty magical few days on the water. Without cell service, computers or the stress of dealing with our own boat and it felt great to slow down and relax. (upbeat music) – [Lauren] What do you
have to say for yourself? – What did I do? – [David] Flips
Off a cliff. – Flips? I did flips off a cliff. I expected it to be as beautiful as it is. I mean there were so
many people that told us, “Have to come to the North Channel” – [David] Yeah, we raved
about it by so much. – It’s amazing, it’s been fantastic. What I didn’t expect, was that we were going to continue to eat the way that we ate at your house. (people chattering) (laughs) (boat revving) – [David] Hey Kirk. Flip off the engine room
blower in the fridge. – [Kirk] Yup. – [David] Thank you. – It’s always (muffled speaking) I don’t know how cold this is going to be. (muffled speaking) – [Lauren] I’m already on 15. (water splashes) (lighthearted guitar music) – [Kirk] Ah! (Lauren screams) (wind blowing) – [Kirk] If we’re not back by sunset – [Lauren] Come get us. – (singing) 3 hour tour. This is not the S.S Minnow, right? – [Katharine] No. – [Lauren] Katharine,
where are you taking us? – Taking you to the Sow & Pigs. (upbeat music) – [Kirk] Shit, now what Lauren? – [Lauren] You’re leaving
us here, aren’t you? Nah, she wasn’t leaving us. This was our last night on the water and Katharine wanted to show us her favorite part of the North Channel. – [Kirk] Show us your epic
rock climbing skills Lauren. Oh, I got it all on camera (upbeat happy music) – [Kirk] And Katharine
would you like a hand or would you like to climb? – I probably would like a hand. There we go, thanks. – I’m going to pick a
few things off of you, you collected on the way up. There you go. (joyful music playing) – [Kirk] We’ve spent five
days in the North Channel and barely scratched the surface before it was time to head home. Thanks so much to Cheryl,
David, Jon and Katharine for showing us around. We’re excited to return
one day with Soulianis to explore these waters again. (lively music)

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  1. Absolutely beautiful country,ย  shame you can only cruise for 4 – 5 months.ย  But some videos of cold weather cruising in that area would be great unless it freezes over.

  2. This is a great episode. I got my boat at about same time as you guys and sailed from Cleveland area to Chicago. Wish I had an extra week to explore the north channel and upper Lake Huron/Georgian Bay. We raced fog and weather from south to north and didnโ€™t have a chance to explore. In fact we may have crossed paths in Charlevoix on way to Montrose Harbor, now Belmont Harbor. Fairwinds!

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  5. You are living the life I wanted but, through my own limitations, never had. I wish you health, happiness and prosperity!

  6. Landslide and Anam Cara; my favourite song by Stevie Nix, and the Anam Cara Writers' retreat near where I live on Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way. Weird. Wonderful.

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  8. Awesome! I live in Ontario and have been very intrigued and excited to sail the North Channel one day soon. Until now I haven't been able to find any good videos of what it's like to sail there. Great footage and production. Thanks!

  9. The ancient glaciers did a magnificent job of shaping that part of North America . It's like the 1000 Islands where we took fishing trips for years , only better . And that is hard to be ! Beautiful video . Makes me want to go back .

  10. It would be great if someone would do a sailing VLOG focused on the North Channel and Georgian Bay! We spent the entire summer up there this year and only pulled into a marina for 4 nights. This Spring we are leaving Frankfort, MI on our boat and heading out the St Lawrence Seaway to warmer waters like you guys. Great content!! Check us out!! FB: Sailing Ali-Cat

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  14. I am glad you like it up on the North Channel. I discovered this area back in 2008 when I saw a video by the Trailer Sailors Association. I have been going there 7 out of the last 10 years with 15 – 30 other boats. It is very beautiful up there and so much different than Brookville lake in Indiana. I noticed you were at the middle Benjamin's. Did you by chance do some hiking at the south Benjamin's? I lost my black camera bag there last year, first part of August. Just asking? I enjoy your videos immensely. You've given me ideas of sailing down the Ohio and Tenn-Tom like you did when I retire in a few years. Keep up the great videos!

  15. Another great video! We have not sailed on Georgian Bay but have paddled around many parts. Itโ€™s an awesome place and that North Channel has got to be a soon to do adventure for us!

  16. Started preparations today for the summer. Took aluminum to fabricator to have new railing built for rear of pontoon that was destroyed last fall on way home from lake. This guy could have built you a really nice structure for the back of your boat. Also I am mapping out the Cumberland River for places to site see, places to eat and places to put up for the night. Will be starting on overnight enclosure here as the weather gets warmer. Sail on or should I say Drive ON…LOL

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  20. Lauren, if you look up "More guts than Brains" they have a picture of Kirk! Kirk, when you were diving off of the cliff, how did you know that there wasn't a rock shelf a foot under the water?

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  24. What I like most about this video is the shots of Landslide. I (and every other sailor out of Belmont Harbor) have admired that boat for many, many years. Thank you for that!

  25. How great it is to have friends like these folk, willing to share their lives with you kids aboard their beautiful boats! A part of the world I have never been too so now must put it on my "bucket list".

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    Just saying.

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  31. Sitting here watching you guys, I could just smell the forest…. That's what I love about cruising. Around each corner is another paradise…

  32. Great post. I've been following you for the past year or so. I now live in Cairns, Australia but originally from Manitoulin Island and it was cool to see the familiar sites where I learnt to sail.

  33. Amazing guys…very refreshing to see you guys following the intent of what these videos mean to everyone. The place looks wonderful….and the boats….

  34. Hi Guys, just watched the North Channel episode and it brought back a flood of childhood memories. Born and raised in Sudbury (about 60 miles east) and spent a lot of time climbing terrain and walking through the bush exactly the same as what you experienced. Powerboated and lived aboard in Toronto for many years but never made it to the North Channel. Now living on the west coast in British Columbia where a lot of the geology and terrain is similar. Unfortunately our boating days are in the past. Keep the great videos coming and hope to see more of you on Soulianis. Best regards, Stuart Macadam.

  35. Beautiful !!!
    I live in Texas. The gulf of Mexico. I would love to, and will, make the Great lakes and the North a destination of mine.
    Soon I will join the community and set sail. Soon.
    Thanks for the info!

  36. Great people, great times and great food. That is the world's best combination ๐Ÿ™‚ you guys are lucky to have such amazing friends ๐Ÿ™‚

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  38. Hey! You guys REALLY got us inspired. As the crow flys we are about 70 miles from the North Channel. We are in Alpena, MI and I was shocked to find such amazing cruising ground in our back yard, Once the snow and ice melts we will trailer our Catalina 22 over and spend a week. If the two of you ever come through this area please reach out. We keep our Catalina on Long Lake just outside our door!. "We will keep the light on for you"

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