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I pray that Allah swt forgives me for being part of a broken society a worldly life that has been blinding me Demons that are fighting me Silently driving me Seeking to cross bridges While trying to make the right decisions Witnessing predictions become reality and how the truth now becomes a calamity How wisdom has been decreased Falsehood is being preached I fear the day that the sun comes up from the west instead of the east coming closer to the emergence of the beast to speak to them because mankind did not believe with the certainty of the Ayaat I pray for those who got misled oppressed, depressed and possessed depending on worldly facts Crossing bridges is our only chance Holding tight to his rope cause only the strongest among us will last Tomorrow is not promised So we might be next might be next

4 thoughts on “CROSSING BRIDGES | Poetic Traveler

  1. Allahuma baarik.. je hebt iets opgegeven om wille van Allah en zijn belofte om iets beters voor je in de plaats te zetten is een feit. Moge Allah je standvastighouden en je doen welslagen in deze dounia en in de akhira.. Ameen

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